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Chapter 3896 - Chapter 970 - Drawing the Sword

Chapter 970 – Drawing the Sword


A day later…

Did I make a mistake in the solidification process? But I engraved the nine divine patterns perfectly, so why can’t I solidify them? s.h.i.+ Feng couldn’t help but hesitate as he watched the scroll in his hands turn to ash. Should I make another learning attempt?

The cost of learning the Book of Eternity’s Legacies increased with the rank of the divine engravings he chose. Starting from the bottom, learning a Basic Divine Engraving cost only five G.o.d Crystals. However, it cost 50 G.o.d Crystals to learn an Intermediate Divine Engraving and 500 G.o.d Crystals to learn an Advanced Divine Engraving. For the sake of learning the Advanced Divine Enhancement Engraving, he had spent 500 Eternal G.o.d Crystals.

Eternal G.o.d Crystals were much more precious than ordinary G.o.d Crystals. They also had many more uses than ordinary G.o.d Crystals. If not for Zero Wing lacking ordinary G.o.d Crystals, he would never have used Eternal G.o.d Crystals as a replacement. After all, Zero Wing’s stockpile of Eternal G.o.d Crystals had already fallen below 10,000, and he had no way of replenis.h.i.+ng it. Unlike ordinary G.o.d Crystals, Eternal G.o.d Crystals could not be obtained from ruins and Taboo Dungeons. It was also unlikely he would come across a treasure trove like the Nameless City’s treasury.

Just one more time. If I still can’t find the reason, I will give up and try again when my Concentration is stronger or my control over mana has improved.

After thinking it over, s.h.i.+ Feng bit the bullet and spent another 500 Eternal G.o.d Crystals to learn the Advanced Divine Enhancement Engraving. However, he swore this would be his last attempt at learning it.

Although Zero Wing could use some Advanced Divine Enhancement Scrolls in its current situation, they weren’t a necessity, merely icing on the cake.

Legendary Equipment might be much more readily available than Fragmented Divine Artifacts, but the rarity of Taboo Legendary Equipment was no less than that of Fragmented Divine Artifacts. In the case of Level 240 Taboo Legendary Equipment, its availability was just slightly higher than that of Fragmented Divine Artifacts. When it came to the Eternal Realm, there were probably more players equipped with Fragmented Divine Artifacts than players equipped with Taboo Legendary Equipment.

In other words, even if he could produce the Advanced Divine Enhancement Scroll, it wouldn’t help Zero Wing by much. Rather than Taboo Legendary Equipment, the Advanced Divine Enhancement Scrolls produced would likely be used to enhance Zero Wing’s Taboo Fragmented Legendary Equipment. However, while the Advanced Divine Enhancement Scroll could provide a greater improvement than the Intermediate Divine Enhancement Scroll, it wasn’t enough to let Zero Wing’s elite experts match the various apex and royal powers’ elite experts in Basic Attributes.

Hence, rather than waste Eternal G.o.d Crystals on trying to learn the Advanced Divine Enhancement Engraving, it would be more worthwhile to use them to produce Divine Blood.

After s.h.i.+ Feng chose to learn the Advanced Divine Enhancement Engraving again, the Book of Eternity released a colorful brilliance, giving him another mental demonstration of the Advanced Divine Enhancement Engraving’s inscription process.

Like before, the demonstration started with the Structural a.n.a.lysis of nine divine patterns, followed by the Structural Remodeling of the magic elements’ operations. Once the Structural Remodeling of all nine divine patterns was complete, they were quickly put through Structural Solidification. When the nine divine patterns were remodeled and solidified, the mana structure they created attracted far more mana than the Intermediate Divine Enhancement Engraving.

Is it because my Concentration is lacking?

After rewatching the demonstration, s.h.i.+ Feng had a vague idea of what went wrong. Technically, he hadn’t made any mistakes. He had replicated the demonstration’s Structural Remodeling and Solidification perfectly. However, there was one thing that was different between his inscription attempts and the demonstration.


He had spent over ten minutes remodeling the nine divine patterns. In comparison, the demonstration spent only five minutes on this process.

If he wanted to shorten the time he spent on Structural Remodeling, besides increasing his proficiency, his mult.i.tasking ability would play a crucial role. If he could simultaneously remodel all nine divine patterns, it would drastically shorten the time he spent on Structural Remodeling.

Of course, simultaneously remodeling all nine divine patterns was a huge challenge, and not even the demonstrator in the demonstration had made such an attempt. Instead, the demonstrator took an easier approach, dividing each divine pattern into multiple parts and remodeling these parts simultaneously. While not as fast as remodeling nine divine patterns simultaneously, this approach greatly accelerated the remodeling process of each divine pattern.

At this point, s.h.i.+ Feng took out more Seven Luminaries Crystals and tried to simultaneously remodel each divine pattern from multiple facets.


