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Chapter 1128: A new teaching method

The street of Taoxi road was bustling, so no one paid attention to master Cheng. Master Cheng’s voice sounded tired. Even he felt a little tired. Therefore, he didn’t leave immediately. Instead, he stopped at the side of the garbage station and held his phone without saying anything. “Hubby, you have to remember that you have your own shop too. When have I ever objected to you learning how to cook? but now that you’re not at home every day, what are we going to do about this shop? Xiao Ling and I can’t support it.” Hearing master Cheng’s tired voice, the female voice immediately became gentle and no longer fierce. However, her words made master Cheng even more embarra.s.sed. “I’m master’s disciple, so it’s my duty to be at master’s beck and call. Why don’t you take a break for a while?” Master Cheng straightened his chubby body and said earnestly. “That’s easy for you to say, but it’s not that easy to rest. Cheng zhaomei, go to your master’s place every day like you used to, but don’t stay for so long, okay?” The female voice pleaded. “No,” master Cheng sighed. Then, while listening to the female voice on the phone, master Cheng walked out of Taoxi road in quick steps toward the parking lot. “I see. Let’s change the teaching method then.” Yuan Zhou put down the trash and then went back to his restaurant along the back alley. That’s right. Yuan Zhou had heard the entire conversation between master Cheng and his wife. Due to his extraordinary hearing, he could even hear what the female voice said at the other end of the phone. While walking back, Yuan Zhou thought,””It’s my first time taking in a disciple and I’m still not very thoughtful. ” Master Cheng had his own restaurant. Yuan Zhou had always known that. A head chef with his own restaurant didn’t have to be in the restaurant all the time, but it was definitely not good to leave for a long time. Even in the past, master Cheng would stay in his restaurant for a week occasionally. But ever since he was officially accepted as Yuan Zhou’s apprentice, he had been following Yuan Zhou around all day and had never asked for leave. Yuan Zhou didn’t have time to react, but now he immediately understood what master Cheng’s wife meant. Naturally, this would not work. Of course, master Cheng didn’t know what Yuan Zhou was thinking about. He was busy rus.h.i.+ng home. After a night, Yuan Zhou got up at 5:00 as usual. Then, he washed up and went downstairs for a jog to prepare the ingredients for breakfast. With a smile on his chubby face, master Cheng arrived at Yuan Zhou’s restaurant as early as he had been in the past month. At that time, Yuan Zhou, who had specially prepared the ingredients earlier, had just finished preparing the ingredients for breakfast. The breakfast today was noodles. Yuan Zhou had already prepared all 99 servings of clear broth noodle soup and was only waiting for the customers to enter the restaurant. Half an hour before breakfast, master Cheng arrived at the restaurant. “Good Morning, master.” As soon as master Cheng entered the door, he greeted him respectfully. “Morning,” Yuan Zhou raised his head and said. At the same time, Yuan Zhou quickly glanced at master Cheng and didn’t find anything strange. “It seems that my disciple is quite good at coaxing his wife.” Yuan Zhou said inwardly. “I have something to say later. You don’t have to clean the tables and chairs today.” Yuan Zhou turned on the tap to wash his hands and said. “Okay, master.” Master Cheng immediately stood up straight and answered. “Yes.” Yuan Zhou nodded his head and then washed his hands quickly. “You sit.” After wiping his hands dry, Yuan Zhou stood in the middle of the kitchen, which was the opposite of the curved long table, and said while pointing at that position. “Master, I can’t let you cook for me.” Master Cheng took two steps forward and said with a serious look instead of sitting down. Speaking of which, master Cheng had never eaten Yuan Zhou’s dishes except for that time when he partic.i.p.ated in the precious ingredients compet.i.tion. He also had no intention of bringing his family to Yuan Zhou’s restaurant for a meal. Out of respect, Yuan Zhou was master Cheng’s master in his opinion. In the beginning, he hadn’t acknowledged Yuan Zhou as his master yet, so how could he let Yuan Zhou cook for him? After that, he became Yuan Zhou’s disciple and became even more unlikely. He had never been a master, so how could Yuan Zhou treat him as a guest? When Yuan Zhou said that, master Cheng subconsciously thought that Yuan Zhou wanted him to eat. That was even more unacceptable. Even his master was standing in the morning. It would be inappropriate for him, an apprentice, to sit down. Therefore, master Cheng’s serious and resolute manner made Yuan Zhou feel both amused and comfortable in his heart. That’s right. Yuan Zhou immediately understood master Cheng’s meaning and felt a sense of responsibility to be his master. “I’m not eating. I have something to do. ” Yuan Zhou explained. “Alright, please give me your orders, master.” Master Cheng nodded his head and then took out a small notebook, preparing to take notes seriously. This time, Yuan Zhou didn’t stop him. He said directly,””Zhao Mei, you used to be an advanced technician, right?” “Yes, master,” Master Cheng nodded. “Yes, I know all the dishes you’re good at. Now you’re my apprentice, so you don’t have to come to the restaurant every day.” Yuan Zhou was afraid that master Cheng couldn’t understand him, so he deliberately slowed down and said it gently. “Master, what do you mean?” Master Cheng revealed a puzzled look. “Following me won’t make you more powerful. You’ll only make mistakes. You should practice the skills you’ve learned by yourself, not learn the taste from me.” Yuan Zhou explained with an earnest expression. “Now that you’ve seen most of the basic techniques, you’ll have to slowly explore the rest on your own and achieve great success in your own style.” Yuan Zhou stopped master Cheng from speaking and then continued. Master Cheng looked at Yuan Zhou and then fell silent. He was thinking about it seriously. “But I’m master’s only apprentice …” Master Cheng said hesitantly after he understood Yuan Zhou’s meaning. “I don’t need people to follow me.” Yuan Zhou said earnestly. “No, there has to be someone to do the for master.” Master Cheng said. “You’re here to learn cooking, not to cook. ” Yuan Zhou said with a solemn tone. “Yes, Master.” Master Cheng answered immediately. “From today on, I’ll prepare a dish for you. You’ll start thinking about it at the beginning of the month and hand it over for me to try before the end of the month.” Yuan Zhou brought out the solution that he had been thinking about for the whole night. That’s right. Yuan Zhou thought about it for an entire night and felt that this teaching method was the best. He knew what master Cheng was good at and naturally also knew what he was not good at. Every time he gave master Cheng a proposition, he could improve his cooking skills and free up master Cheng’s time. It was killing two birds with one stone. “Okay, master.” Master Cheng said. “Then let’s start from today. You don’t have any problems, right?” Yuan Zhou said. “No problem,” he said. Master Cheng nodded firmly. “The topic this time is the sandwich meatball. The key point is the cutting technique of the beef. I want to eat the meatb.a.l.l.s to my satisfaction by the end of June.” Yuan Zhou immediately brought out the examination question for this month. “Do you have any requirements, chef?” Master Cheng considered for a while and then said. “I’ll make the taste you’re good at,” Yuan Zhou said. “Okay, master.” Master Cheng nodded his head and then wrote down Yuan Zhou’s points in the notebook. “Let’s go back, the exam has already started. ” Yuan Zhou waved his hand to let master Cheng leave. “By the way, I hope you’ll take this job seriously, because you only have one chance to fail.” Yuan Zhou added. “Okay, master, I’ll go immediately.” Master Cheng immediately ran out of the restaurant. ……

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Gourmet Food Supplier Chapter 1128 - A new teaching method summary

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