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Chapter 1173: 4 Evil Cultivators

Liu Ming was also taken aback when he saw this scene. After quickly scanning the blood sea with Divine Thought, he was even more anxious.

The aura in the blood sea gave him a faintly familiar feeling. It was exactly the same as the blood cultivator who possessed the cultivator surnamed Sun of the Haoran Academy and called himself “Blood Ancestor Xuan Wuchang”.

At this moment, abnormalities appeared almost simultaneously in the north, west, and south directions of the battlefield!

In the high sky in the north, suddenly there was a deafening roar. The sound was full of madness. It contained disdain for everything in the world!

Then a ma.s.s of burning brown escape light emerged out of thin air and fell like a meteorite. When it landed on a giant mountain, the entire mountain disappeared instantly!

The brown escape light flashed again from the gravel and flew towards the north side of the human cultivators.

In the escape light, a red-haired, blue-eyed muscular man with a twisted beard could be seen faintly. His naked upper body muscles were bulging. He was running wildly on the ground with both hands and feet.

In the distance to the west, a thin figure with a black body could be vaguely seen. It was approaching at an incredible speed.

Upon closer inspection, a skinny young man whose body was wrapped in layers of black bandages. He could tear open a s.p.a.ce fissure with just a flick of his hand.

This boy could go in and out of s.p.a.ce fissures at will and use this to move forward quickly!

At the same time, in the southern sky, the original blue sky and white clouds became very strange as if they had been dyed dark green.

At the same time, a thick green air rolled toward the human battle formation in a frantic surge.

In the green air, it was an old woman with disheveled hair and scabies all over her body.

Whether it was the brown escape light, the black figure or in the thick green air, there was a terrifying spiritual pressure no less than that of the blood sea!

There were 3 Mystic Comprehending State cultivators again!

“This blood sea… is Blood Ancestor Xuan Wuchang!” Transcendent Xuan Yu was suspended in midair. He was continuously pouring spiritual power into the crystal jade disk while looking at the boundless blood sea rolling in from the east.

“It’s not just him. If I’m not mistaken, Mad Venerable Lie Juetian, Night Emperor Mu Qianying, and Poison Concubine Wu Jiangyue who turned Middle Sky Continent upside down back then are all here!” He said something that shocked everyone.

As soon as this remark came out, the Mystic Comprehending State cultivators present all felt terrified.

“These… these 4 people. Aren’t they imprisoned by Tangguang Mountain’s Sacred Venerable Mo Ya under the Five Fingers Peak at the bottom of the East Pole Sea, the Black Ice Valley of the Endless Ice Sea, the Silent Sky Well in the Gravel Desert, and the Yu Huang Swarm in the Southern Wilderness? Why…” Nature Work Sect’s Madam Zhen said with a doubtful face.

“Tens of thousands of years have pa.s.sed, so the seals have long been weakened. After all, Sacred Venerable Mo Ya had not reached the Eternal State yet.” Demon Mystic Sect’s thin old man said so.

“I’m afraid things are not that simple. How could it be possible that these 4 evils got out of the seals and came here at the same time…” Grand Elder Mu Kong cast his gaze at Mother h.e.l.lish-Insect, who was still trying to squeeze out the s.p.a.ce fissure, and said meaningfully.

“If the escape of these 4 people is really related to the h.e.l.lish-Insect Clan, then there will be big troubles. Haiz, it would be great if Sacred Venerable Mo Ya is still there.” Haoran Academy’s Mr. Xuan said with a wry smile.

“It is said that after the Sacred Venerable Mo Ya sealed these 4 people, he went to travel around the world and comprehend the way of Eternal Life… So many years have pa.s.sed, but I have never heard of him yet. Unless he has already achieved enlightenment, otherwise he may have pa.s.sed away long ago.” Grand Elder Mu Kong said with a gloomy expression.

While they were talking, the boundless blood sea at the east had already swept in. For a time, the blood mist that filled the sky was as thick as liquid. The b.l.o.o.d.y air was surging menacingly.

Under the torrential blood wave, hundreds of human cultivators and thousands of low rank h.e.l.lish-Insects were swarmed in the blink of an eye, then shriveled corpses of human cultivators were thrown out from behind the blood sea!

Although those low rank h.e.l.lish-Insects were also thrown out, apart from being a little dizzy, there was no life-threatening danger!

“Xuan Wuchang, now that the Middle Sky Continent has been invaded by the alien race and all beings are at stake, as a cultivator of the human race, why don’t you repent and help the evildoers?!” Grand Elder Mu Kong’s thick voice came from midair.

Hehe, back then, the old freak Mo Ya used the Ninth Heaven Demon Subduing Chains to imprison me, Xuan Wuchang, as a demon creature for more than 80,000 years on the bottom of the East Pole Sea, now you tell me about human cultivator? Is this a joke!? Isn’t he merciful and caring for the common people in the world? I have sworn to pay the revenge with the blood of 8 million mortals!” As a middle-aged man with b.l.o.o.d.y long hair emerged from the blood sea, he sneered and spoke.

