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Chapter 2887: Did She Lose? (3)

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

As everybody watched, the Fallen Star Sword flew back to Feng Wu’s hand.

Her long red dress flapped in the wind.

She looked as pretty as a picture.

Her skin was as white as snow.

She looked like a fairy descending to this world.


Time seemed to freeze for a moment.

No one made a sound.

Holy c.r.a.p!

Everybody was astonished when they finally realized what had happened.

The Military Academy students sat there, looking like they had been struck by lightning.

The Imperial College students howled in excitement.

“OMG! I can’t believe it!!!”

“Did Feng Wu win? Did Feng Wu really win?!”

“Sheng Changtian’s White Flame was destroyed, right? Please tell me that I didn’t imagine that!”

“Did someone say White Flame would slaughter her and that forcing Sheng Changtian to use White Flame was the best she could do?”

“Not only did she force his hand, she also destroyed his sword!”

The Imperial College students were so excited that they seemed to lose their minds.

All the past humiliation was gone.

Members of Dynasty Team looked at one another.

They didn’t dare cheer loudly because they feared this wasn’t real.

Members of the Military Academy were speechless.

No words could describe how shocked and devastated they were.

Of the referees, Chu Yun was speechless.

Gongshu Hongzhu didn’t know what to say.

They also looked like they had been struck by lightning.

“This isn’t real! It can’t be! How can this happen?” Gongshu Hongzhu murmured. “That’s not possible…”

Gongsun Mu raised his chin and glanced at Chu Yun. “How did Xiao Wu do?”

After all these years, he could finally get back at her.

“How did she do? You saw it!” Chu Yun cursed inwardly.

Who taught that girl?

“G.o.d Mu, please take her away!” thought Chu Yun.

G.o.d Mu was the deity of this continent. Mu, as in Mu Jiuzhou.

The smoke finally cleared.

That ring of fire had disappeared.

Shards of White Flame were scattered on the ground.

Sheng Changtian looked at Feng Wu with eyes.

His hair band was broken, and his long hair had fallen to his shoulders, giving him a grim look.

Feng Wu held the Fallen Star Sword behind her and nodded at Sheng Changtian. “You fought well.”

Those words woke Sheng Changtian up.

His brain started working again, and his eyes focused on Feng Wu’s face.

“You broke my ring of fire.

“You destroyed my White Flame.

“You’ve humiliated me in the worst possible way.

“That’s just great!” Sheng Changtian suddenly laughed wildly.

“I’ve never lost to anyone my age. Today is the first time.” He stared at Feng Wu.

His eyes lit up once more with fighting spirit.

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