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Chapter 2094: Disappointed

In the end, Zhao Hai was somewhat disappointed with the battles he saw. The final battle of the compet.i.tion was between the disciples of the Top Purity Sect and the Sword Faith Sect. The two of them competed for the champion of the Earth Monarch division.

Although their battle was very good, Zhao Hai didn’t get what he wanted. He was disappointed with the degree of skill they have shown.

The two disciples used swords. The level of their technique was high, but the extent at which they mastered it was pitifully low. From what Zhao Hai could see, they only practiced their technique to the major mastery stage. They were just below the perfection stage and very far from the rebirth stage. In just one glance, Zhao Hai could see multiple flaws in their style. This doused any interest he had in the compet.i.tion.

The two people on the stage fought vigorously, but Zhao Hai shook his head inside. He found that the cultivators of the True Spirit Realm have made a mistake. They were too fond of cultivating their spiritual qi that they forgot to polish their style.

In Zhao Hai’s eyes, cultivating spiritual qi was like a person improving their strength using various exercises. Spiritual qi was akin to human strength. However, strength alone doesn’t represent offensive strength. If a weightlifter were to face a lightweight boxer, although the weightlifter was stronger, they wouldn’t have a way to deal with the boxer.

Spiritual qi was strength, and techniques are a means to utilize this strength. Currently, there were many cultivators in the True Spirit Realm who increase their strength without thinking about how to use it.

Disappointed, Zhao Hai was feeling disappointed. Before long, the battle on the stage ended. The disciple from the Sword Faith Sect has won, making them the champion of the Earth Monarch division.

The Tyrant Blade Sect’s results were very good. They have two Earth Monarch disciples who entered the top 30. For the Tyrant Blade Sect, this was a very good result.

The compet.i.tion ended with the awarding ceremony. However, the ceremony was merely symbolic. It was only for other people to see those who got first place. The biggest reward for the winners would be provided by their own sects when they return.

After Zhao Hai carelessly received his prize, he returned to the Tyrant Blade Sect’s residence. The Tyrant Blade Sect’s delegation was currently in a celebratory mood. Everyone had a smile on their faces. This was the best result that the Tyrant Blade Sect attained in the many years that they entered the compet.i.tion.

The biggest contributor for this achievement was Zhao Hai. The Tyrant Blade Sect could no longer remember when they got first in the Clone Stage to the Earth Monarch Stage. 

But since the residence wasn’t in the sect, everyone calmed down before long. Elder Yue decided to take everyone back to the sect the next day. Naturally, this time, there was no need for everyone to separate.

Li Fei has also recovered by this point. Even the wound on his shoulder has healed. He can follow everyone no matter what they do.

Although several days has already pa.s.sed, the cultivators of the compet.i.tion still couldn’t forget Zhao Hai’s appearance in the Clone Stage division.

If people hadn’t noticed it when they arrived at Topfire Mountain, they were now clear about Zhao Hai’s position among the Clone Stage cultivators of the sect. All cultivators in the Clone Stage were looking at Zhao Hai in awe. This caused Yue Feng and the others to be shocked.

It must be mentioned that those who came to the compet.i.tion weren’t weak. They were elites of the sect. Their future was already set to be great. In the future, their position in the sect wouldn’t be low. At least half of them would become elders of the sect. They represented a certain force. Zhao Hai has now become their figurehead. If this situation continues, then Zhao Hai’s status in the sect couldn’t be underestimated. Naturally, this was in the premise that Zhao Hai continues to show his genius.

Regarding Zhao Hai’s development, n.o.body in the Tyrant Blade Sect was worried. Not only was Zhao Hai a genius, he also had the best teachers as well as plenty of resources. It would be strange for such a person to stumble in their path of cultivation. In other words, Zhao Hai already has his own powerbase in preparation for the future.

Although not a lot of people in the Tyrant Blade Sect realized this, Yue Feng could already see it. To be honest, Yue Feng was very surprised. He doesn’t know if Zhao Hai did this or if it was coincidence. If it was his intention, then this means that Zhao Hai’s plots run very deep. If it was a coincidence, it also needed to be investigated.

Everyone rested in their residence for a day before Yue Feng brought them back to the sect. This time they used a transmission formation to return to the Tyrant Blade Sect.

After a flash of white light, Zhao Hai and the others returned to the Tyrant Blade Sect. There were already disciples waiting to cheer their return. There were also several important Elders, among them were the Yin Yang Elders. However, they were standing far away from the crowd.

