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All the elves fell one after another. The whole room was in chaos as sounds of wailing came out of the mouths of the elves in a series. 

Mournful wailing could be heard everywhere.

Sitting in the corner, Shen Yanxiao opened her eyes and looked at the elves who had fallen to the ground. 

 An Ran also opened his eyes, and everything in front of him made him instantly shocked. 

"This... what is going on?" An Ran was surprised to see the elves in his surroundings twitching convulsively. He s.h.i.+fted his gaze to Shen Yanxiao, giving her a fl.u.s.tered look.

Shen Yanxiao shook her head; she also did not know why. 

The Pure Spirit Tower was filled with wailing, with all the elves in a mess. However Qie Er who was standing at the entrance remained expressionless, as if such an accident wasn’t something surprising at all.

Qie Er continued to ignore them as he put away the sheepskin book and the feathered pen, after which he turned around and knocked on the closed door. 

The next second, the door of the Pure Spirit Tower was opened. The two Flaming Giant Apes, who were waiting outside the door bent down to slowly enter the room. Their long arms were exposed as they grabbed the elves who had fallen to the ground. Their actions were not a bit gentle but rather simple and rough.

The Flaming Giant Apes didn’t think too much of the tall and slender elves. Pretty soon, the over twenty elves were quickly hoisted on their shoulder. 

When the two Flaming Giant Apes were about to pick up the last two elves, they hesitated for a while.

Shen Yanxiao slightly looked up, her face still remained calmed as if these two giant creatures before her were just small hills. Meanwhile, An Ran, who was sitting beside her, was clenching his fist tightly. His gaze pierced those two Flaming Giant Apes who seemed confused. 

The Flaming Giant Apes were so huge that they could even be mistaken as walls made out of flesh. Their shadows covered Shen Yanxiao and An Ran’s small bodies, and with these giants just a meter away, the pressure coming from them was enough to suffocate anyone.

Shen Yanxiao looked at the Flaming Giant Apes. Her eyes were calm and without ripples. She just casually glanced at the semi-conscious elves lying on their shoulders. Her mind, however, was thinking of something else.

The Flaming Giant Apes looked puzzled at the two elves who were still in good condition. Their task was to bring all the elves who were in bad state out, but the two in front of them... 

They were completely fine, were they not?

Did they still need to carry them out?

Or not? 

"Yan Xiao, An Ran, you two follow me.” Qie Er’s voice sounded in time to dispel the dilemma of the two Flaming Giant Apes.

"Roar!" The Flaming Giant Apes understood Qie Er’s words and immediately turned around and ran out, their huge body causing tremor on the entire ground.

Shen Yanxiao stood up. An Ran immediately asked, "What happened to them?" 

Shen Yanxiao replied, "I don't know, however Qie Er must know about it, let’s just wait for him to explain it later. By the way, you just absorbed the power from the Pure Spirit Tower, do you feel any discomfort?”

An Ran carefully thought about it before saying, "There’s a point I felt uncomfortable. The power here is awfully strong. I did what you said and slowed down my absorption. At first, it was still fine, however after some time, the power caused a negative effect on my source of life; fortunately it was not that big.” 

An Ran did not know why, but after looking at the other elves, he could not help but give birth to a thought: the only elves who were left unharmed from their group were him and Yan Xiao; unlike the other elves, they did not encounter any accident. He could not help but feel like this was all due to Yan Xiao’s words before. 

She told him to slow down his absorption, and he certainly had followed her instructions.

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