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Bai Yin immediately knelt on the ground fearfully. Her pale white face was filled with restraint as she lowered her gaze to better mask the raging flame in her eyes.

"Please forgive me, Grand Lord."

What does receiving the Grand Lord's punishment really mean? Bai Yin knows it well.

Aside from the agonizing pain of the flesh, she would also be stripped of all her responsibilities and would no longer be allowed to stay by the Grand Lord's side! This also means that once she has been sent back to the territory, she would never be allowed to follow this man around again.

To Bai Yin, who was in love with the man in red, this was a fate more agonizing than death.

The man in red swept a stern gaze across the faces surrounding him. His proud voice pierced through the night air and drummed into every ear, "Take note, all of you. From now on, Gu Ruoyun is my adopted daughter so her position in the Red Lotus Territory is second only to mine. If anyone dares to treat her with disrespect, they will be disrespecting me as well. I'm sure all of you understand the consequences?"


Instantly, the men and women around the campfire rose to their feet and knelt down. Their voices rang with reverence.

"Your subordinates greet you, my Lady!"

The man in red nodded in satisfaction before speaking coldly, "You may all rise. Bai Yin, remember. Next time you treat her with disrespect, you will accept the punishment on your own."

"Yes, Grand Lord."

After this, everyone got back to their feet and sat around the campfire again.

Bai Yin felt absolutely insulted but she kept her face calm. Instead, she stood aside respectfully.

The night was silent. As a night breeze blew, one could not help but feel a chill in this northern snowfield.

"Something's on the move!"

Suddenly, the man in red's expression changed and a cold light flashed in his proud and unruly eyes.


Just then, something howled from not too far away. The sound pierced through the night sky and caused everyone's hair to stand on end.

"It's the Snow Spirit Wolves of the snowfields!"

Bai Yin's expression changed. 

The Snow Spirit Wolves were not be the most ferocious spiritual beasts in the snowfields but they usually run in packs to terrorize humans. Also, the weakest amongst them would usually be at the rank of a Martial Emperor. There could be numerous Martial Honors in a pack!

The man in red sighed and put down the roasted rabbit's leg in his hand. His lips then curled into a magnificent and unmatched smile.

"I didn't think that we would end up without a moment's peace on our first night here in the snowfields. Since that's the case, let's fight! Snow Spirit Wolves are not intelligent spiritual beasts so it's no use reasoning with them, not even threats would deter them."

He was not worried about himself. After all, this pack of Snow Spirit Wolves do not have the right to claim his attention.

However, he was worried about Gu Ruoyun.

He did not know why but he could not detect the spiritual fluctuations from this little girl's body! She did not seem to be any different from the average person. However, the man in red knew that this little girl was not an average person with zero cultivation skills.

Otherwise, she would not have had the courage to venture into the treacherous snowfield.

As such, when faced with so many Snow Spirit Wolves, she would still be in great danger.

The man in red furrowed his brows at the thought before slowly relaxing and smiling, "Little girl, stay with me. Don't leave my side, not even for half a step. Understood?"

Gu Ruoyun nodded, "I understand."

"Good," The man in red then noticed a Snow Spirit Wolf charging towards him. Suddenly, a hurricane arose and the s.p.a.ce between his brows grew domineering and unyielding. His voice was sharp and aggressive as it boomed through the night sky, "You're merely a pack of b*stards yet you dare to oppose me! Since that's the case, we're going to have a change on the menu tonight!"

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