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"Are you really sure you can get connections with the people in the Broken Star Palace? Will they really take a shot?" Elder Wen was unable to withstand the excitement of his heart. If the Broken Star Palace really were to deal with Shen Yanxiao, at that point, Shen Yanxiao would probably die thousands of times.

Luo Fan confidently raised his lips.

"That is natural. I also stayed in the Twilight City for this matter. When the time comes, I only need Elder Wen to conveniently let them enter the city; as for the rest, the Twilight City need not to worry."

"This is -- of course! It is an honor to have the experts of the Broken Star Palace. My Twilight City will surely treat them courteously, just... If this is the case, then I have not had many contributions, our previous cooperation..." After hearing the name of the Broken Star Palace, the face of Elder Wen, which had always been proud, could no longer be so arrogant. He began to worry about the fact that the Twilight City didn’t hold up their end of the bargain that much, which might result in Luo Fan not keeping his words to cultivate a group of people for him.

"Elder Wen, please be at ease. Since I have already agreed with you on this matter, there will be no variables. As long as we remove the people around Shen Yanxiao, I will do everything I have promised before." Luo Fan said.

After hearing what Luo Fan said, Elder Wen’s heart immediately settled down.

"Then I will wait for the arrival of the experts from the Broken Star Palace."

"Elder Wen can just sit and wait to watch the show." Luo Fan replied with a smile, but his eyes flashed with a trace of maliciousness.

The dialogue between the two people fell into the ears of Duan Hen, and there was a slight concern in his eyes.

When night fell, the people in the Twilight City went to sleep early. At this time, Duan Hen came to find Shen Yanxiao, telling her everything that Elder Wen and Luo Fan had discussed.

"Broken Star Palace? I really didn't expect that Luo Fan could seek help from the Broken Star Palace." Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes. She had not thought that Luo Fan and the Broken Star Palace would actually have connections. She was so anxious before to improve the strength of The Rising Sun City because she was also worried about the revenge of the Broken Star Palace.

But to think that her enemies from both sides had actually joined hands.

"On these three days, Elder Wen has ordered everyone to tighten their guards, and also not allow anyone to step out of the city. Lord Shen, it’s still early to make a good plan." Duan Hen was worried about Shen Yanxiao. This was the ally he had just found; he did not want Shen Yanxiao to suffer at the hands of the Broken Star Palace.

"I have my own way, thank you for the news, Lord Duan. I have noted your good will and in the future, I will surely return this favor." Shen Yanxiao chuckled. The news of Duan Hen was very important to her. If not for him, she feared that she would have been kept in the dark. As far as she was concerned, that kind of pa.s.sive situation was really dangerous.

"It’s good that Lord Shen has a way to deal with it. I can't stay for too long. I will go back first." After delivering the news, Duan Hen got up and left. He also had his own plans. His cooperation with Shen Yanxiao had just begun and had not reached the point where they should have to die together. It was naturally good if Shen Yanxiao could survive this calamity; if not, he would not help.

After Duan Hen had left, Shen Yanxiao immediately summoned all the members of The Rising Sun City and told them about the matter.

In addition to the members of the five great clans and Nangong Mengmeng, others had never heard the name of the Broken Star Palace, and they were confused about this matter.

It wasn't until Shen Yanxiao explained the strength of the Broken Star Palace to everyone that they understood how terrible the matter was.

"How can this be good? Or should we leave now?" Du Lang frowned. The power of the Broken Star Palace was too terrible. Duan Hen also had no clue how many people the other party would send, which was too risky for them.

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