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Chapter 458  [Loser must marry into wife's family]


Finally, the snow exploded out as an ice blue lotus flower grows out from the snow like a sculpture carved out by the G.o.ds for a fairy to sit on.

The beauty is none other than Gu Yu.

Because she has completely exploded out all of her strength, her hair has turned silver, making her very beautiful.

Her clothing also changes appearance and is no longer the sect clothing she wore instead it turns more exquisite.

The hems and cuffs of her clothing changes into snowflakes crystal patterns.

The originally long skirt also turns slightly shorter revealing a bit of her leg.

"Gao Feng we can continue our fight now."

Gu Yu's voice contains a trace of coldness like she has turned into an ice G.o.ddess.

"Trying to act mysterious!"

Gao Feng snorts coldly as he turns into a sword again, rus.h.i.+ng towards Gu Yu.

Gu Yu did not even move, instead, her eyes turn firm and point at him with his left hand before hooking upwards.


From the ground a snowstorm erupts, smas.h.i.+ng into Gao Feng.

Although he has already covered himself with sword qi, Gao Feng is unable to pierce through this technique, instead, he is. .h.i.t by the snow storm and sent flying into the sky.

Gu Yu did not stop attacking. She stands on the snow lotus as she waves her hands like a conductor.

Snowstorms arise in all directions attacking Gao Feng, causing him to be attacked in the sky for an entire 10+ minutes before he finally drops down and collapsed onto the ground.

"Snow is the most heartless strength."

Gu Yu looks at Gao Feng who collapsed onto the ground as she says, "So, I will also not be lenient."


Gao Feng lies there and did not reply.

"Looks like the victor is set."

Gu Yu's silver hair turns back to black as she turns around and looks at the rostrum and says, "Manor Head, you can announce the results…."

Before she can finish, a sword made from sword qi pierces through her stomach carrying along with it, blood.

"How…is this possible…"

Gu Yu looks at the sword made from sword qi in her stomach as her eyes start to turn dull.

"This is breaking the rules!"

Zhang Boyue who has always been calm instantly hits the table as he stands up.

The entire World Manor is instantly covered with ice, showing Zhang Boyue's rage.

"Calm down."

Mo Tian places his hand on Zhang Boyue's shoulder, "This is a martial compet.i.tion…even if the opponent's method is vile…this is still a martial compet.i.tion…."

"d.a.m.n it…d.a.m.n it…"

Zhang Boyue clenches his fist.

The Concealed Sword Pavilion Sect Head only sighs, "Haiz, this is why I say, this is the reason why I do not like him…if Concealed Sword Pavilion is pa.s.sed down to him…it will be completely destroyed by him."

While the originator of the evil practice is standing there laughing crazily.

"Idiot! What an idiotic girl! Do you really think that I will be defeated by your weak attacks? Hahaha, everything is in my plans! Even if your strength increased by a bit, so what? In front of my Human Sword technique, everything is tras.h.!.+"

As Gao Feng speaks, he pulls out his translucent sword.

At this moment his arms are completely covered in sword qi, forming two sword handles by his side.

While Gu Yu slowly falls onto the ground. She is completely defenseless towards the sneak attack from Gao Feng. Her injuries are unclear.

"What Immortal Snow Peak, what Compression Seal! All of you turn into my Human Sword offerings!"

Gao Feng laughs maniacally as sword qi emerges from him back and starts revolving. In a blink of an eye, it turns into an enormous transparent sword over ten meters large and immediately chops down towards Gu Yu.

If this sword hits, Gu Yu will definitely die!

Gu Yu no longer has any strength to climb to her feet as she lies on the ground in despair as she watches the descending enormous sword qi and laughs bitterly.

Did not think that before I am able to obtain the t.i.tle of World Number 1 I would die first.

Perhaps…this is the rumored fate…

Just as she had given up, a figure suddenly appears in front of him and blocked the enormous sword qi.


The sword qi exploded before turning into an enormous sword qi storm striking the stage in all directions.

Numerous deep gorge is left on the ground and even a few layers of the ground is shaved off!

The figure in front is holding a door sized s.h.i.+eld, blocking all of the sword qi firmly.

"It's, it's you…"

Gu Yu looks at the figure as her heart trembles.

Seeing Liu Yi who is behind the s.h.i.+eld, Gao Feng roars in rage, "What a good Liu Yi from Raising Immortal Palace Hall! How dare you interfere with the compet.i.tion!"

Liu Yi keeps away the s.h.i.+eld as he says coldly to Gao Feng, "She had already lost. You are already not in a compet.i.tion. Instead, you are simply killing people."

From the moment he sees Gao Feng sneak attacked Gu Yu, Liu Yi's heart is already twitching violently.

Almost subconsciously he uses Shadow Step and instantly appears in front of Gu Yu and summons out Monarch s.h.i.+eld to block the incoming sword qi.

"This is a compet.i.tion stage. A person dying is very natural!"

