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Chapter 681: Kill the Queen Bee Part 1

This bee was obviously about to fall. At this moment, it was desperately shaking its stinger to launch countless green silks to resist the green light released by the man in a green robe.

The woman in a cloak wandered around the bee like a ghost while waving the miao blade non-stop. Obviously, most of the wounds on the bee were caused by this woman.

This bee couldn’t avoid the hill phantasm falling on top under the drag of these 2 people. Boom, it was slammed by the hill phantasm.

Taking this opportunity, the woman in a cloak suddenly let out a groan, the miao blade in her hand once again turned into 10 meters long crystal blade shadow that a.s.saulted the five color wings.

The bee suddenly let out a strange cry as it waved the pair of wings on its back again and again. A five color light flourished, and a layer of light curtain emerged around it.


The crystal blade shadow released by the woman in a cloak only made the light curtain slightly sunken, but she couldn’t break it. The next moment, the woman’s wrist shook, and the miao blade was launched in a crystal light.

Another “bang!“

A hole was broken in the colorful light curtain, and the light curtain shattered inch by inch.

Then, the miao blade flashed and pierced through the eyes of the bee, causing the bee to scream immediately.

At the same time, 2 lights flashed on both sides of the bee; the man in a green robe and the woman in a cloak appeared in sync.

The man in a green robe raised his hand and released the flag. The flag grew to the size of several tens meters, and the dragon pattern on the flag turned into a giant green dragon that bit at the bee.

The crystal miao blade in the hand of the woman in a cloak had disappeared, and it was replaced by a silver bracelet. In a flash, it turned into a huge ring that covered the bee, and it released strands of silver silk to entangle the bee.

The bee struggled desperately to get rid of the silver ring entanglement, but more tiny wounds were caused on its body. However, despite the entanglement, it could still release layers of five color light at the giant green dragon.

The giant green dragon couldn’t free itself from the bind of the five color light for a while.

This bee was worthy of being a Real Pellet State beastkin. It could still resist the joint attack of the 3 under such severe injuries. As its wing blurred, it blasted toward the direction of the cave entrance.

Seeing that the situation was unfavorable for the bee, it finally had the thought of running away.

At this moment, Liu Ming flashed out like a ghost in front. He relentlessly launched a fist covered in deep purple scales.


This bee was knocked flying out immediately.

“Poof“, a crystal light that came from behind instantly slashed this bee into 8 pieces.

After another roll of the crystal light, the woman in a cloak appeared, holding the seemingly sharp miao blade of several inches in her hand.

This woman actually performed the art of the body and blade fusion!

At the moment this bee was beheaded, the five color light that had originally entangled the giant green dragon suddenly shattered and dissipated into light spots in the air.

“Miss’ blade controlling technique is really amazing. It really is an eye-opener for me.” Liu Ming retracted his fist and said with a slight smile.

“Not at all, if you didn’t push it back with the punch, I would never be able to get it so easily.” The woman in a cloak replied faintly.

“This battle is not over yet. If you have something to say, let’s talk later.” At this moment, the man in a green robe called back the giant green dragon that had turned into the small flag. After saying quickly, he flashed straight toward the cave entrance.

Upon hearing the words, the woman in the cloak raised her eyebrows and followed the man in a green robe.

With a glance, Liu Ming noticed that the giant black flower cast by Hua Qingying seemed thinner than before.

With a move of his mind, he immediately dashed forward too.

At the same time, in the array of dozens of miles away.

A five color light and a crimson escape light were flying nonstop. Behind them was the five light bee that shone with purple light.

Looking at the ferocious appearance of this five light queen bee, if it weren’t for the double debuffs from the totem pillar and sandalwood soul incense, it would have caught up with them and started fighting.

“Mr. Wu, I never thought we can only run for our lives under the blessing of the totem pillar and the sandalwood soul incense” While running, the brawny man spoke to Wu Kui with a voice transmission.

“hmph, this is at least a beastkin of the Real Pellet State perfect stage, even if it may seem a little weak just after laying eggs, you and I will not get any advantage to fight head-on. Do you want to let Hua Qingying and the others to get all the benefits?” Wu Kui said with a look of disdain.

“But if you and I still don’t take action, the effect of this sandalwood soul incense will become weaker and weaker.” The voice of the brawny man still sounded hesitating.

