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Aeternatrix: The extra chapters, to my knowledge, are to be released on 31st (Halloween), so please no rioting, will update y'all if notified otherwise.

The people of the Broken Star Palace all gathered in front of the Phantom members. Qi Xia and the others all had a tacit agreement to stand beside Shen Yanxiao.

"Have you solved the matter over there?" Qi Xia smilingly looked at Shen Yanxiao. Seeing that she was unscathed, they were also relieved.

"Take a guess." Shen Yanxiao raised an eyebrow.

The five animals laughed and said nothing more. Looking at Shen Yanxiao’s appearance, as radiant as the spring season, they were sure that everything went well.

The six members of Phantom and Lan Fengli all turned their attention to the group of people from the Broken Star Palace.

Senior Brother Qian’s complexion was very unsightly. The more than ten people around him were already in a terrible state. They had never been in such a disadvantageous position before. Their current situation was just too shocking for them.

"Senior Brother Qian, what are we going to do?" A Second Stage Professional Magister was almost crying as he looked at Senior Brother Qian. He was really afraid right now. He watched with his own eyes as Lan Fengli cut off his companion’s neck. He had never felt death so close to him like this before.

Senior Brother Qian gritted his teeth; he also had never expected this kind of turn of events.

If they continued on like this, he feared that they would all be buried here.

"You all protect me. Even if we’re going to die, we can't damage the reputation of the Broken Star Palace." Senior Brother Qian took a deep breath and finally decided to carry out the plan of breaking the cauldrons and sinking the boats[1]. It was now impossible for all of them to retreat, but he could absolutely not tolerate being killed by a group of people from the younger generation.

Even if he were to die, he would drag them along with him!

The people of the Broken Star Palace were shocked but also immediately understood the meaning of Senior Brother Qian. More than a dozen people formed a circle, surrounding Senior Brother Qian to protect him.

"What are they doing?" Tang Nazhi put his hand on Li Xiaowei's shoulder and looked at the strange actions of the Broken Star Palace people.

They saw that in the middle of everyone’s protective circle, Senior Brother Qian slowly lifted the staff in his hand, his pale lips opened, and a series of obscure incantations overflowed from his mouth.

Qi Xia’s eyes changed in an instant.

"We can't let him finish chanting! He wants to use the Magic of Life Struggle to take us down with them!" Qi Xia's voice appeared a little anxious.

"Magic of Life Struggle?" The other members of Phantom were new to these four words, but if it could make Qi Xia nervous, it certainly was not something to be taken lightly.

Shen Yanxiao did not wait for Qi Xia to explain as she immediately instructed, "Yang Xi, Nazhi, let’s rush over to them! Xiaowei, Qi Xia, concentrate all your attacks on the three people on the left side, Ah-Yu, give us a Sacred s.h.i.+eld!"

Regardless of what the Broken Star Palace was doing, they had no reason to let them successfully do it.

The tacit understanding between the Phantom members had been very amazing; just in the next second after Shen Yanxiao issued an instruction, Shen Yanxiao, Yang Xi and Tang Nazhi charged over to the battlefront while Qi Xia and Li Xiaowei aimed all their attacks toward the three people on the left side. Meanwhile, the totem in Yan Yu’s hands applied a Sacred s.h.i.+eld to all of them at an alarming rate.

A large force of magic spread out from the staff in the hands of Senior Brother Qian, and the tremendous impact made the citizens of Twilight City in the distance scared.

That powerful magical force almost brought together all the magical power of a Great Magister.

Its terrible strength could be imagined!!!

The Magic of Life Struggle, as its name suggested, was a desperate magic delivering the target of the caster along with the caster himself into the scythe of the G.o.d of Death.

[1] cutting off one's means of retreat. Here, SBQ is referring to Phantom’s means of retreat.

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