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Chapter 860: Longevity Fruits

Yi Qin laughed loudly, and he revealed a domineering expression as he said, "Your thoughts are too naive. So what if I block you now? Let's see who will obtain the Longevity Fruits and the seven-colored Auspicious Signs in the end.

"You may be strong, but with us three brothers working together, we do not fear you. If you have the capability, then come at us."

The Great Qin Nation's old man nearing the end of his lifespan frowned slightly. The old man in the other group, who was staring at him continuously, was clearly there to handle him.

Xiao Jian, Liu Ruyue, and the others had people eyeing them. Even without the strongest three princes here, the Great Jin Nation's Royal Court had people that could firmly suppress them.

Ying Yue's expression became sullen and uncertain. She had not expected the people of the Great Jin Nation to be so shameless, not even giving others a chance and blocking them before the Longevity Fruit matured.

Suddenly, graceful seven-colored lights flickered. The Longevity Fruit finally matured, and Auspicious Signs fell from the sky in the distance.

When Yi Qin saw this scene, he could not help but reveal a pleased expression. The three old men from the Great Jin Nation's Royal Court should have already reached the vicinity of the Longevity Tree.

Just thinking of this, Yi Qin smiled involuntarily. When he looked at Ying Yue and the others, who had unsightly expressions, he gloated and said, "Good. The Longevity Fruit has matured. Princess Ying Yue, I'll just stand here. Let's see how nothing good will come of this."

Right after Yi Qin spoke, a piercing alarm rang out. Yi Qin's expression changed, and he turned his head to look over his shoulder. Feeling it was strange, he said, "With the three seniors' strength, why would they send out an alarm on this level?"

The situation had changed drastically, so Yi Qin could no longer bother with Ying Yue and her group. He led his party away, rus.h.i.+ng towards the Longevity Tree.

Xiao Jian stepped forward and asked out of suspicion, "Princess, what's with this bunch of people?"

Ying Yue thought for a moment and quickly made a decision. She said, "It looks like they ran into trouble. Come, let's follow them."

The Great Jin Nation's originally domineering and unreasonable Royal Court had suddenly changed its stance and turned around to leave.

Naturally, Ying Yue and the others could not let this opportunity pa.s.s. They quickly followed behind and went over as well.

For some reason, Liu Ruyue's heart thumped very hard. She thought of a wild possibility, basing it on just the gaze that she felt earlier.

She never doubted the truth of that gaze. Even though the Superior Grade Martial Sage did not believe that anyone could travel in the sky of the Sky Dome Immortal Realm, she never doubted. She was certain that the owner of this gaze had stood in the nine heavens, that he had given her a meaningful look piercing through the boundless spatial storm.

Thinking of this, she sped up, expending the Quintessence in her body without holding back. Soon, she was running neck and neck with Ying Yue.

Liu Ruyue needed to know for sure in her heart. She needed to see if the master of that gaze in the nine heavens above, the person who stopped to look at her, was the person that she always thought about.

After a while, the people from the Great Jin Nation and Ying Yue's group arrived at the Longevity Tree's location. When they made out the situation, they were dumbfounded.

They saw a fatty collecting the seven-colored Auspicious Signs with a jade bottle. The smile on his face was even brighter than the light of spring.

A mysterious cloaked male was handily blocking the three grandmaster-level Martial Sages.

The black-cloaked man fought barehanded, using his palms as sabers to send out strands of saber Qi flickering with electricity. Hundreds of lightning flood dragons surrounded him.

As this mysterious man brandished his palms like a saber, the lightning flood dragons roared, charging towards the grandmaster-level Martial Sages and knocking them back.

No matter what the three grandmaster-level Martial Sages did, be it a combination attack or serial attacks, the black-cloaked man blocked them all.

When the fatty above saw this scene, he laughed loudly, feeling very pleased. Then he continued collecting the seven-colored Auspicious Signs at an even faster pace. When it looked like the Auspicious Signs were almost all collected, the three grandmaster-level Martial Sages grew even more anxious.

The party from the Great Jin Nation was stunned. The three bona fide grandmaster-level Martial Sages approaching the end of their lifespans had spent a long time cultivating to an unfathomable level.

Without a doubt, the three stood at the very peak of the Sky Dome Realm. Yet, today, even when the three of them worked together, a single person easily blocked them.

Where did this cloaked man come from?

"It's over. The Auspicious Signs are all gone!" a youth beside the Great Jin Nation's First Prince said with a pained expression. Their primary objective on this trip was lost.

These youths were young. They did not have to worry about their lifespan. Naturally, they did not have much use for the Longevity Fruit.

Ying Yue's and the others' expressions changed. The Auspicious Signs were all gone. This person was far stronger than the party from the Great Jin Nation's Royal Court; they did not stand a chance at all.

The fatty chuckled and tossed the jade bottle filled with Auspicious Signs to Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen extended his hand and caught the jade bottle. His lips curled up involuntarily. Now, when he looked at the three old men charging over, a cold look flashed in his eyes.

Earlier, he had worried that he would not be able to collect all the Auspicious Signs if he were distracted. So he could only put in all his effort into blocking these three.

Now that Xiao Chen obtained the Auspicious Signs, he no longer had to play nice with these three old men. If he did not deal with them now, they would be a source of trouble when the Longevity Fruits fell to the ground.

"Double Dragons Playing with Pearl!"

Using his palm as a saber, Xiao Chen executed the third move of the Dragon Subduing Slash. A bright pearl entered the chest of one of the three grandmaster-level Martial Sages.

