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Chapter 675: Sea of Reincarnation [END]

Pa.s.sing through the chaotic universe, condensed Heaven, Earth, Xuan and Huang… even overturning six paths in the wheel of karma, it is difficult to avoid that G.o.d and demon catastrophe……

Wearing a pure white priest robe, with her hair freely fluttering in the air, Xiao Yi quietly stood above the desolate sh.o.r.e of Demon World’s Sea of Reincarnation. She was staring at the seething and roaring sea with cold indifference. Merely, in those deep and serene transparent beautiful eyes, a glimmer of hope flashed through once in a while…

The Sea of Reincarnation, it originally was a small pond located in the Doomsday Valley of Demon World. But, in the heaven-shaking battle between Long Yi and Dibiya, everything was annihilated and the entire Doomsday Valley turned into a vast sea. The Sea of Reincarnation, this was the name Xiao Yi had named this vast sea. Her prophecy was already useless with regards to Long Yi. Normally, this represented the death of the target. Now, a new religion had appeared in Blue Waves Continent. They advocated benevolence, and pose life was endless reincarnations, death doesn’t represent the end. Perhaps, one would reincarnate in this world again one day. Xiao Yi believed this, therefore, she named this sea the Sea of Reincarnation.

Ten years, for full ten years, Xiao Yi and Long Yi’s numerous women came here every year at this time. They would stand above this seacoast for a month, regardless of high and low tides.

“Long Yi, don’t make me lose hope. Come back, the people of Blue Waves Continent needs you, your parents need you, furthermore… I also need you.” Xiao Yi muttered with a sad and beautiful smile.

Everyone was here, including Wushuang, Sibi, Yu Feng, Luxiya, Mu Hanyan, Mu Jingjing, Elf Queen, Leng Youyou, Feng Ling, Sui Ruoyan, Linna, Ximen Wuhen, Beitang Yu, Nangong Xiangyun, Yinyin, Nalan Ruyue, Nalan Rumeng, Bertha, Mea Empress who had just woken from the ice coffin, Wei’er Beila, Mixini, and three roughly ten years old children. Behind them, there were Barbarian Bull carrying Greenstone Rule on his shoulders and Li Qing who was holding a sharp Ice Sword.

“Mother, will father return this year?” A little girl asked.

“He will.” Nalan Ruyue caressed the head of this little girl and answered.

“But, mother, you say this every year, but father never came back.” The little girl pouted. She was the youngest among the three children, called Ximen Yiyi. She was three days younger than Sibi’s son Ximen Nianyi, and roughly half a year younger than Nangong Xiangyun’s son Ximen Long.

“Younger sister, father will definitely return. He is the dauntless great hero. He will not abandon us.” Ximen Long answered. From his tone and expression, it could be seen that he greatly wors.h.i.+p his father he had never seen before.

“Big brother is right. Father is a great hero, in the future, I also want to be someone like father,” added Ximen Nianyi.

Upon hearing the conversation between these three children, the heart of women turned sour and quietly said in their heart: “My husband ah my husband, look how much your children adore you, look how much we sisters miss you, quickly come back.”

A month quickly pa.s.sed, like previous nine years, Long Yi still didn’t return. The heart of women and children was filled with disappointment as they turned around to leave.

“Let’s go.” Elf Queen softly sighed and after taking a final glance at the distant sea, she walked into the transmission magic array that directly connected to the magic array of the imperial palace of Soaring Dragon City.

The other women also reluctantly looked at the vast sea and walked into the transmission magic array.

The magic array was activated and a white light flashed.

Suddenly, an explosion sound came from the Sea of Reincarnation and a sea wave rose to several hundred meters tall. A figure was standing at the top of this sea wave and his black hair was fluttering chaotically.

“Father, it’s father.” The three children shouted and rushed out.

Elf Queen woke up as if awakening from the dream and stopped activating the magic array. She then rushed out along with other women.

“Boss.” “Young Master.” Barbarian Bull and Li Qing also exclaimed simultaneously and followed behind.

The corner of Long Yi’s lips curled up, showing a hint of bad smile. His gaze, however, was incomparably gentle.

“Go, cousin.” A graceful figure appeared behind Long Yi. She, however, was none other than Dongfang Kexin who had disappeared many years ago. She no longer had jealousy in her eyes, just had a sea-like deep love.

“Go, boy.” Another figure appeared beside Long Yi. She was none other than Moyun clad in a black robe. But, she no longer covered her beautiful face with a hood.

Light G.o.d Shengying, Fire G.o.d Chiyan, Water G.o.d Xiya, Earth G.o.d Xuantian, and a strange man who resembled Long Yi also appeared around Long Yi. That unfamiliar man was holding a blood-red scythe and he called himself Long Two. All seven G.o.d beasts were also around him. There was also another woman, she was little demoness Siyan who was supposed to be killed by Dibiya. Why was she here? It would take a long time to explain, but in short, it had something to do with Heavenly Demon King. Long Yi also learned everything at the final moment, although Dibiya had forcibly seized the body of Heavenly Demon King, the consciousness of Heavenly Demon King was not completely eradicated, and he helped Long Yi at the final moment.

The women and children rushed over and drowned him.

“Let’s return home.” Long Yi carried a child in his each hand and carried the last child on his back as he walked over to the transmission magic array with everyone.

Suddenly, Long Yi felt someone watching him from the distance. He turned around and saw Naweiqi was indifferently standing far away, and beside her, there was a seventeen-eighteen years old girl.

“Angela…” Upon seeing that girl, the gaze of Long Yi flickered and his footstep stopped as he suddenly recalled the last words of Angela.

“If there is next life, then please hold my hand and never let go.”

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