Hmph, Sacred Venerable Mo Ya thought that it wasn’t easy for you as human cultivator to reach your current cultivation, in order to make you repent, he did not hesitate to use the blood essence of his palm and turned it into a Five Finger Mountain to seal you. I didn’t expect you to be so ungrateful. You are still an evil after all!” Grand Elder Mu Kong scolded.

“Cut the nonsense and do the talk!” Xuan Wuchang didn’t intend to answer at all. After letting out a cold snort, he swiftly made a series of gestures and groaned.

There was a burst of whistling sounds!

Tentacles condensed with blood rolled out from the blood sea and swept toward the human cultivators.

Wherever the tentacles swept, no matter the human cultivators or the h.e.l.lish-Insects, they all turned into dry corpses and fell down.

While Grand Elder Mu Kong was talking with Xuan Wuchang, the other 3 also rushed into the north, west, and south directions of the human camp.

In the camp to the north, the muscular man with twisted beard turned into a burly giant with a height of 300 meters. With his arms full of blue veins, he grasped the s.p.a.ce and transfigured a 30 meters tall small brown mountain in a flash.

As a loud shout came, boundless spiritual pressure burst out from the giant, shocking the surrounding people and the h.e.l.lish-Insects.

Its two arms moved in a circle and threw the mountain forward viciously.

There was a loud impact!

Hundreds of human cultivators and low rank h.e.l.lish-Insects were turned into meat paste.

The giant with twisted beards beat his chest several times with both fists in excitement, then it rushed to the other side again…

In the west side, the situation was even more tragic!

The skinny young man with a black belt had an indifferent smile on his face. In the vast sea of ​​people and insects, he was moving in and out like lightning. One could only see his shadow but not his figure.

Moreover, his body shape could be elongated and thickened at once like it was soft and boneless, constantly changing. The movements was elegant, but extremely weird.

Wherever he pa.s.sed, s.p.a.ce fissures of different sizes appeared out of thin air, then they disappeared in a blink of an eye.

In the face of these elusive s.p.a.ce fissures, whether the human cultivators or h.e.l.lish-Insects, they would be sliced into sections if they were careless.

In the south, there were rolling green waves. The pungent and rancid smell was suffocating!

In the green mist that covered the sky and the sun, a rickety old woman was dancing in the mist with agility. The wrinkles on her face stretched out, and her hazy eyes became green and clear like she was much younger.

The human cultivators with a radius of hundreds of meters, after seeing the old woman’s dance, all showed ecstasy, then they were either bitten to death by the surrounding h.e.l.lish-Insects or were poisoned without knowing by the mist.

In the green mist, whether the human cultivators or h.e.l.lish-Insects, they all melted and disintegrated quickly, turning into a viscous green liquid. As the old woman danced, the mist rolled the green liquid up and was sucked into the old woman’s mouth.

Her appearance gradually became younger as she inhaled more green liquid, and the scabies on her body gradually disappeared. In the blink of an eye, she turned into a middle-aged beautiful woman in her forties…

All of a sudden, there were screams everywhere!

The low and intermediate rank human cultivators in the 4 directions couldn’t block the blow of the 4 Mystic Comprehending State evil cultivators at all. In an instant, dozens of battle formations were directly killed.

With the arrival of these Mystic Comprehending States evil cultivators, the situation that previously favored the human side had changed again!

However, seeing that the low and intermediate rank h.e.l.lish-Insects had died of poison, how could the Middle Sky Continent Alliance give up the opportunity?

However, most of the Mystic Comprehending State powerhouses were held back by Mother h.e.l.lish-Insect, and this battle was gradually out of the control of the human cultivators and turned into a real battle of life and death.

The commands spread rapidly among the human cultivators!

The Real Pellet State amd Celestial State disciples who originally gathered in the center to set up the arrays or command the battle were all mobilized.

These people were originally reserved as the trump cards of the major, medium and small forces and as the future of the sect. Under the pressure of the situation, these people had to be mobilized. After all, if they lost now, Middle Sky Continent would fall directly.

Immediately, many cultivators formed an array to face the Mystic Comprehending State evil cultivators. Some Celestial State cultivators directly confronted the Mother h.e.l.lish-Insect avatar.

The battle had entered an unprecedented intense stage.

When Liu Ming, who was at the core of the battlefield, received a voice transmission and realized that something was wrong. His surroundings seemed to be surrounded by a group of intermediate and high rank h.e.l.lish-Insect Clan.

Liu Ming’s face turned grim as he thought quickly.

Judging from the current situation, it was necessary to plan the way out as soon as possible.

Fortunately, although there were many h.e.l.lish-Insects around him, they were at the Real Pellet State level at most, which gave him a good chance to break out of the encirclement.

Liu Ming shouted violently and released thick black mist, turning himself into a black dragon soaring into the air. He rushed directly into a group of h.e.l.lish-Insects not far in front.

With his current mastery of Dragon Tiger h.e.l.l Prison, these black mist dragons were already like his own body. Coupled with the sword shadow splitting technique performed by Bitter Wheel Sword, those ordinary Real Pellet State h.e.l.lish-Insects were turned into dust in just a second.

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