This wasn’t only because they wanted to be low-key. Other people cannot get in contact with them for a long time otherwise they would be affected by their killing aura.

Although Zhao Hai understood this, his complexion wasn’t great. The Yin Yang Elders fought hard for the Tyrant Blade Sect to the point where their killing aura became so thick. In turn, they can’t accept disciples and approach others with lower cultivation. They might be the recipient of the sect’s adoration, they were also feared. To Zhao Hai, it was unfair.

Zhao Hai nodded to everyone before going to the Yin Yang Elders. Then he cupped his fist and said, “I have seen Masters. Your disciple hasn’t disappointed you.”

The Yin Elder looked at Zhao Hai, then he smiled faintly and said, “Good, very good. You did very great. Naturally, I’m not talking about the compet.i.tion. We expected you to win. You did a good job ensuring the safety of the Clone Stage disciples.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I just did what I was asked to. Master, I’m going to go into seclusion. I’ll try breaking through to the Soul Fusion Stage.”

The Yin Yang Elders knew what Zhao Hai really meant. Although the Yin Yang Elders didn’t know how many clones Zhao Hai had, they were certain that he had at least two clones. Hearing Zhao Hai say this, the Yang Elder said, “Are you ready?”

There was a reason for this question. n.o.body has ever had two clones before. Breaking through to the Soul Fusion Stage with more than one clone hasn’t happened before.

Zhao Hai nodded, “Yes, I’m ready.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, the Yin Yang Elders couldn’t help but nod. This was Zhao Hai’s character. Zhao Hai wasn’t the kind of person who would say things carelessly. If he said that he was ready, then he must be ready.

At this time, Yue Feng walked over. Zhao Hai was the biggest hero of the Tyrant Blade Sect’s delegation. Zhao Hai left a deep impression on Yue Feng. Elder Yue Feng also has a good relations.h.i.+p with the Yin Yang Elders. Although the Yin Yang Elders were strictly his juniors, Yue Feng didn’t dare ignore them. First, because of the Yin Yang Elders’ strength. And secondly, because of the Yin Yang Elders’ contribution to the Tyrant Blade Sect.

After both sides exchanged greetings, Yue Feng smiled towards the Yin Yang Elders and said, “You two have trained a good disciple.”

The Yin Yang Elders smiled. Then the Yang Elder said, “Thank you for the praise, Senior Brother Yue. Little Hai wouldn’t be partic.i.p.ating in the award ceremony. He’s preparing to go into seclusion. We’ll be heading back first.”

Upon hearing the Yin Yang Elders, Yue Feng stared. Then he asked, “What happened to Zhao Hai? Is he injured?”

The Yin Elder smiled and said, “It’s nothing serious, he’s planning to enter the Soul Fusion Stage. There’s no need for Senior Brother to worry.”

Yue Feng relaxed, “Alright, then the sect will deliver the rewards to Lower Earth Mountain.”

The Yang Elder laughed, “Alright, then we’ll head back first.” The reason the Yin Yang Elders said this was because they knew how Zhao Hai disliked noisy occasions. So, they took it upon themselves to excuse him from the ceremony.

The three stood on the transmission formation and directly returned to Lower Earth Mountain. After entering the living room, Meg immediately served tea to the three. Although Laura and the others had plenty of things to say to Zhao Hai, they knew that Zhao Hai had matters to deal with. Therefore, they didn’t stay for long. After serving tea, they left the room.

The Elders knew that Zhao Hai had words to tell Laura and the others. Therefore, they only inquired Zhao Hai about what happened on the road.

Actually, they already knew the general idea of what happened to Zhao Hai and the others. Because of the involvement of the Ghost Cultivators, Yue Feng reported it to the Sect. However, the two elders still wanted to hear Zhao Hai’s recollection.

Zhao Hai told the elders everything that happened on their way to Topfire Mountain. After listening, the Yang Elder nodded, “Good. But as you said, you need to be more careful in the future. You’re now enemies with the Divine Armament Sect. Their divine crossbows aren’t their only special weapons. They still have a lot of artifacts they can use against you.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I’ve obtained a few divine crossbows this time. We can study them and hand them over to our outer disciples. With this, we can increase their chance of survival.”

The Yin Yang Elders smiled bitterly and said, “It’s not that easy. The Divine Armament Sect’s methods are kept secret, especially the formations used in their divine crossbows. Without the formations, the crossbows would be useless. For many years, the divine crossbows have been studied by many sects, but none of them succeeded. Moreover, the divine crossbows have self-destruct mechanisms. Touching the core formations of the crossbows will cause it to explode.”

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