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Chapter 1136 Let’s Do This Together

“Rou’er, will you marry or not?”

Sima Tian asked his eldest daughter.

Sima Rou was stunned, and Sima Jiao’s gaze fell upon her sister as well.

With her sister being so proud, she surely wouldn’t agree! How could she possibly become a p.a.w.n in a political marriage?

Sima Jiao breathed a sigh of relief, waiting for her sister to refuse.

All eyes were on Sima Rou. At this moment, she became the center of attention.

“I will marry.”

Sima Rou suddenly nodded, almost causing Sima Jiao to faint.

Her sister… her sister actually agreed to marry?

How could this be possible!

Even Liu Yi was slightly surprised. Such a proud woman as Sima Rou was willing to be a sacrificial p.a.w.n? It didn’t make sense.

“Hahaha, good!”

Sima Tian laughed heartily, “My daughter has good judgment! Everyone, go and prepare! The wedding will be held tomorrow!”

d.a.m.n, this old man is in such a hurry!

Liu Yi sighed. It seemed that there was no other choice at the moment.

“Since we are to marry, let’s do it tonight.”

Liu Yi suddenly spoke, surprising Sima Tian.

“Oh? I thought I was already very eager, but you are even more so?”

Sima Tian asked.

“I have more important things to do tomorrow.”

Liu Yi pointed at the sky, “Only after I finish this matter can I ensure that Miss Sima’s marriage to me is not in vain.”

“Hehehe, well, the sooner, the better.”

Sima Tian readily agreed, thinking that it would be better to turn the raw rice into cooked rice as soon as possible.

The entire Sima family, having just experienced a war, quickly began to decorate with lights and ornaments.

The Divine Fire City was boiling with excitement. Many beautiful crimson flame lamps floated in the city, casting a red glow everywhere.

Dragon and lion dances were performed, and numerous festive processions pa.s.sed through the streets.

The entire Divine Fire City was bustling with activity, and many people joined in the fun.

“What’s going on today? Why is it so lively?”

“I heard it’s the wedding of the eldest Miss Sima!”

“Wow, that’s indeed a big event!”

The Sima family was like royalty in the Divine Fire City. The emperor’s daughter was getting married; how could it not be a big event? The Divine Fire City was brightly lit, and people began to celebrate.

The Sima residence was even more lively, with red banners and curtains hung everywhere, creating a festive atmosphere.

Dressed as the groom, Liu Yi toasted continuously to various clan members and elders in the main hall.

Sima Rou was already waiting for him in the bridal chamber, while Sima Jiao did not come.

Sima Tian seemed to be quite happy, getting drunk and slinging his arm around Liu Yi’s shoulder, saying, “Brother, from now on, my daughter is in your hands!”

Liu Yi wiped the sweat from his brow, feeling that the generation gap was getting blurred.

“Big brother, I’m counting on you!”

Sima Tian said, taking another swig of immortal wine.

“Yes, yes…”

Liu Yi was also confused, so he drank another cup as well.

Being skilled in the art of wine swordsmans.h.i.+p, he was not affected by the alcohol.

The power of the immortal wine was not weak, otherwise Sima Tian wouldn’t be so drunk. It seemed that he was genuinely happy today and had drunk quite a bit.

After several rounds of toasts, urged on by the crowd, Liu Yi rose and headed towards the bridal chamber.

The so-called bridal chamber was none other than Sima Rou’s pavilion.

Liu Yi felt a bit awkward, as the whole wedding seemed like a farce to him.

As he rode on Little Nine, he couldn’t help but sigh while flying towards Sima Rou’s room.

In the Immortal World, he didn’t gain much, but in the end, he got himself a wife, quite a feat.

Liu Yi didn’t know how to complain about his own luck, but since things had already come to this, it wasn’t something he could decide anymore.

To gain the support of three continents out of the four major continents, this marriage alliance was crucial. From the naive high school student of the past to where he stood now, Liu Yi’s mentality had undergone many changes.

Sometimes, appropriate sacrifices were necessary. When the time came, he would just explain the situation to Sima Rou.

The Fire Peac.o.c.k’s gliding speed was quite fast. In the blink of an eye, Liu Yi arrived in front of Sima Rou’s room.

The room was adorned with a large pair of festive characters, the atmosphere was extremely jubilant.

Liu Yi mustered up some courage, then reached out and pushed open the door.

The first floor was an empty hall, and Liu Yi went straight to the second floor.

Sima Rou was sitting on the bed on the second floor, wearing a phoenix crown and a bridal gown, her face covered with a red veil, looking infinitely shy.

She couldn’t believe that she would spend the night with this man… She couldn’t help but feel nervous… They say the first time would hurt… But how much would it hurt?

Liu Yi was unaware of Sima Rou’s inner turmoil. He greeted her, “Miss Sima…”

Realizing it wasn’t quite appropriate, given their current relations.h.i.+p, he hesitated.

