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Chapter 2125: Mountain of Demon Beasts

Liu Wei’s meeting with the other gangs had nothing to do with Zhao Hai. He didn’t meet them. Although it was better for him to deal with those people than Liu Wei, Zhao Hai didn’t want to see them. What Zhao Hai wanted to do now was to teach the young members of the gang and increase their strength.

Although Liu Wei and the others were also attentive towards the education of the young members, their capabilities were very limited. Whenever they taught the juniors, there would be mistakes and omissions. Because of this, the development of the gang’s juniors wasn’t great.

Not to mention that among the juniors, Zhao Hai found a few people with good talents. Naturally, this was relative to rogue cultivators. These juniors might be talented, but they weren’t as talented as the disciples of a sect.

Zhao Hai chose juniors who all had earth-element roots. They were more suitable to take the path that Qiu Tie walked and become body cultivators.

Zhao Ming was supposed to be a cultivator who used earth-element techniques and was also a body cultivator. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have used hammers as his weapons.

Hammers were fierce and destructive weapons, but they cannot be used by the physically weak. It was a weapon rarely used by conventional cultivators as they didn’t have enough strength to use it. On the other hand, body cultivators liked to use hammers as a weapon. This was because hammers could become extensions of their fists. As long as the enemy was. .h.i.t by a hammer, they would be either dead or wounded. It was the best weapon for body cultivators.

When Zhao Hai took his hammer out, Li Shan immediately understood that he was a body cultivator. Therefore, when Zhao Hai selected a few juniors, Li Shan immediately agreed.

Although Li Shan was also a body cultivator, he was very clear about his own strength. His muscles might look scary, but Li Shan knew that his cultivation method wasn’t the best. Otherwise, his muscles wouldn’t show that he was a body cultivator.

On the other hand, Zhao Hai was built like a normal person. This proved to Li Shan that Zhao Hai’s cultivation method was better than his. If Zhao Hai wanted to impart his methods to the younger generation, then it would be good for the gang.

The death of the Five Ghosts of Pale Mountain caused quite a stir in Roaring Flames City. The Raging Fire Group, Great Axe Group, and the Spirit Medicine Hall were all alarmed. They were well aware that the Five Ghosts of Pale Mountain were strong. But now the five were killed. The three large gangs couldn’t help but be alarmed.

Although the people of Roaring Flames City were alarmed, it was a matter of importance. Therefore, the matter quickly subsided. The three gangs were aware that Zhao Hai killed the Five Ghosts of Pale Mountain, but they didn’t care about him. In their opinion, Zhao Hai lucked out by being a sly body cultivator. If the Five Ghosts of Pale Mountain didn’t underestimate him, Zhao Hai might not be able to deal with them. 

The matter might have subsided, but Liu Wei didn’t stop using this opportunity to use his skills to establish relations.h.i.+ps with other small gangs. By this point, the Blackwood Group was no longer a gang that was ignored.

Actually, the biggest harvest of the Blackwood Group wasn’t the prestige and connections it gained, but instead it was the look from the Five Ghosts of Pale Mountain. The five ghosts didn’t have a territory, and they robbed wherever they could. People like them lived like there was no tomorrow. Therefore, they carried everything they had on them. After they were killed, these resources naturally fell into Li Shan’s hands. At that time, Li Shan didn’t look into what the gang had gained. It was only after they returned to the gang did Liu Wei and Li Shan know how much they got. They almost couldn’t sleep from smiling too much.

The Five Ghosts of Pale Mountain robbed indiscriminately. They had a lot of good things on them. Besides items that couldn’t be sold, other items have been exchanged for spirit stones or jade essences. The number of spirit stones equalled more than one million. There were also 100 thousand jade essences. Moreover, the treasures that the five ghosts were unwilling to sell held value more than the spirit stones and jade essences.

This was a lot of money for the Blackwood Group. With this money, the Blackwood Group’s development would skyrocket.

Fortunately, Liu Wei and Li Shan were wise enough to keep the matter a secret to everyone. Moreover, they watched their spending to prevent people from being suspicious. At most, they improved the food offered to the gang members. 

