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Chapter 2646: First?

Huo Shan looked around. Seeing that no one was paying attention, he whispered something in Feng Wu’s ear.

Feng Wu looked at him in surprise.

Huo Shan nodded. “My cousin is the president of the Martial Arts Society. He’s a very reliable source.”

Feng Wu said, “If, I mean if the school loses that compet.i.tion, what will happen?”

“First of all, Imperial College won’t be the top school anymore. Then, the empire will allocate more resources to the Military Academy, and as a result, younger students here will have a harder time making progress. Thirdly, it’ll also give the Military Academy a greater say in many things. And…”

Feng Wu waved him off. “What does that have to do with me?”

Huo Shan stared at Feng Wu. “Aren’t you a student of Imperial College? Don’t you love our school?”

Feng Wu tilted her head. She was a student of Imperial College, but she didn’t identify with this community.

Therefore, she shook her head. “Since the school hasn’t given me any special treatment, I have no obligation to give anything in return. Right?”

Huo Shan said, “But… but…” He didn’t know how to convince Feng Wu.

Feng Wu chuckled. “Why the rush? When I become first and join the seeded team, I’ll be using the school’s resources. After that, I’ll owe them something.”

“Wait. What did I just hear?”

Ling Hao and Cheng Fang came up to them when Feng Wu and Huo Shan were still talking.

They were here to tell them that the team was setting out, but they were shocked by what Feng Wu said.

“What was that?” Ling Hao looked at Feng Wu in disbelief. “You’ll be first, join the seeded team, and use the school’s resources…”

Feng Wu asked, “What’s wrong with that?”


Ling Hao said, “Are you seriously asking me that question?”

He was astonished.

He wasn’t alone. Cheng Fang was also shocked.

He couldn’t believe what he heard.

“Aren’t you ashamed?” Cheng Fang was amazed.

Feng Wu looked at them in bewilderment; she was telling the truth.

“Let’s get going before you surprise another person.”

Fearing that Feng Wu would say more astonis.h.i.+ng things, Ling Hao dragged Feng Wu toward Thousand Night Forest.

However, enough people had heard her.

Xin Zhixuan was already keeping an eye on Feng Wu, and she soon told other people what Feng Wu had just said.


“Join the seeded team?”

“Feng Wu?”


Shan Jingfei’s friends were shocked at first, but they soon grew excited.

“How stupid is that Feng Wu? She’s full of bullsh*t!”

“I guess she’s so pleased with herself about skipping grades.”

“No matter how self-satisfied she is, she needs to have a sense of shame. Everyone knows Shan Jingfei is first in our cla.s.s.”

While everyone was discussing it, Shan Jingfei remained unaffected.

Xin Zhixuan realized something was wrong, so she asked, “Feifei, are you alright?”

Shan Jingfei nodded. “I’m fine. I’m just coming down with something. Don’t worry.”

Xin Zhixuan wanted to say something, but Shan Jingfei cut her off. “It’s that time of the month, you know.”

Xin Zhixuan knew what she meant, but she remembered Shan Jingfei’s period had come two weeks ago.

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