Sima Rou also felt uncomfortable. They were already husband and wife, why was he still being so distant? He should be calling her “my wife,” not “Miss Sima”!

Sima Jiao, another “Miss Sima,” harrumphed.


For the first time, Liu Yi felt at a loss for words.

At that moment, they both felt someone entering the room and coming up to the second floor.

“Liu Yi! Sima Rou! You two are so cruel!”

Liu Yi turned his head, and Sima Rou removed her veil. They saw a drunken Sima Jiao standing at the other side of the room.

Tears were in Sima Jiao’s eyes, as she bit her lip and said, “I never thought that my own sister would steal my man!”

Liu Yi broke out in a cold sweat. What was going on?

Sima Rou, however, didn’t back down, “There’s no sign on this man that says he’s yours!”

“He was originally mine!” Sima Jiao immediately shouted, “I was the one who brought him back to the Sima family, and I was the one who gave him the Nine Revolutions Immortal Pill! Why did he marry you? It’s not fair! It’s not fair!”

“This was our father’s decision, as commanded by our parents, so just accept it. Besides, a capricious and unruly girl like you is not suitable for marriage,” Sima Rou said to her sister, showing no mercy.

“You! You!”

Sima Jiao stomped her foot in anger, “No, I will compete with you fairly!”

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“You’ve never won against me in all these years,” Sima Rou said, arms crossed, looking at her sister defiantly, “That’s your fate.”

“Perhaps I lack martial arts talent! But when it comes to love, you’re just a novice!”

Sima Jiao didn’t hold back, poking at Sima Rou’s weakness, “You have no idea how to please a man!”


Sima Rou’s lips curved slightly upward, “Then let’s have a contest.”

“What kind of contest?”

“To see which of us can win please Liu Yi.”

Sima Rou held up one finger, “Whoever wins, he will belong to her.”

“Fine, it’s a deal!”

Sima Jiao nodded in agreement.

“Hey, hey, hey… Shouldn’t we consider the feelings of the person involved?”

Liu Yi raised his hand, but the two women paid him no attention.


Sima Jiao pointed at Liu Yi, then stretched out her foot, “I’ll give you a chance to **kiss my toes! Come on!”

Liu Yi almost fainted, d.a.m.n, was this her way of seducing a man? It was too brutal!

Did he get married the wrong way?

“My husband…”

Sima Rou, on the other hand, reached out and pulled off the red bridal gown she was wearing, revealing her fair skin underneath.

Liu Yi swallowed hard, this woman’s chest was much larger than Sima Jiao’s!

Although they were sisters, why was the elder sister’s chest so much bigger? At least an E cup!

Sima Jiao had been quite objective, but now in comparison… she looked somewhat pitiful.

“My husband… let me serve you…”

Sima Rou said, pressing against Liu Yi’s body, her soft chest pressing against his, making his heart race.

d.a.m.n… this kind of test was too torturous!

Liu Yi felt like he couldn’t hold on any longer!

“You’re so despicable!”

Sima Jiao didn’t expect her sister to resort to such shameless tactics!

But Sima Rou just looked provocatively at Sima Jiao, who was finally enraged. She reached out, tore off her own clothes, and revealed her chest as well.

Initially, Sima Jiao didn’t care about dressing and undressing in front of Liu Yi, but now she felt somewhat shy.

Seeing Liu Yi’s burning gaze, Sima Jiao’s face turned red, and she covered her chest with both hands.

“Just an airstrip, what’s there to hide?”

Sima Rou sneered, “If I were you, I’d be too embarra.s.sed to undress.”

Sima Jiao was infuriated by her sister’s words!

“I’m not an airstrip!”

“Are you saying it’s not?”

Sima Rou pinched her ample bosom. “This is what you call a chest, you know?”

“Yours is just a pair of fleshy spheres! There’s nothing to brag about!” Sima Jiao retorted.

“People who lack it are naturally envious,” Sima Rou said with a smile. “Ah, it’s strange that even though we share the same father, the difference between us is so vast.”

“You—you’re terrible!” Sima Jiao exclaimed.

“It’s you who’s useless.”

The two sisters began to argue, and at that moment, Sima Jiao suddenly took a step forward and embraced Liu Yi by the neck, her soft lips pressing against his.

Liu Yi was momentarily stunned before he began to enjoy Sima Jiao’s inexperienced kiss.

Though Sima Jiao had never kissed anyone before, she boldly attempted a pa.s.sionate French kiss with Liu Yi.

Their tongues intertwined, each savoring the taste of the other.

Seeing this scene, Sima Rou grew anxious. She became even bolder and more daring, reaching her hand into Liu Yi’s pants to grasp his erect member.

“It’s not like it’s a wax-headed silver spear…” Sima Rou said softly, her voice seemingly capable of melting Liu Yi’s heart.

These two women… were both trouble!

What should he do now?

Should he choose Sima Rou or retreat to Sima Jiao?

Or perhaps… should he take them both on?

Oh, G.o.d, please give me an answer!

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