“The 4 of them actually took more than 1 hour to deal with 2 Real Pellet State early stage bees; 1 of them was even seriously injured. Are they waiting for us to exhaust our spiritual power before showing up so that they can…” Wu Kui’s face sank when he heard this.

But at this moment, the brawny shouted in joy.

“Mr. Wu, here they come!”

At this moment, there was a burst of whistling sound from the distant sky; 4 escape lights were coming. After only a few flashes, they stopped at a height of more than 1000 meters move above the circle.

Seeing this, Wu Kui made an eye gesture to the brawny man, stopped and waved the golden feather fan to launch a dazzling golden wind at the queen bee.

The five light queen bee swung its stringer, launching a thick sting phantasm.

Suddenly, there was a loud “boom” in the air.

As soon as the golden wind collided with the string phantasm, it was pierced through by it; the sting flew toward Wu Kui with undiminished momentum.

Wu Kui moved his body abruptly to barely dodge the sting phantasm as if he had expected the attack.

There was a burst of flying sand and rocks.

The sting blasted out a big hole on the ground.

The brawny barbarian took this advantage where Wu Kui attracted the queen bee and launched a symbol into the faint blue disk array. An opening appeared again above the array.

“Come in quickly,” the brawny man shouted.

Seeing this, Liu Ming and others immediately entered the array in a flash; some took out their spiritual weapons and some cast mystic arts at the queen bee.

As a dazzling purple light was emitted, a purple flame spread all around from the queen bee.

For a moment, all their attacks were bounced away by the purple flames.

Everyone immediately retreated in shock.

After the five light queen bee’s wings trembled fiercely, it suddenly turned into a purple escape light and blasted out. The target was the opening that was closing up. Its speed was faster than when it was chasing Wu Kui and the other person before.

It turned out that this queen bee had previously hidden its strength.

“No, don’t let it run away!”

Wu Kui was naturally taken aback. He hurriedly yelled and waved the golden feather fan to disperse the oncoming purple flames, then he launched a golden wind in the escape direction of the purple light.

The brawny man hurriedly changed his gestures in shock and launched a few symbols at the faint blue disk array, trying to speed up the closing of the opening on the array.

The rest of the people also attacked hurriedly, trying to prevent the five light queen bee and escape from the magic circle.

Hua Qingying flicked the half-foot-sized silver forks in both hands, launching a faint silver fork shadow of several ten meters!

The man in a green robe waved the green flag and released a giant green dragon; the woman in a cloak shouted and launched the miao blade into a crystal clear blade light.

After all, once the queen bee escaped from the array, without the blessing of the totem pillar and the weakening effect of the sandalwood soul incense, it would be even more difficult to kill it. All their previous efforts would be in vain.

However, all this seemed to be a bit late.

The purple escape light just flashed a few times, and it was close to the opening. As it was about to flash out, the attacks from behind was still halfway.

When everyone’s complexion changed in shock, a thick silver lightning arc flashed out from behind suddenly. and after a blur, it hit the escape light directly.

It was Liu Ming casting the Heavenly Thunder Spell in his body at the very last moment!

There was a crackling noise!

After the purple escape light was struck by the lightning arc, the purple flames on its surface and the silver sparks immediately entangled together; some lightning even pierced through the light curtain and hit the queen bee directly.

The queen bee stopped slightly as its body was twitching.

Even though the defense power of the queen bee was amazing, but it was still paralyzed by the Heavenly Thunder Spell.

At this moment, the opening in the front light curtain finally closed, then a golden wind mixed with a colorful light hit the queen bee. A deafening explosion sounded one after another!

The attacks of Wu Kui and the others arrived only at this moment. The queen bee was paralyzed, so it had taken all the attacks.

But after the light faded, everyone was surprised again!

This queen bee at the Real Pellet State perfect stage, its defense was really astonis.h.i.+ng. After suffering the joint attack of everyone, the purple light curtain on its body surface dimmed a little, and there is still a thin layer remaining, and the body actually seems No harm was suffered.

On the contrary, at this time, the five light queen bee was completely furious!

TL: The worker bees were already hard to deal with; this queen bee is even angered! Will anyone sacrifice in order to kill this queen bee?

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