Before this person could react, two dragon-shaped saber Qi charged towards his chest. He had no way to dodge.

There was a loud 'bang' and a bright explosion of light. Double Dragons Playing with Pearl injured this person heavily; he would need at least half a year of rest to recover.

As Xiao Chen's figure flickered, he did not show any mercy. He turned around and flew towards another old man, moving as fast as lightning and giving off explosive sounds.

"Seven Mysterious Fingers!"

That old man panicked and backed away in haste. He gathered all his Heavenly Sage Laws and formed an immense storm behind himself before pointing with his finger.

Seven lights of different colors pierced s.p.a.ce and tore it open, howling as they advanced. Each one of these lights could shatter mountains and rivers.

Under the hood, Xiao Chen remained as calm as still water. As his figure moved forward, he did not reduce his speed. Just when he was about to collide with these seven lights of different colors, he suddenly made his move.

He circulated the surging Vital Qi in his body and attacked with his full power. Close to one thousand five hundred tons of force exploded in the air. In that instant, the sky shook and the ground trembled. A huge black hole appeared in s.p.a.ce.

The seven vast beams of different colors suddenly broke. Xiao Chen went through the black hole, and his fist light struck this person without any of its might diminished.

This old man vomited a mouthful of blood as he went flying backwards. He skidded on the ground for a hundred meters in a sorry state, coughing continuously. His eyes filled with disbelief.

Xiao Chen tapped his forehead with two fingers, and a beam of light came out. The purple Lightning Talisman moved in a flash. By the time the remaining grandmaster-level Martial Sage saw the electric light appear, a b.l.o.o.d.y, bowl-sized hole had burst open on this person's chest.

A strong wind blew continuously. In the blink of an eye, Xiao Chen had knocked down three grandmaster-level Martial Sages.

The hearts of the people below sank. They simply could not imagine such power. He was unlike any Sky Dome Realm cultivator they knew.

However, Xiao Chen ignored the shock of these people. His figure flashed, and he landed on the ground. Then, he quietly eyed the Spirit Tree, waiting for the Longevity Fruits to fall to the ground.

Typically, not all the twenty Longevity Fruits would fall. Before that happened, the Longevity Tree would automatically leave.

Xiao Chen paused for a moment. Then he charged directly at the Longevity Tree. "Ka ca! Ka ca!" Dense tree branches stabbing through s.p.a.ce headed for him.

Having already antic.i.p.ated this, Xiao Chen did not fl.u.s.ter. His figure flashed amid the many tree branches that could easily destroy a mountain. Then, he made a gentle picking motion, and a Longevity Fruit appeared in his palm.

His action infuriated the Longevity Tree. The tree branches intertwined with each other and formed the image of a flood dragon trying to bite him.

Xiao Chen did not clash with this flood dragon. Instead, his figure flashed upwards, and he grasped another Longevity Fruit, which he placed in his Universe Ring.

This nimble figure brushed by every attack from the Longevity Tree before the gazes of everyone, who were all highly tensed.

The three grandmaster-level Martial Sages, who had fallen, climbed back up, only to see this scene. They could not help but feel so angry that they wanted to vomit blood. They had waited for over ten years for this Longevity Fruit, which they sought but could not find.

Now, this person leaped about in front of them, picking the fruits like these were peaches. The three old men cursed in their hearts, wis.h.i.+ng that the Longevity Tree would pierce this person full of holes and have him die without an intact corpse.

However, things did not go as the three old men wished. The danger would always narrowly brush by Xiao Chen. They could only watch impotently as the number of Longevity Fruits decreased.

"Pu ci!" When only three Longevity Fruits remained, the Spirit Tree could no longer tolerate the plundering of its fruits. So it sank downwards. Its huge trunk entered the ground with a flash of light.

However, how could Xiao Chen let the Longevity Tree do as it pleased? In the time it took for a spark to fly, he punched out a deep pit in the ground and quickly gave chase.

After a while, he flew back up, holding a branch of the Longevity Tree.

At the final critical moment, he had reacted quickly and collected the last three Longevity Fruits.

Seeing Xiao Chen appear, the people from the Great Jin Nation glared at him with red eyes. Even though they were angry, they did not dare to say anything. This fellow who suddenly appeared spoiled all their plans.

Initially, the Great Jin Nation cultivators wanted to monopolize all the Longevity Fruits that fell to the ground and the seven-colored Auspicious Signs. However, they ended up not getting anything. Instead, their three grandmaster-level Martial Sages were beaten half-dead.

When Liu Ruyue and the others saw this scene, they cheered in their hearts. The Great Jin Nation's people consistently bullied them in this Sky Dome Immortal Realm, to begin with.

Furthermore, there was that earlier scene with the First Prince, Yi Qin. His overbearing att.i.tude angered everyone.

"Still not going to scram?"

Xiao Chen looked coldly at the Great Jin Nation's First Prince and his party, whose eyes harbored extreme dissatisfaction.

Xiao Chen did not have a good impression of this group of people. Earlier, when he was using the Spirit Vein's origin to hasten the ripening of the Longevity Fruits, the three old men appeared and caused trouble.

This interference forced Xiao Chen to ask Jin Dabao for help. Given the fatty's character, he would not help if he got nothing in return.

Seeing that the person under the hood, Xiao Chen, was rather hostile, the Great Jin Nation's people left quickly, afraid that Xiao Chen would really get angry if they lingered.

Ying Yue and the others sighed helplessly to themselves. This person did not even care about the Great Jin Nation's Royal Court. Why would he be nice to them? So, before they humiliated themselves, they turned to leave.

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