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Chapter 1283: Qing Family’s Elder

The man with disheveled hair looked at Liu Ming before him and sneered.

In his perception, Liu Ming, whose cultivation was one level below him, could not possibly be his opponent, given the ingenuity of the skills he cultivated. Once he defeated the opponent, he would achieve his goal of establis.h.i.+ng prestige.

Thinking of this, a smile appeared on his face.

Liu Ming stood with his hands behind his back indifferently and silently.

“The duel begins!” The burly bald man swept his eyes over the 2 people in the arena before announcing in a deep voice.

Hearing this, the man with disheveled hair immediately made a gesture with both hands. A 300 meters tall green phantasm aspect appeared above him.

The phantasm aspect had 2 wings on its back and 2 horns on its head. Its blood-colored eyes were s.h.i.+ning.

At the same time, Liu Ming shrugged his shoulders. 6 yellow beads surged out and turned into 6 small mountains in a yellow glow. The small mountains smashed toward the man with disheveled hair with boundless momentum.

“Heavenly Illusive Domain!”

The contempt flashed across the face of the man with disheveled hair. He ignored the 6 mountains approaching him. After a shout, the eyes of the green phantasm aspect shone brightly. Thousands of green lights surged out in all directions.

The s.h.i.+mmering green lights contained countless green particles. In the blink of an eye, the radius of hundreds of meters around Liu Ming was turned into a green world.

The next moment, green crystal lights appeared on the surface of the 6 menacing yellow mountains, emitting a sizzling friction sound. The mountains seemed to be out of control, charging chaotically in the green s.p.a.ce.

“I didn’t expect Elder Qing Songzi to attain the 5th level of the Heavenly Illusion Technique and condense the Heavenly Illusive Domain!”

“In the Heavenly Illusive Domain, demonic weapons will lose their direction. I’m afraid Liu Ming will suffer a disadvantage!”

“It seems that Elder Qing Songzi is determined to win his entry to the Heavenly Illusive Secret Realm.”

Under the arena, no less than a thousand disciples of the Qing family had gathered at this moment. Witnessing the situation in the arena, the disciples couldn’t help but chat among themselves.

Liu Ming didn’t expect the opponent’s offensive to be so swift. He quickly made to stabilize the 6 yellow mountains, but his effort was in vain.

Seeing this, the man with disheveled hair sneered with undisguised disdain. He quickly changed gestures and flicked his fingers.

The next moment, the green crystal lights converged toward Liu Ming’s location. In the blink of an eye, they formed a green ball that was 300 meters in size.

A burst of exclamation and admiration erupted among the disciples below the stage. Those with keen eyes saw the enchanted expression of Liu Ming before the green light ball formed.

Upon seeing this situation, the 2 Celestial State elders of the Qing Family, the woman in a green s.h.i.+rt and the burly bald man, were both startled. They were surprised that the battle ended so quickly.

On the other hand, Qing Cong, the master of the Qing family, had a calm expression. His eyes were fixed on the green ball in the mid-air of the martial arts arena. He seemed to be thinking something.

Just when everyone thought the battle was about to end, a sudden change occurred!

Gray white lights swept out of the surface of the dazzling green light ball.

These gray white lights were no more than the thickness of an arm at first, but they were divided into tens of thousands of lights that spread in all directions. Each light was several meters thick.

The man with disheveled hair, who originally thought he was determined to win, was immediately stunned.

Before he could react, a gray white ball out of nowhere, engulfing the arena, the green light ball, the man with disheveled hair, and the phantom aspect.

Everyone below saw a flash of gray white light, then they could only see a huge gray white ball.

Immediately after, the gray white ball collapsed, and the gray white lights flew back into Liu Ming’s sleeve.

On the ground not far in front of Liu Ming, the man with disheveled hair, who was about to win, lay unconscious.

The venue was filled with silence.

All the disciples of the Qing Family couldn’t believe their eyes. The situation in the arena changed drastically within a few seconds after the appearance of the gray white domain.

No one knew what happened in the domain.

The disciples of the Qing Family, who came back to their senses, looked at Liu Ming with fear at this moment.

The eyes of the burly bald man in mid-air were also full of astonishment. He forgot to announce the result of the duel.

Haha, Mr. Liu is really formidable. You really open our eyes.” Qing Cong appeared next to Liu Ming in a flash and said with a smile.

The woman in a green s.h.i.+rt also flew over the arena, lifted the man with disheveled hair up, and launched several symbols into his body. Then, he slowly woke up.

Qing Songzi’s face turned pale for a while. He glanced at Liu Ming in grievance, sat down quickly, and consumed a few elixirs.

“Okay, the result of the duel is apparent. No one should object to Mr. Liu’s appointment as a family elder, right?” Qing Cong turned his gaze to the man with disheveled hair and the woman in a green s.h.i.+rt.

Their faces became a little ugly, but they didn’t speak.

“Okay, since there is no objection, from now on, Mr. Liu will be the new elder of our Qing Family. 3 days later, I will call all the cultivators of the Qing Family outside to hold the elder succession ceremony.” Qing Cong smiled slightly and declared loudly.

