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Chapter 1190 - A Showdown With Zhu Xuanyue

Slash, slash…

The slashes came increasingly quicker!

When Xia Lei functioned under the super brain mode, he could antic.i.p.ate Kestin’s every move and his knife would land at the exact location where he would go and make a new wound.

Kestin was covered in red now, more than ten cuts across his body turned his expensive suit into a red one. As he lost blood, his reaction and speed slowed down too.

The knife stabbed into his thigh. Kestin collapsed.

Xia Lei pressed his knee on Kestin’s chest, pulling the army knife out and then placed the tip on his chest, slowly pus.h.i.+ng it in.

Fresh blood spilt out. If Xia Lei pushed his knife deeper, he would puncture the lung. With the loss of blood and a punctured lung, while Kestin would not die immediately, he would struggle painfully and eventually find death.

And yet, in the face of death, there was no fear in Kestin’s eyes. He looked very calm as he said, “You cannot kill me.”

Xia Lei pushed the knife slightly deeper. “Is that so?”

“Heheheh…” Kestin laughed like a maniac. “If you kill me, you’ll ruin her plans. Do you think she’ll let you go? Think about your women and children.”

Xia Lei’s eyes were cold. “Are you threatening me?”

“It’s not a threat, but a warning. There is a reason why she didn’t kill you. There’s also a reason why you can’t kill me.”

Xia Lei’s eyes changed. The mysterious energy field engulfed Kestin in a second, infiltrating his mind.

Xia Lei had succeeded in extracting memories and information from his target’s brain every time. Yet this time, he failed. He found that he could not infiltrate or control Kestin’s mind, or steal any information. It was as if he had infiltrated a corpse- there was nothing in the brain.

“You…” Xia Lei’s eyes returned to normal. Privately shocked, he asked, “Who the h.e.l.l are you?”

“You’ll never know the answer,” said Kestin. “I suggested a fair fight but you declined.”

“My turn to set the rules of the game now. If you answer my question, I won’t move my hand. If you don’t, I’ll puncture your lung. If you lie, I will also puncture your lung.”

“You’re too naive sometimes.” Kestin was not afraid at all. “Also, do not forget my reminder. It’s best you don’t kill me, you’ll regret it.”

Xia Lei slowly pressed the knife down, the blade cutting into Kestin’s flesh and inching towards his lung.

Kestin bore the pain silently. There was no fear in his eyes, just anger and contempt.

Just as the blade was about to touch his lung, Xia Lei stopped. Not because Kestin’s threat had worked but he had a question. Why can’t I steal information from his brain? Who the h.e.l.l is he… He then had a sudden thought. Right! Zhu Xuanyue once told me that she could not control my brain. Could it be that Kestin is the same as I am? But… How is that possible?

Kestin was like him, that was why he could not control Kestin’s mind. That was the most logical explanation. However, how could there be another person who had evolved after consuming the AE pill?

“Cough cough…” Kestin coughed twice, blood trickling out of his lips but they curled into a grin. “What, you’re afraid? You don’t have the guts to kill me?”


Xia Lei suddenly drove the blade so deep into his lungs that only the handle remained above his chest.

Kestin was in shock, fear in his eyes.

“I am curious about both your ident.i.ty and family but killing you solves my problems better.” When he finished, he pulled out the knife and stabbed it into Kestin’s heart.

He was right. Letting an evolved superhuman live was just giving himself a future problem. He did not have much time left. Before he left this world, he must never leave an enemy like Kestin for his wives and children!

You think I don’t have the guts to kill you?

Well that makes me want to kill you more!

“No---” Kestin broke down as fear flooded his entire being. He could no longer maintain his cool demeanour.


A ray of light suddenly shot directly at Xia Lei’s right wrist, hurting Xia Lei so sharply that he dropped his knife.

The moment Xia Lei was caught off guard, Kestin lifted both hands and shoved Xia Lei in the chest.

Xia Lei did not come back for Kestin because he was no longer a threat at the moment. He had a new target, a threat he was unwilling to face--- Zhu Xuanyue!

