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Chapter 3878 - Chapter 952 - Earth-Shaking Transaction

Chapter 952 – Earth-Shaking Transaction


Pseudo-Tier 7 Mana?!

The system notification dumbfounded s.h.i.+ Feng.

Although the strength of his mana was already incredible before and could rival that of Ancient G.o.ds, the effects of his Mana Purification Technique couldn’t stack with those of the Threefold Mana Body Technique. This was proven when he successfully executed the Onefold Mana Body, but the technique did not enhance his mana. This showed that Onefold Mana Body’s effects were indeed equal to that of the Silver Mana Purification Technique.

He had estimated that the Gold Mana Purification Technique shouldn’t be much better than the Advanced Silver Mana Purification Technique, even if it was superior, and that he’d need the Advanced Gold Mana Purification Technique to elevate his Mana to the Pseudo-Tier 7 standard. However, he hadn’t expected to achieve this standard after successfully executing Twofold Mana Body…

Pseudo-Tier 7 Mana!

s.h.i.+ Feng never even dared to imagine having such mana in his previous life. After all, even players fully equipped with Divine Artifacts could, at most, have mana strength that rivaled that of Ancient G.o.ds. n.o.body had ever obtained mana surpa.s.sing that of Ancient G.o.ds.

In G.o.d’s Domain, mana was the foundation of everything that revolved around human players. The stronger a player’s mana, the greater their Life Rating. Take Tier 5 and Tier 6 players, for example. The difference in mana strength between the two was like night and day. When Tier 5 players used Tier 5 Skills and Spells, they could only exert power at the Tier 5 standard. However, when Tier 6 players used Tier 5 Skills and Spells, they could exert power close to the Tier 6 standard. This was the difference in Life Rating.

Now that his mana had reached the Pseudo-Tier 7 standard, his Life Rating had also reached the Pseudo-Tier 7 standard!

Before s.h.i.+ Feng could get a feel for his Pseudo-Tier 7 Mana, a wave of nausea suddenly overwhelmed him, and his complexion turned pale. This situation forced him to stop executing Twofold Mana Body immediately.

The load on Concentration and Stamina is equally terrifying. It feels like I’ve been executing Dark Moon this whole time. When s.h.i.+ Feng sensed that he had expended one-third of his Concentration, he gained a better understanding of the Threefold Mana Body Technique.

The Threefold Mana Body Technique might be powerful, but the burden of maintaining it was akin to executing G.o.ddess-ranked Mana Techniques consecutively. If he were to use this technique in battle, he’d run out of Concentration in no time. He could only use it as a last resort in his current state.

Nonetheless, it is a trump card second only to Primordial Dragon’s Power. s.h.i.+ Feng started to have many ideas as he stared at the Fourth G.o.ddess Tablet.

Although Twofold Mana Body significantly burdened the user’s Concentration and Stamina, a fifth-floor expert with Pseudo-Tier 7 Mana could fight sixth-floor experts. This was a trump card that Zero Wing desperately needed.

With the Tower of the Abyss, it was only a matter of time before Zero Wing would have a considerable force of sixth-floor experts at its command. The only problem was that Zero Wing lacked time.

However, after experiencing the benefits of the Threefold Mana Body Technique, s.h.i.+ Feng felt that Zero Wing could rely on the technique to buy itself the precious time it needed.

The effect fifth-floor experts could have in the war among the three races was extremely limited. Only sixth-floor experts had the strength to change the situation of a theater single-handedly. However, so long as a fifth-floor expert learned the Threefold Mana Body Technique, even if they could only elevate their mana to the Tier 6 Advanced standard, they’d become a combatant capable of exchanging several blows with a sixth-floor expert.

If the Threefold Mana Body Technique were distributed to Zero Wing’s members, it would help compensate for the lack of quant.i.ty and quality of Zero Wing’s experts.

Just when s.h.i.+ Feng was thinking of contacting Hidden Soul to have her distribute the Threefold Mana Body Technique to the Guild’s executives, Gentle Snow suddenly contacted him, wearing an urgent look.

“Guild Leader, we noticed an increase in the number of Holy Race experts in Shadowring Town. These new experts average Level 230 and are fully equipped with Fragmented Divine Artifacts. We believe they come from the Holy Race’s apex powers,” Gentle Snow said. Then, she shared a video taken by Zero Wing’s members near the Shadowring Basin, the video showing an area isolated by a large, opaque barrier. “Our members also discovered this barrier not long ago. It resembles the barrier granted to newly constructed Guild Cities in the Eternal Realm. Combined with the heavy presence of Evil Nature members around the barrier, we believe that Evil Nature has constructed a Guild City near Shadowring Town.

“Evil Nature is likely planning to use its Guild City to fight a protracted battle with us and prevent anyone from entering or leaving Shadowring Town on foot, making it impossible for us to grind in the World Ark…”

As Shadowring Town was a subsidiary town of Holy Ring City, powerful NPCs patrolled the town’s vicinity daily. This made it impossible for the various powers to attack the town directly. However, now that Evil Nature had a Guild City to serve as its forward operating base, it could slowly isolate and wear down the town.

In the past, Zero Wing’s members could rely on their resurrection advantage to thwart any of the Holy Race’s attempts at isolating Shadowring Town. But now that Holy Race players could resurrect near Shadowring Town, Zero Wing’s members would have nothing to offset the strength advantage of Holy Race players. Moreover, as the World Ark was currently the main area of activity for Zero Wing’s members, once Shadowring Town became isolated, Zero Wing could only wait for its doom.

“How bold of Evil Nature to pull such a move. It should already have its hands full fighting the Seven Luminaries Alliance across numerous NPC Cities, yet it still decided to come after us? It even committed a precious Great Lord Token to the World Ark’s inner area.” s.h.i.+ Feng was surprised by the barrier in the video. He had never expected Evil Nature to go so far as to commit its Great Lord Token just to persecute Zero Wing. However, he quickly smiled and continued, “Since they want to play, we’ll play with them! Contact Verdant Rainbow and ask if she is interested in permanently removing Evil Nature from the Eternal Realm!”

“Remove Evil Nature?” Gentle Snow was stunned.

Gentle Snow might not know exactly how strong the Holy Race’s royal powers were, but she was fully aware of Zero Wing’s current strength. Furthermore, after experiencing the Intercontinental Champions.h.i.+p and Everlasting City’s compet.i.tion, Gentle Snow already understood that the foundations of royal powers far exceeded those of apex powers. An apex power might not even have the means to resist a royal power. Not to mention, Evil Nature’s strength was above average among the Holy Race’s ten royal powers.

Hence, trying to remove Evil Nature from the Eternal Realm with just the forces of Zero Wing and the Seven Luminaries Alliance was nothing short of a fantasy. The various powers might even think they were crazy if they learned of their aim.

“Just go and notify her,” s.h.i.+ Feng said, not bothering to explain himself.

In his previous life, all of the human race’s apex powers combined could not threaten even the weakest of the Holy Race’s royal powers. However, things were different in this life. Not only did he achieve Pseudo-Tier 7 Mana, but he had also acquired a Great Lord Token, something he never even considered in his previous life. With these cards in his hand, removing a royal power’s forces from the Eternal Realm was not an unattainable goal.

After Gentle Snow returned to her senses, she promptly contacted Verdant Rainbow.

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