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Chapter 3856 - Chapter 930 - Another Mortal G.o.d?

Chapter 930 – Another Mortal G.o.d?


“A Mortal G.o.d?!”

“Impossible! How could she have reached that realm?!”

The five spectating Evil Nature members gawked at Purgatory Jade.

The sixth-floor standard, also known as the Mortal G.o.d realm, was akin to a myth. This was true for the human race, the Crystallian race, and the Holy Race. According to legend, anyone who reached the sixth-floor standard would become a G.o.d among mortals, invincible among those of the same tier. Until now, Ink Crystal from the Crystallian race was the only person known to have reached the sixth-floor standard. They hadn’t expected to meet a second one here.

Mortal G.o.ds were considered invincible against opponents of the same tier not just because their powerful Concentration could drastically reduce their Concentration consumption but also because they were capable of Manifold Execution. They could fuse two Peak Gold-ranked techniques to achieve unimaginable destructive power.

There was no doubt that Purgatory Jade was a Mortal G.o.d. The miniature world she had formed with her s.h.i.+elds was obviously a fusion of Collapsing Earth and a combat technique of similar rank. Seeing as she could fuse two Peak Gold Combat Techniques, she must have reached the sixth-floor standard.

“This is truly unexpected. First, there was that little girl from the Crystallian race. Now, there is you.” Unseeing Demon stared at Purgatory Jade, his eyes br.i.m.m.i.n.g with fighting spirit. The sixth-floor standard was a realm that every fifth-floor expert in G.o.d’s Domain yearned to reach, and he was no exception. “Come, then! Let me experience the power of that legendary realm!”

After saying so, Unseeing Demon gathered his Holy Aura at his fists again, forming a series of illusory, pitch-black miniature worlds.

“As you wis.h.!.+” Purgatory Jade did not hesitate to clash with Unseeing Demon.

Subsequently, Purgatory Jade and the miniature world enveloping her transformed into a beam of light that shot at Unseeing Demon. In response, Unseeing Demon threw all six of his fists again, launching a black beam at Purgatory Jade.

When the two beams collided, it felt like two worlds—one black and one white—slammed into each other. The entirety of Plot 095 became brightly lit, and smaller, interwoven beams of black and white pierced the ground and the sky.

Three seconds later, the dazzling beams faded, and both Purgatory Jade and Unseeing Demon flew a hundred yards back. Both had also lost over 20% of their HP. At a glance, it was clear that they were evenly matched.

However, before anyone could recover from their surprise, Purgatory Jade cast another miniature world of divine patterns around herself and launched herself at Unseeing Demon.

Dammit! Unseeing Demon turned ashen when he saw Purgatory Jade coming at him again. I shouldn’t have insisted on trading blows…

After executing his Fusion Holy Art, World’s Light, for a second time, Unseeing Demon had exhausted his mind and needed to rest for a few seconds before he could use it again.

Out of desperation, Unseeing Demon executed a top-tier Holy Art to defend himself. Unfortunately, his efforts were futile; he was flung into the distance the instant his attack collided with the oncoming white beam, and his body smashed through one building after another as his HP plummeted.

75%… 50%… 30%…

When Unseeing Demon’s body stopped, his HP had already fallen into the red. Just as he was thinking about getting up to resume fighting, Purgatory Jade again appeared before him, enveloped in her miniature world of divine patterns. She gave him no time to catch his breath.

Ultimately, Unseeing Demon disappeared in a white radiance, and the 4,000-plus Everlasting City Tokens in his bag appeared in Purgatory Jade’s bag.

“It’s a stomp?”

The fight’s outcome astonished Hidden Soul and the other Zero Wing members.

While Mortal G.o.ds might be unreachable existences, the Zero Wing members hadn’t held out much hope for Purgatory Jade’s victory. After all, Unseeing Demon was fully equipped with Divine Artifacts, so his Basic Attributes must have far exceeded hers.

Yet, as soon as Purgatory Jade got serious, the fight became one-sided. Unseeing Demon barely even got to resist before she killed him in three moves…

“This was bound to happen,” s.h.i.+ Feng said as he looked at where Unseeing Demon disappeared. “The fight might have taken a different direction had Unseeing Demon engaged Purgatory Jade in close-quarters combat, but he chose to trade blows with her. Besides being able to mult.i.task to an extreme extent, a sixth-floor expert can execute powerful combat techniques at little cost. Unseeing Demon could only execute his Fusion Holy Art ten or so times. He also couldn’t use it in rapid succession. In contrast, it is trivial for Purgatory Jade to execute Peak Gold Fusion Techniques. It is obvious he would lose fighting like that.”

s.h.i.+ Feng’s explanation enlightened Hidden Soul and the others. They now found Unseeing Demon pitiful.

Had Unseeing Demon taken advantage of his powerful Basic Attributes to engage Purgatory Jade in close-quarters combat, she wouldn’t necessarily have been his opponent. After all, a Peak Gold Fusion Technique required time to set up. If he kept her busy, even if she was a sixth-floor expert, she might not have been able to execute any Peak Gold Fusion Techniques. In a fight where neither side could use powerful fusion techniques, the side with superior Basic Attributes would have an advantage. As for whether Unseeing Demon could defeat Purgatory Jade, it would depend on whether he could deplete her HP before he exhausted his Concentration.

Following Unseeing Demon’s death, a dramatic change occurred to Plot 095’s ranking list. Zero Wing’s team, originally ranked first with 9,265 tokens, now had 13,628 tokens. As for Evil Nature, originally ranked second, it fell off the ranking list.

“That old b.a.s.t.a.r.d lost?”

“What happened in Plot 095? Did Evil Nature abandon it?”

“What? Evil Nature’s gone from the ranking list? Are my eyes playing tricks on me?”

The various powers in Everlasting City were astonished when they saw the change in Plot 095’s ranking list. They had never expected Zero Wing to seize Plot 095. Neither had they expected Evil Nature to disappear from Plot 095’s ranking list. As for the powers who knew what had happened in Plot 095, they were even more astonished.

The walking disaster Unseeing Demon had been defeated. Moreover, he had been defeated by a small Guild of the human race. This situation sounded like it came straight out of a fairy tale.

“A Mortal G.o.d?! Who is that Guardian Knight?! Why don’t we have any information on her?!” Elder Martial of the Seven Luminaries Alliance was ecstatic as he looked at Purgatory Jade’s figure in his Magic Mirror. Unable to contain his excitement, he turned to Verdant Rainbow and asked, “Rainbow, aren’t you close to Black Flame? Do you know that Guardian Knight?”

The existence of a Mortal G.o.d among the human race was an earth-shattering discovery. It could even change the status quo of the various human powers, allowing the human race to make a great leap forward.

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