“Greetings, Elder Liu!” All the cultivators from the Qing Family near the arena paid their respect to Liu Ming.

Liu Ming looked calm. He nodded to the Qing Family’s cultivators around him.

“Congratulations to Elder Liu, you and I will be working together in the future. I hope you can give me more guidance in the future.” The burly bald man came down in a flash, laughed, and cupped his fist to Liu Ming.

“Elder Qing Gu, you’re being modest.” Liu Ming smiled and returned the courtesy. He had a good impression of this burly bald man.

Hmph, since there is nothing else, I will take my leave now.” The man with disheveled hair said coldly, then he left without looking back.

The woman in a green s.h.i.+rt glanced at Liu Ming before leaving with the man.

“Elder Qing Song and Elder Qing Shang have just met Elder Liu today, so there are inevitably some misunderstandings. Their att.i.tude will change in the future. Please don’t take offense, Elder Liu.” Seeing this, Family Master Qing Cong quickly smoothed things over.

“I’m not bothered by it.” Liu Ming smiled lightly.

“Elder Liu has been exhausted to come all the way here. You even just had a duel, so you must be a little tired. Qing Gu, you arrange a place for Elder Liu to take a rest first and talk to Elder Liu about some family affairs.” Family Master Qing Cong said to the burly bald man. His tone seemed to be hinting at something.

The burly bald man was startled, then he nodded immediately.

“Elder Liu, please follow me.” The burly bald man led Liu Ming out.

The members of the Qing Family near the arena soon dispersed. Family Qing Cong looked at Liu Ming’s back with a strange expression, seeming to be thinking something.

Not long after, Liu Ming followed the burly bald man to the rear of the Qing Family Manor.

The Qing Family, including the front mansion, occupied an area spanning thousands of miles in the Tuo Zang Mountain Range. The front mansion was only the facade of the Qing Family. Most of the Qing family members lived in caves and mansions scattered throughout the mountains in the back.

They soon came to the top of a tall mountain, where a cave house with a large area was built.

A faint purple light appeared in Liu Ming’s eyes. Through the Purple-Patterned Demonic Pupils, he noticed that there were many enchantments arranged around the cave house. The demonic qi was much richer than the outside.

“Elder Liu, welcome to the Qing Lang Peak Cave House. These nearby mountains are the cave houses of several elders. Ordinary disciples have no permission to approach here. The environment is quite quiet.” The burly bald man said.

Liu Ming nodded upon hearing this. His Purple-Patterned Demonic Pupils indeed saw many enchantments in the nearby courtyards.

The bald man launched a symbol, and the stone door of the cave house slowly opened.

They walked in. Liu Ming looked around a few times, showing a hint of satisfaction.

The cave house here was much more s.p.a.cious than his cave house in Savage Wild Continent, Little Huan Courtyard. There were more than a dozen s.p.a.cious stone chambers. The demonic qi in the cave house was robust. He keenly captured that the stone chamber in the center of the cave house had a demonic source about the size of the underground cave house in Dong Lu Mountain Range. It was constantly emitting pure demonic qi.

It was just that there was no true demon qi emanating from this demonic source, which was somewhat regrettable.

“That’s right. The cave house here is much better than the Middle Sky Continent. It’s not easy to find a place with strong demonic qi in the Middle Sky Continent.” Liu Ming said slowly.

Oh, is Mr. Liu from the Middle Sky Continent? It is rumored that it is the origin of the human race. I heard that there are some demon race descendants there. However, if you want to cultivate demon race techniques, you should stay in our Thousands Demons Continent.” The bald man showed a look of surprise on his face, and he said immediately.

Liu Ming nodded in agreement. They walked around the cave house, then they returned to the cave house hall and sat down facing each other.

“By the way, does Elder Liu need maids to serve you? If so, I will send 2 of them over.” The burly bald man suddenly thought of something and asked.

“That’s not necessary. I’m used to staying alone.” Liu Ming shook his head immediately.

For some reason, he faintly felt that the other party seemed to be befriending him on purpose.

The burly bald man didn’t force it. He changed the subject and continued, “By the way, since Elder Liu is now an elder of the Qing Family, there are some matters in the family that I need to tell you.”

“Elder Qing Gu, please tell.” Liu Ming sat up slightly, and his expression was solemn.

“Excuse me for asking. Although Elder Liu is a descendant of the Ancestor Mo Tian, it seems that the technique you specialize in is not the Heavenly Illusive Technique, right?” The burly bald man said faintly.

Hearing this, Liu Ming’s face changed slightly. His eyes flickered for a while. After a brief moment, a smile appeared on his face as he said.

“To be honest, the Middle Sky Continent family that I was born in is a bloodline left by Ancestor Mo Tian tens of thousands of years ago. As time pa.s.sed, the family declined several folds. Many of the inherited skills have been lost. As for the Heavenly Illusion Technique that has been handed down is limited to a small part, so I specialize in another demon race technique that I have gotten by chance.”

TL: Did the man say secret realm? Why Mo Tian didn’t show up directly and let Liu Ming be the family master?

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