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Chapter 1447: Ambushed

“Understood, I’ll act as order.” Liu Ming agreed to it after thinking for a moment.

“Great, if Family Master Liu can find the root of the demon corpse, you will be a great contributor to our Central Imperial. I can a.s.sure you that not only will the previous affairs be wiped out, but your future will also go smoothly.” Huangfu Yupo a.s.sured him.

“Thank you, Elder Yupo.” Liu Ming said with a faint smile and cupped his fist.

“By the way, regarding this operation, there shouldn’t be too many involved to avoid alerting the enemy. I’ll let Ying’er go with you. I believe that with the ability of Family Master Liu, Ying’er will be safe.” Huangfu Yupo glanced at Zhao Qianying as she said.

When Liu Ming heard this, he turned to look at Zhao Qianying.

Zhao Qianying happened to look over. Their eyes met in mid-air, then they looked away.

Zhao Qianying’s mouth moved, but she didn’t speak. She didn’t seem to object to this matter.

Huangfu Yupo showed a hint of joy, then she instructed, “Be careful. If you find any strange movement in Han State, don’t act rashly. Send a message to me immediately. I will immediately lead the Blood Lion Legion to reinforce you.”

With that said, she handed a delicate white jade talisman to Liu Ming.

“Understood.” Liu Ming took the order and kept the white jade talisman.

If their guess was correct, the Han State must be heavily guarded. It was impossible for the 2 of them to do anything on their own, so the Blood Lion Legion was indeed needed.

After Huangfu Yupo warned a few more words, Liu Ming and Zhao Qianying set off to the Han State.

Huangfu Jiangu was standing somewhere in the valley.

As he watched Liu Ming and Zhao Qianying disappear into the distance, he sneered with a hint of evil intention.

The strength shown by Liu Ming and Zhao Qianying in the war shocked him. Especially Liu Ming’s strength made him have to re-examine Liu Ming.

It was an undoubted fact that Liu Ming had the royal blood. The judgment of the Void Demonic Cauldron, the family’s treasure, would absolutely make no mistake. If Liu Ming really became a dual cultivation partner with Zhao Qianying, it would indeed be a threat to his status.

Such a threat made him feel uneasy.

But now that the 2 of them were separated from the Blood Lion Legion, Huangfu Jiangu had a thought.

The Blood Lion Legion army set off immediately after reorganizing themselves in the valley.

Huangfu Yupo stood in the center of the flying chariot with a thoughtful look.

She had always been a prudent person, but these ancient demon corpses summoned by the Liu Family made her feel a little uneasy, so she took the risk and defeated the Liu Family army with thunderous momentum. However, the Blood Lion Legion also suffered some casualties.

The next step was to consider how to eliminate the remnants of the Liu Family in Yin State as soon as possible.

Just as Huangfu Yupo was planning, a figure landed on the flying chariot. It was Huangfu Jiangu.

“Greetings, Elder Yupo.” Huangfu Jiangu bowed respectfully.

“Your Highness Jiangu, there is no need to be polite. You have contributed a lot in the war just now.” Huangfu Yupo nodded and said.

“Elder Yupo has overpraised. This is my responsibility as a member of the Huangfu Family.” Huangfu Jiangu said humbly.

“Does His Highness Jiangu want something from me?” After the pleasantries, Huangfu Yupo asked directly.

“Elder Yupo, I’m here this time to take leave from elder.” As Huangfu Jiangu said, he bowed to Huangfu Yupo.

“Oh, why so?” Huangfu Yupo frowned and asked.

“The reason why father arranged for me to come to Yin State with the Blood Lion Legion is because he secretly a.s.signed a secret mission for me. Now that the Blood Lion Legion has defeated the Liu Family army in Yin State, I believe that they don’t have much power to fight against the Blood Lion Legion. I won’t be of much use to stay with the Blood Lion Legion, so I’m leaving to execute the mission a.s.signed by father.” Huangfu Jiangu said slowly.

Huangfu Yupo was startled to hear that, but then she said,

“Since this is a secret mission a.s.signed by Demon Emperor, I won’t ask any more questions. Does His Highness Jiangu need some soldiers?”

“No need. I have my own people.” Huangfu Jiangu said.

“Then be careful, Your Highness Jiangu.” Huangfu Yupo nodded and said.

After a while, Huangfu Jiangu and his party left the Blood Lion Legion, took a detour, and chased in the direction where Liu Ming and Zhao Qianying left.

“They have left for quite for while. Can you really track them?” Huangfu Jiangu’s face was full of murderous intent as he asked a red-haired man next to him.