His gaze fell on the centre of the pool and spotted Zhu Xuanyue immediately. She had hit his wrist with the glow stick that he had previously tossed on the stone platform. It was still glowing quietly.

Four eyes locked. No words, silent stares.

Zhu Xuanyue stood on the stone platform, her skin as clear as jade and her curves attractive as ever.

Xia Lei, on the other hand, stood on the edge of the pool, his rippling muscles making him a perfect specimen.

A few seconds later, Zhu Xuanyue bent her knees and leapt up in the air, hurling directly at him like a cannonball. When Xia Lei saw her, she was already right in front of him. She opened her snow-white legs and kicked.

Blocking his chest, he bore the brunt of the attack with his forearm.


There was a heavy thud as Xia Lei was thrown backwards, slamming heavily into the wall of the pyramid.


Xia Lei coughed up blood as he fell heavily on the ground. His physical body might have evolved and brought a ma.s.sive increase in his strength but he still was no match for Zhu Xuanyue.

She looked at him coldly without a shred of humanity in her eyes.

He felt a slight chill, prepared to pay the ultimate price. However, he still knew that no matter what, he would not be able to defeat this enemy.

She walked towards him, her feet leaving wet footprints on the cold rock, each step heavier than the last.

He scrambled to his feet and wiped the blood from his lips. “Do you really want to kill me? Have you forgotten everything that has happened?”

He was trying to awaken the Ning Jing and Gu Kewen in her.

Something flickered in her eye for a moment but it disappeared immediately, replaced by an icy coldness and obvious murderous intent.

She was more stable than the previous Zhu Xuanyue!

Xia Lei’s heart sank because he knew what this meant. He took a deep breath. “I won’t blame you if you really want to kill me but since I’ve helped you so much, could you do me a favour and tell me the truth?”

Zhu Xuanyue appeared in front of Xia Lei in a flash.

She obviously had not intended for this to happen. It was not the plan. Something that looked like warmth and suffering flickered in her eyes.

“Ning Jing? Kewen?” Xia Lei was hopeful again but instead, she suddenly grabbed him by the throat. Completely caught by surprise, he did not even have time to move!

“Do not waste your breath trying to wake the two women in me!” Zhu Xuanyue’s voice was cold as steel. “I did not kill you, yet you helped the prehistoric chosen one attack me. And do you think I will spare you just because you have helped me before?”

“I do believe that you will kill me,” said Xia Lei. “I just have a final request, which is for you to tell me the truth about everything. You owe me this much.”

“I have repaid everything I owed you!” Zhu Xuanyue looked furious.

“No, you haven’t,” said Xia Lei.

She suddenly leaned forward, forcing Xia Lei back against the wall with her body. Her soft, large b.r.e.a.s.t.s were completely pressed unto his chest, and her belly, and her thighs, and…

It was a very provocative position to be in.

However, Xia Lei was bitterly aware that she was about to crush him to death. While she looked delicate, she was strong enough to crush his bones!

Zhu Xuanyue usually killed by eating the person whole, or controlling the person’s mind and coming up with some other creative method. However, Xia Lei was a person she could not control or eat. This must be the reason why she intended to use this method of murder.

She pressed and pressed her body on him until he could not move at all, his bones crackling as if they would break any moment now!

A delighted grin crept up Kestin’s face as he watched Zhu Xuanyue squeeze against Xia Lei.

However, she suddenly let go with an odd smirk. “You’ve… eaten it?”

Xia Lei stood stunned for a moment, though he knew that ‘it’ referred to the last AE capsule.

She took a step back and studied him from head to toe, then smiled. “So that’s why you survived the water.”

This fact alone confirmed her suspicions, she did not need an answer.

“What has me eating it got to do with you?” probed Xia Lei, calming down slightly.

“You’ll know soon, just not now,” said Zhu Xuanyue. “You may leave now, I won’t kill you.”


“Just go, before I change my mind.” Her eyes turned cold again.

Xia Lei did not ask again, picking up the Gust a.s.sault rifle and frozen weapons bag before he left.

Kestin looked at Xia Lei with a complicated look in his eyes.

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