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In reality, no matter in which training camp, the focus of training was the cultivation of the source of life of the elves. It was not so much a training camp. It was better to say that this was the best opportunity for the elves to cultivate their source of life. In the training camp, they would be exposed to the power of the Tree of Life that the cities could not reach. If they could make a breakthrough within this half-year, and their strength reached a certain level, they would be a.s.signed to different levels of cities in the Moon G.o.d Continent, according to their own situation.

What they needed to know as guards would not be taught inside the training camp. It was because the requirements of the city guards in different-leveled cities were not exactly the same, so this knowledge would be taught to them separately after the distribution.

These six months were an opportunity for the elves to improve their strength and make a breakthrough.

In this short period of time, the elves' hidden potential would be stimulated.

After figuring out the nature of the training camp, Shen Yanxiao felt that the camp was somewhat similar to schools in the human society.

They would stay inside to learn and improve themselves. The difference was that the training camp was only half a year. After half a year, their outcome, whether good or bad, would be determined. However, the students coming out of school still had a lot of s.p.a.ce to grow.

On the first day of the training camp, Qie Er made the elves line up on the training ground.

On the large training ground, the earlier batches of elves who had entered the training camp couldn’t be seen; only the members of Shen Yanxiao’s batch were there.

Shen Yanxiao and An Ran stood at the very end of the line, and the elves standing near them opened the distance between them as much as possible. It was obviously a form of rejection.

"Do you all know why there are no other elves here?" Qie Er, with his hands behind his back, stretched his face and looked at the elves under him.

The elves shook their heads.

Qie Er said, "Because your real training will not take place here, this is just a place for you to practice your archery skills and physical strength. Your real training will take place there!" Qie Er raised his finger and pointed to the north of the training camp area.

There, one could see a seven-story tower. The green vegetation outside winded around the quaint tower, wrapping the entire tower.

"That is called the Pure Spirit Tower. It is divided into seven floors. Starting from the first floor, you will feel the power of the Tree of Life stronger than any place. The first floor is the area where the power of the Tree of Life is the most spa.r.s.e. Once you can withstand the power there, you can then proceed to the second floor. The more you go up, the stronger the power of the Tree of Life." Qie Er explained.

The faces of the elves displayed puzzled expressions more than antic.i.p.ation.

Everyone knew that the closer you were to the Tree of Life, the stronger the power you could feel. This was the greatest blessings to the elves. The seventh floor of the Pure Spirit Tower was clearly the most powerful place, so why did they have to cultivate starting from the first floor?

There were obviously better choices, why not let them go directly to the seventh floor?

The elves could not figure out what this arrangement was for.

However, Shen Yanxiao noticed the key points in Qie Er’s statement.

He said that when they could withstand the power in the first floor, they could then proceed to the second floor.

Obviously, such an arrangement in the training camp was definitely not unreasonable. How strong could the power in the Pure Spirit Tower be that it would make the elf in charge of the training camp worry that they would not be able to bear it?

Shen Yanxiao produced a great curiosity about the Pure Spirit Tower.

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