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Brothers, don’t run so fast ah. We really don’t have any malicious intent. We just want to have a friendly match with you, which is full of friends.h.i.+p and meaning. Don’t run away, ah!!!

"Forget it. Isn’t there still a second match against the people of Twilight City?" Qi Xia shrugged his shoulders. They had to take a bit of a precaution to avoid hurting Blizzard City, but for the people of Twilight City...

"Hehe. I’ll make sure to cut them with my blade." Tang Nazhi said with a smirk.

"Let’s behave with integrity and be generous. Just beat them at once instead of toying with them." Qi Xia reminded with "good intentions".

"That's right!" Tang Nazhi nodded his head.

The five animals that had just scared off Blizzard City had begun to wonder how to abuse the people of Twilight City.

Elder Wen, who was sitting in the viewing platform of their team, only felt a chill run down his spine. He thought that it was already terrible having an aberrant being like Shen Yanxiao in The Rising Sun City, but he had never imagined that Shen Yanxiao had a lot of powerful and terrifying teenagers hiding at her side.

What scared Elder Wen was that he had seen one of those five teenagers. That boy had appeared with Shen Yanxiao on that day along their Mythological Beasts.

Five Second Stage Professionals, and one Mythological Beast, this combination that goes against the heavens...

Elder Wen felt despair. The defeat of Blizzard City meant that that group of aberrants from The Rising Sun City would soon be against their Twilight City team.


In the face of such strong opponents, even if Elder Wen had arranged the most elite ten people to partic.i.p.ate in the game, he feared that their ending would not be better than Blizzard City.

Elder Wen’s heart instantly sank to the bottom.

They won the victory without so much effort, so the five animals were somewhat unhappy. However, Nangong Mengmeng was actually even more unhappy than they were.

They at least made a blow or two, but she!!!

She was protected inside the screen since the beginning and had not even lifted a single finger!

Nangong Mengmeng wanted to cry. She also wanted to check her current Warlock strength in actual combat. They should have at least given her a little chance ah!

The six people returned to the team with glory, but their expressions were not looking very happy.

Because the winners and losers had been decided too fast, the people of The Rising Sun City could not feel any excitement; instead, they felt that this outcome was just to be expected.

After all, the strength of Qi Xia and others was already an open secret in The Rising Sun City.

Nevertheless, the suppression brought about by Qi Xia and the others’ strength truly made the people of The Rising Sun City feel cool. Watching the people who had been scared silly by Qi Xia and others, they were simply br.i.m.m.i.n.g with smiles.

What they exposed just now was only the strength of their five Second Stage Professionals. If this group of people learned that each of these five Second Stage Professionals also had a Mythological Beast that was not inferior to Vermillion Bird, one might wonder if these people would become completely mad.

After the match against Blizzard City, Shen Yanxiao led the people of The Rising Sun City to eat and drink, waiting to beat the team of Twilight City tomorrow.

However, at this time, Elder Wen sent people to deliver a message that made them not know whether to laugh or cry.

In view of the fact that Twilight City is the organizer of this current Four Regions’ Tournament, it is reasonable to have a certain degree of magnanimity. In the finals of the group battle, Twilight City decided not to partic.i.p.ate, so as to prevent the tournament’s time from expanding indefinitely. The Rising Sun City successfully gained a record of two victories, and therefore won the champions.h.i.+p of the Four Regions’ Tournament. After three days, we ask the City Lord Shen Yanxiao to go to the City Lord Residence to discuss the issue of victory and reward with the leaders of the other three forces.

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