“Don’t worry, Your Highness. My spiritual beast has memorized the scent of those two people. Even if they are thousands of miles apart, I’m absolutely sure to find them.” A small red beast with bright fur emerged from the red-haired man’s sleeves. He caressed it gently as he said.

Huangfu Jiangu nodded and looked with a sneer. They soon disappeared into the distant sky.

In mid-air, a black figure emerged. It was the Mystic Comprehending State sent by Demon Emperor to monitor Liu Ming.

The black figure looked at Huangfu Jiangu and others, showing a helpless smile. After a moment, his figure disappeared again.

In an unnamed area in Yin State, 2 escape lights rushed past side by side from the sky.

It was Liu Ming and Zhao Qianying.

While flying, he looked around from time to time.

Below was a flat plain. Occasionally, they could see some ruined cities, but due to the war, these cities were empty.

Liu Ming sighed, then he looked at Zhao Qianying with a strange look.

They had left the Blood Lion Legion for a few days and were now about to leave Yin State and enter the territory of Han State.

Along the journey, the atmosphere between the two was a bit awkward. There was basically no communication between them along the way. They were just hurrying in silence.

“Miss Zhao, we have been flying continuously for several days. We are almost at Han State. Let’s find a place to rest and restore our spiritual power.” Liu Ming said.

The climate here had gradually become colder. A vast expanse of white snow could be seen faintly in the distant sky.

Zhao Qianying was startled when he heard this, and then nodded.

The two found an open s.p.a.ce to settle down, and each of them meditated and rested for half a day. My spiritual power and spirit have completely recovered.

“We will soon reach the Han State. Although we don’t know if the Liu Family is summoning demon corpses in that canyon, we must proceed with caution. At that time, we may need to rely on your Truth Hearing Talent.” Liu Ming said.

Zhao Qianying nodded silently and said nothing.

Liu Ming smiled bitterly. He was basically the only one who spoke along the way. Zhao Qianying said less than 3 sentences during the journey.

He shook his head, waved one hand, and flew toward the distance.

Zhao Qianying followed up immediately.

This place was already close to Han State. Both of them restrained their spiritual power when they fled, so their speed was not very fast.

Half a day later, they two came to a desolate mountain range.

According to the map, after flying over this mountain range, they would reach the Han State.

Suddenly, Liu Ming sensed something. He emitted a burst of black light and moved several meters sideways with Zhao Qianying in his arms.

Zhao Qianying smelled a strong masculine aura in his arms. Her body stiffened, then she shouted angrily with a flush face,

“What are you doing!”

She struggled hard, but her strength was nothing compared to Liu Ming’s. Liu Ming’s arms around her were like iron hoops.

Liu Ming tapped his feet and moved sideways with Zhao Qianying in his arms.

At this moment, there was a s.p.a.ce fluctuation. Several dazzling light streams were brus.h.i.+ng past their bodies silently.

Zhao Qianying’s face turned pale.

If Liu Ming didn’t help her, she would definitely not be able to dodge these light streams.

Liu Ming’s face turned gloomy. He landed on a nearby cliff with Zhao Qianying, and he looked towards the place where the streamer appeared.

Zhao Qianying broke free of Liu Ming’s hands and stood aside.

“Thank you…” Zhao Qianying muttered with a flush.

“No need for that. The danger has not been eliminated yet…” Liu Ming looked forward with sharp eyes and spoke lightly, then his expression suddenly changed again.

A dazzling and colorful light suddenly appeared near the cliff where the two of them were, covering an area of ​​several hundred meters.


Liu Ming exclaimed and moved instantly, trying to escape from the range of the colorful light.

However, he was still too late. The colorful light had closed up.

The scenery in front of them changed into a vast rolling sea.

“Mr. Liu, what’s going on? Could it be that someone from the Liu Family discovered us and ambushed us here?” Zhao Qianying came next to Liu Ming with an ugly expression.

“They are not from the Liu Family. The moment the array closed, I vaguely saw 8 figures. All of whom were Celestial State. They seem to be people who followed Huangfu Jiangu to the Blood Lion Legion before.” Liu Ming said.

Zhao Qianying was shocked.

“Mr. Liu, are you sure?” Zhao Qianying asked solemnly.

“Why would I talk nonsense?” Liu Ming said.

Zhao Qianying frowned with a gloomy face.

“Let’s not talk about this for now. There should be an illusion array around here. Let’s find a way out first.” As Liu Ming said, he released the Green Demon Marrow Blade.

Zhao Qianying nodded slowly. She chanted and released a purple crystal clear short ruler.

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