Another failure…

On his 25th attempt, s.h.i.+ Feng finally managed to bring the remodeling process down to eight minutes. As soon as he completed the Structural Remodeling of the nine divine patterns, the mana structure they composed solidified spontaneously.

Did I do it? s.h.i.+ Feng subconsciously held his breath when he saw that the scroll on the table had not been reduced to ash.

The production of Advanced Divine Engraving Scrolls was costly. Each attempt cost 5,110 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal. He had already spent over one million units of Seven Luminaries Crystals thus far. Although this amount of Seven Luminaries Crystals was no longer significant to the current Zero Wing, he’d have spent 1,000 Eternal G.o.d Crystals and over one million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal for nothing if he failed to produce the Advanced Divine Enhancement Scroll.

System: Congratulations! You have produced the Advanced Divine Enhancement Scroll.

System: Congratulations! You are the first player to become an Advanced Divine Engraver. Rewarding Advanced Divine Engraver’s Insignia and one level.

Success! s.h.i.+ Feng grew ecstatic when he saw the system notifications.

The system rewards were nothing significant. The Advanced Divine Engraver’s Insignia only halved his Concentration expenditure when producing divine engravings, while the level reward only increased his level from 231 to 232. However, his success in producing the Advanced Divine Enhancement Scroll meant that Zero Wing now had the capital to purchase G.o.d Crystals in bulk.

For the Greater G.o.d’s Domain’s various powers, the Intermediate Divine Enhancement Scroll was only useful for improving the strength of their upper-middle-level combatants. It might help the various powers improve their overall strength considerably, but it wouldn’t be much help in changing their standings in the Greater G.o.d’s Domain. This was because the various powers primarily relied on their top-level combatants to compete with one another.

However, it was a different story for the Advanced Divine Enhancement Scroll, which could improve the Basic Attributes of Legendary Equipment by 50%.

Once a piece of Taboo Legendary Equipment was enhanced by the Advanced Divine Enhancement Scroll, its Basic Attributes could rival that of Fragmented Divine Artifacts. With Fragmented Divine Artifacts being available in very limited numbers in the current Greater G.o.d’s Domain, a batch of Advanced Divine Enhancement Scrolls could let the various powers gain many new top-level combatants.

The attraction of top-level combatants to the various powers far exceeded that of Eternal Coins. Even if s.h.i.+ Feng had the Abyss Chamber of Commerce charge G.o.d Crystals for Advanced Divine Enhancement Scrolls, the various powers would be more than willing to pay the price.

After thinking up to this point, s.h.i.+ Feng promptly began ma.s.s-producing Advanced Divine Enhancement Scrolls.

After completing about a dozen Advanced Divine Enhancement Scrolls, s.h.i.+ Feng decided to sell them through the Abyss Chamber of Commerce to test the waters. However, before he could do so, Blackie suddenly contacted him.

“Guild Leader, the b.a.s.t.a.r.ds from the Ominous Cavalry attacked one of our leveling teams in the core area’s Frost Shadow Forest!” Blackie reported grimly. “By the time Vice Guild Leader Frey arrived, over half of the team had been killed. Among them, about 60% are elite members who have just reached Level 220. Most of them are only equipped with Level 220 Epic and Fragmented Legendary Equipment, so they have likely suffered a true death…”

“Do you know where the Ominous Cavalry’s members are right now?” s.h.i.+ Feng’s expression became indescribably cold when he heard Blackie’s report.

Anyone who could become an elite member of Zero Wing was a guild member who had made significant contributions and possessed great talent and strength. They had trouble displaying their strength only because their levels and equipment standards lagged behind those of experts of pseudo-apex powers and above. Had they joined a major power instead of Zero Wing, they would have become elite experts by now.

These players were willing to stay in Zero Wing because they believed in the Guild’s future. Yet, they got bullied by an adventurer team like the Ominous Cavalry.

This time, the Ominous Cavalry had truly angered s.h.i.+ Feng.

“According to the Seven Luminaries Alliance, the Ominous Cavalry promptly retreated to Evil Sky City after attacking our members, apparently worried about our retaliation,” Blackie said in frustration.

Evil Sky City currently served as Evil Nature’s main headquarters. Its defenses were comparable to those of a Holy City. Now that the Ominous Cavalry’s members had taken shelter in the city, Zero Wing could do nothing to them.

“Good! Make sure to keep track of their location!” s.h.i.+ Feng stated calmly. However, despite his calm tone, Blackie could sense the killing intent he radiated. “Tally the players who have suffered a true death and resurrect them using the Soul Essence in the Guild Warehouse. Also, gather a thousand of the Guild’s fifth-floor experts in the front courtyard. It’s time we taught the Ominous Cavalry who they can and cannot provoke!”

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