Gao Feng sneers, "I believe that you also know right. After all, you have said the same thing to that Bai Xiaowei! So if you do not wish to lose your compet.i.tor rights then scram for me!"

"Today with me here no one is allowed to touch her."

Liu Yi stands in front of Gu Yu, "If you wish to come over, you can only do so by stepping over my corpse."

"Do you think that I do not dare to?"

Gao Feng sneers, "Since you are seeking death then do not blame me for being impolite!"

He pulls out two knives which are covered in sword qi.


At this moment Mo Tain stands up as his thunder-like voice erupts out.

"Everyone stop! The match is over! I announce that the victor is Concealed Sword Pavilion's disciple Gao Feng!"

Gao Feng immediately starts to wave his arms around proudly while the Concealed Sword Pavilion's disciples below the stage start cheering. Some of the people watching also start applauding for Gao Feng.

Liu Yi only feels his heart becoming even colder, is there no longer any right or wrong in the eyes of these people…

Just now Gao Feng used a despicable method to win against Gu Yu but so many people have actually applauded for him…

Are these people really cultivators?

In Liu Yi's eyes, all of them are lesser than the skeletons in Asura Realm!

"Why, why did you save me…"

Gu Yu is lying on the ground with a pale face as she looks at Liu Yi in confusion, "I, obviously…wanted to kill you so many times…"

"Tsk, who wished to save you."

Liu Yi's mouth edge twitches as he says, "I only find Gao Feng unpleasant that's all. Come let's go. I'll bring you to get treatment."

He bends down and slides his hands under her legs and back before carrying her up.

A very fragrant smell enters his nose…Why does Gu Yu smell so nice, she smells so much nicer as compared to other girls…could it be that she is a Fragrance Imperial Concubine?

"Ah! You, what are you doing!"

Gu Yu realize that she is being princess carried by Liu Yi and immediately becomes as nervous as a little rabbit and starts struggling.

But it is a pity that she currently no longer has any strength, thus she is unable to struggle at all.

"Stop messing around!"

Liu Yi chides causing Gu Yu to trembles in her heart before obediently leaning against his chest.

Liu Yi did not notice Gu Yu's current manner because he is currently looking at Gao Feng by the side.

Gao Feng has raised one of his hand high in the air to represent his victory.

While the other hand is in front of his throat as he makes a slit throat action once again.

This fellow is done!!!

Liu Yi cannot be bothered with him as he carries Gu Yu and flies down the stage before pa.s.sing her to the group of Immortal Snow Peak people.

"Yu'er are you fine?"

Zhang Yue is the first to fly over. After thanking Liu Yi, he takes over Gu Yu.

When he returned back to the stage, Mo Lan is already holding her halberd waiting for him.

Seeing Liu Yi, Mo Lan's eyebrow raises before saying in a mocking tone, "You are really an affectionate seed."

"I only find Gao Feng unpleasant to look at that's all. Saving a person is just on the way that's all. There is no need to talk about me so wicked okay?"

"You were originally that wicked!"

Mo Lan deeply points out this point.

"If you want to prove that you are pure then immediately marry into my World Manor!"

"What the h.e.l.l! I'd rather be more wicked then!"

"d.a.m.n it! Liu Yi how dare you look down on me!"

Mo Lan roars in anger as she pulls out her halberd, "If you lose to me then obediently marry into my World Manor!"

"Then what if I win?"

"Then I'll marry you!"

"What the h.e.l.l?! Isn't that the same meaning?!"

"How is that the same meaning!"

Mo Lan insists on this point, "Anyways! Come!"

Her father has already announced the start of the compet.i.tion. Mo Lan charges at Liu Yi holding her halberd.

Another girl trying to force me to marry her…I went through so much trouble to stop Ye Hanshuang to stop finding me but now there is another Mo Lan!

Liu Yi shakes his head before his hand trembles as a pair of golden gauntlets appears on his hands.

Mo Lan's halberd is already ruthlessly splitting downwards.


A golden light erupts out as Mo Lan sensed a very strong force collides with her halberd and nearly sent it flying away.

Furthermore, she is already in Unmoving Ming King and is blessed with a monstrous strength but she is still able to feel that her finger webbings are in pain!

Mo Lan pulls back her halberd as she asks in shock, "What punching technique is this!"

"Naturally it is a punching technique to beat people up!"

Liu Yi clucks, this punching technique is from the golden ape, Raising Sky Pillars! Raising Sky Pillars is an expert technique of the earth attribute as well as strength!

Thus using it to deal with Mo Lan's Unmoving Ming King is the best.

"Good! Let's continue!"

Mo Lan is not discouraged, instead, she becomes more excited.

The halberd in her hand turns golden and transforms into two maces which are grasp in her hand.


Mo Lan pounds the two maces together making a very ear-piercing screeching down.

"Come! Let see how many blows you can receive!"

Chapter 458   [Loser must marry into wife's family]

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