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Shen Yanxiao and Duan Hen went up to the ring at the same time. Shen Yanxiao was accompanied by Vermillion Bird while the Redflame Beast stood next to Duan Hen. The Redflame Beast's human form was tall and mighty. Just like Vermillion Bird, he had long, red hair and a pair of fiery red eyes. Compared with the childlike appearance of Vermillion Bird, the Redflame Beast looked extremely wanton and unrestrained. His arms were crossed over his chest, and he was looking at Vermillion Bird beside Shen Yanxiao quite arrogantly.

"Vermillion Bird, how did you end up looking like that? It really surprised me, ah." The Redflame Beast looked at Vermillion Bird with mocking eyes.

Vermillion Bird sneered at him and said, "It’s you who has brought me a great surprise. Have you not always disdained to work together with human beings? Look at you now, you’ve actually signed a contract with a human."

The Redflame Beast raised an eyebrow and replied, "Life is too long, the Radiance Continent is really a boring place, I just want to have some fun."

Vermillion Bird frowned slightly. Although his nature was arrogant, after signing a contract with humans, he would fully accept the person he had chosen. But the words of the Redflame Beast seemed to indicate that he was not putting Duan Hen in his eyes at all, which made Vermillion Bird feel very disgusted.

As a magical beast, once you recognized your master, you must treat them with sincerity. If there was no loyalty, why bother to sign a contract with human beings?

"You’re still hateful, just as in the past." Vermillion Bird bluntly remarked.

"I don't mind if you hate me even more. Maybe after I have roasted you, your hate will change into regret." The words of the Redflame Beast were quite arrogant. It was clear that he was not putting Vermillion Bird, whose body still had some injuries from the past, in his eyes.

Vicious beasts and spirit beasts were not very harmonious. He and Vermillion Bird were both fire Mythological Beasts, and their mutual dislike had not simmered for only a day or two.

"With just you?" Vermillion Bird snorted.

The match had not yet begun but the Mythological Beasts of both sides were already full of hostility.

The crowd of spectators impatiently watched the two Mythological Beasts banter with each other on the ring, their hearts incomparably excited.

Originally, there were so many grievances among Mythological Beasts. It seemed that this match would not disappoint them!

Shen Yanxiao almost shed tears as she watched the blazing eyes of Vermillion Bird. This Redflame Beast and Vermillion Bird were really old acquaintances.


"We can’t say for sure who will roast who in the end, perhaps you should take care of your master first." Shen Yanxiao smilingly looked at the Redflame Beast, without any trace of fear.

The Redflame Beast narrowed his eyes. As a vicious beast, the number of humans he had slaughtered in the past was far more than that of the demons. Signing a contract with Duan Hen was an exception. And this did not mean that he would let other human beings act arrogant in front of him.

"Just a mere Senior Professional dares to provoke me? Human, you don’t think that that midget can protect you, do you?"


Vermillion Bird had completely exploded in rage.

"Redflame Beast, mark my words, if I don't beat you today to the point you’ll be looking for your teeth all over the ground, then I am not called Vermillion Bird from now on!" Vermillion Bird had always been angry at the fact that he could not transform into his adult human form. To think that the Redflame Beast would be so rude as to directly touch the inverse scale of Vermillion Bird!

However, the Redflame Beast’s words made everyone in the entire venue dumbfounded.

Senior Professional?

Shen Yanxiao?

How could it be!

The news said that Shen Yanxiao had recently broke through the Second Stage Profession, how could she be a Senior Professional?

Duan Hen was an Advanced Professional. This was a well-known thing. People used to think that Shen Yanxiao and Duan Hen had a balanced overall strength in this match. After all, even though the Redflame Beast was slightly stronger than Vermillion Bird, Shen Yanxiao could suppress Duan Hen with her personal strength. But if the strength of Shen Yanxiao was weaker than Duan Hen, then…

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