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Chapter 3764 - Chapter 838 - Sixth-Floor Standard Opponent

Chapter 838 – Sixth-Floor Standard Opponent

“This… Is this an Epic Construction?” With her face hidden under a Black Cloak, Red Frost curiously scrutinized the seven-story tower before her. The longer she inspected it, the more shocked she felt.

As the descendant of an ancient family based in the Twelve Sanctuaries, Red Frost understood more about G.o.d’s Domain than most apex power executives. While most players and even apex powers thought that Special was the highest rank for constructions in G.o.d’s Domain, she knew it wasn’t actually the limit.

Epic Constructions!

Normally, Special Constructions could affect one type of energy at most, and it typically corresponded to the race they belonged to. In the case of the human race’s Special Constructions, they could only manipulate Mana; they could not manipulate other types of energy, such as Holy Power.

However, it was a different story for Epic Constructions. Epic Constructions could manipulate all types of energy rather than just one.

From what Red Frost could sense, the seven-story tower before her was attracting Mana, Holy Power, and even Eternal Energy for its own use. This led her to suspect the tower might be one of the Epic Constructions of legends.

“No, it’s not an Epic Construction,” s.h.i.+ Feng said, shaking his head. Then, while lifting the barrier on the Tower of the Abyss, he added, “It’s an Advanced Epic Construction!”

“Advanced Epic?!” Red Frost gaped in shock. “How can this be?! Advanced Epic Constructions should have disappeared in the Mythical Era!”

Studying the history of the Greater G.o.d’s Domain was one of Red Frost’s hobbies. Thus, she knew that the human race’s Greater G.o.d’s Domain had experienced at least two major setbacks in technological development across history. The first happened before the Mythical Era, and the second happened during the Mythical Era. Because of these two setbacks, the human race’s development slowed down ma.s.sively.

Meanwhile, Advanced Epic Constructions were rarely seen, even during the Mythical Era. It was rumored they were pa.s.sed down from a prior era and possessed abilities that were borderline miracles. If an Advanced Epic Construction were to appear in the modern era, it would definitely send the entire Greater G.o.d’s Domain into turmoil.

“Unfortunately, Zero Wing lacks the technical abilities and materials to recreate it perfectly,” s.h.i.+ Feng said, putting a damper on Red Frost’s excitement. “It is only an Epic Construction right now and cannot accomplish its most vital function.”

“What a pity.” Red Frost sighed in disappointment as she looked at the Tower of the Abyss.

Advanced Epic Constructions were highly specialized. If an Advanced Epic Construction couldn’t accomplish its most vital function, its value would plummet. Even if the system considered it an Epic Construction, its usefulness might be inferior to Special Constructions.

“It is indeed a pity.” s.h.i.+ Feng chuckled when he saw Red Frost’s hopes vanis.h.i.+ng. “But the Tower of the Abyss is still an unimaginable opportunity for current players, so don’t feel down.”

“Unimaginable opportunity? Could it be the breakthrough opportunity you spoke of, Guild Leader Black Flame?” Red Frost asked.

By now, Red Frost no longer doubted s.h.i.+ Feng’s claims about allowing Holy Dragon Spear’s Elders and Grand Elders to achieve a breakthrough. After all, quite a few Special Constructions could already give fifth-floor experts a significant harvest, so it wasn’t far-fetched for an Epic Construction to have similar or better capabilities.

However, she personally couldn’t bring herself to be interested in this so-called “breakthrough opportunity.” As someone who had already reached the limits of the fifth-floor standard, even an Epic Construction was unlikely to be of any help to her. Unless, of course, this Epic Construction could help her mana recover completely, but that obviously wasn’t possible.

Each of the Twenty-Two Taboos could match Primordial G.o.ds. Not even the power of Divine Artifacts could do anything about the curse of these existences, let alone an Epic Construction.

“That’s right.” When s.h.i.+ Feng saw the barrier covering the Tower of the Abyss disappearing, he smiled and said, “You must have entered the World Tower before, right? In that case, you should know that apart from testing players, the World Tower does nothing else. It neither provides guidance nor anything for players to learn from.”

“Yes, that is true. Upon reaching the fifth floor, I only had a bunch of walls to attack. If I could break them, I could proceed. If I couldn’t break them, I could only stay where I was,” Red Frost said, nodding. When recalling the World Tower’s fifth-floor test, she couldn’t help but feel exasperated.

The World Tower’s fifth-floor test was clearly a test of players’ destructive power. More specifically, it tested players on whether their destructive power had exceeded a certain threshold. However, even when she executed Advanced Gold Combat Techniques and Taboo-ranked Mana Techniques, she could not break the final wall on the fifth floor.

If not for the World Tower limiting players’ Basic Attributes, weapons, and equipment, she would have thought that Divine Artifacts were required to conquer the fifth-floor test.

Of course, some experts also believed Peak Gold Combat Techniques were required to break the final wall. However, Red Frost knew not even Peak Gold Combat Techniques would work. This was because Holy Dragon Spear’s Great Commander had already tried it—to no avail…

“Then, what if I tell you the Tower of the Abyss functions similarly to the World Tower, but unlike the World Tower, the Tower of the Abyss requires players to defeat one opponent on each floor to progress?” s.h.i.+ Feng whispered to Red Frost.

“It functions similarly to the World Tower and provides opponents to fight against?” Red Frost nearly grabbed s.h.i.+ Feng out of excitement when she heard his words.


For experts like herself, opponents of a similar caliber were something they could only dream of having. Some of them didn’t even dare to dream about it.

The higher a player climbed the combat standard pyramid, the fewer peers they would have. After players reached the standard where they could execute an Advanced Gold Combat Technique with their every move, it would become virtually impossible for them to find a sparring partner. This was because every player of this caliber was either the leader of a major power or the core executive of an apex power. With the importance of these players’ roles, they’d be committing suicide if they exposed their strength and trump cards to others. Thus, unless absolutely necessary, they always avoided fighting other players, especially in one-on-one scenarios.

If the Tower of the Abyss could truly match players with opponents of roughly equal or possibly even greater standards, it would be a literal heaven for experts!

“You don’t need to doubt my words. I can also tell you that the opponents you face on each floor are not fixed. Instead, your opponents will come from a pool of thousands upon thousands of players,” s.h.i.+ Feng added when he saw the trace of zeal in Red Frost’s eyes. “Moreover, the Tower of the Abyss not only has opponents at the fifth-floor standard but also the sixth-floor standard!”

“The sixth-floor standard?! How is that possible?!” Red Frost was shocked. Fortunately, she still had the presence of mind to keep her voice down when she exclaimed. “The World Tower ends on the sixth floor. How can there be opponents at the sixth-floor standard?”

The Mortal G.o.d standard!

This was a standard that no player of the human race or the Holy Race could imagine reaching, let alone having opponents of this standard to fight against. Countless experts would get on their knees just to receive some guidance from a Mortal G.o.d.

Not even in her dreams would she dare to think of fighting against Mortal G.o.ds as much as she wanted!

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