Naturally, Zhao Hai knew how much money they gained from the Five Ghosts of Pale Mountain. Liu Wei and Li Shan personally reported the amount to Zhao Hai. They were soliciting Zhao Hai for ideas on how to spend the money.

The money should be slowly spent for many years. Not only will this keep the other gangs from knowing that the Blackwood Group has gained a lot of money, it would also ensure that the members of the gang continued to work hard. The Blackwood Group thrived on its hards.h.i.+ps. Everyone worked hard not only to become stronger, but also to make their lives better.

But if the members of the gang knew that they have a lot of money, what would motivate them from moving forward? If they were accustomed to eating and waiting for death, what future would the Blackwood Group have?”

Because of this, Liu Wei and Li Shan didn’t tell the other members of the gang. Instead, they improved the meals of the gang as well as other small conveniences. Aside from that, everything was the same as before.

It was easy to go from simplicity to luxury, but it was extremely difficult to go from luxury to simplicity. This was a truth that not everyone understood. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be so much nouveau riche.

Because the Blackwood Group has been low-key, n.o.body thought that the gang had been blessed. The gang continued to accept tasks without anyone knowing better.

To be honest, Zhao Hai was very satisfied with this result. The Blackwood Group’s morals were in line with his. He didn’t take any tasks in the next few days. The gang was currently taking easy tasks. This allowed Zhao Hai to rest for a while. 

Roaring Flames City returned to its usual calm. At this time, it had been a month since Zhao Hai arrived in the city. Zhao Hai already taught some of the talented juniors of the Blackwood Group. He was now ready to take another mission and go out. After all, he was on a trial, he wasn’t here to save the world.

Zhao Hai was about to tell Liu Wei about his plan, but he didn’t expect Liu Wei to look for him first. When Liu Wei invited Zhao Hai into the room, Zhao Hai was stunned. This was because in addition to Liu Wei, Shopkeeper Chen was also there.

Seeing Shopkeeper Chen, Zhao Hai cupped his fist and said, “Shopkeeper Chen, why are you here?”

Shopkeeper Chen smiled faintly and cupped his fist, “I’m here to see Mister. I have something to request of you.” Hearing this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but raise his brow. From what he heard, Shopkeeper Chen was asking for his help, not the Blackwood Group.

Zhao Hai turned his head towards Liu Wei who gave him a bitter smile. Liu Wei didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be so sharp. He was able to see the message between Shopkeeper Chen’s words.

Liu Wei said, “Shopkeeper Chen is a close friend of mine. Although he is the Shopkeeper of the Full Moon Pavilion, he’s only a shopkeeper of the Roaring Flames City branch. The Full Moon Pavilion is a huge trading company in the Demonic Faction. There are more than 30 people like Shopkeeper Chen and their compet.i.tion is intense. This time Shopkeeper Chen has met with some trouble. He had very few people he could trust, so he went here. He wants to ask for your help.”

Zhao Hai nodded, he looked at Shopkeeper Chen and said, “Shopkeeper Chen, you can tell me. You’ve helped the Blackwood Group a lot. I will naturally help if it’s within my power.”

Shopkeeper Chen nodded. He didn’t hesitate and said, “I want mister to enter the Mountain of Demon Beasts to look for a treasure.”

When Zhao Hai heard what Shopkeeper Chen said, he couldn’t help but knit his brows. He knew about the Mountain of Demon Beasts. It was a famous mountain in the Demonic Faction. There were plenty of demon beasts on this mountain. These demon beasts were actually variants of demons.

Demons were special cultivators recognized by the cultivation world. An example is a Tiger Demon. They were tigers that slowly developed wisdom as they trained. Then they gained their human form through cultivation. 

Demon beasts were different. Demons and demon beasts might be of equal strength, but demon beasts didn’t have as much wisdom as Demons. Demon Beasts wouldn’t have human forms and they only relied on their instincts.

Although the wisdom of demon beasts wasn’t high, they certainly weren’t weak. Some demon beasts were even stronger than Demons and Cultivators. Because they relied on their instincts, their skills in hunting were trained to a fearful degree. This instinct was one of the most terrifying aspects of demon beasts.

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