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"Yes." Shen Yanxiao nodded her head.

The other party’s face immediately revealed a smile.

"I heard Wu Yue mention you, haha, little fella looks very pleasing to the eyes. My name is Wu En, also a member of the Moonlight Tribe." Wu En smiled at the little fellow who had just joined their big family; there was a hard-to-hide joy in the bottom of his eyes.

Because of the growth of Shen Yanxiao’s source of life, she had undergone subtle changes in appearance. Her appearance before was considered to be a stunning beauty among human beings, but among the elves, she was only at best a delicate beauty. However, as she broke through the realm of the silver level of the elves, her facial features became more and more refined, and her skin turned whiter and more flawless. Even in the world of elves, she was now considered a beauty capable of causing the downfall of a city.

Coupled with the usual smiling appearance of Shen Yanxiao, how could Wu En, who had not seen any younger tribesmen of their own for a long time, not be fond of her?

Shen Yanxiao blinked her eyes, this Wu Yue seemed to refer to Elder Yue?

"Hey, little fella, you finally got to your own home, why don't you go in? What if you catch a cold with this chilly wind blowing on you?" Wu En originally liked the elf upon seeing her; now that he knew that this elf belonged to his own tribe, he liked her even more. So he was deeply afraid of Shen Yanxiao being blown by the biting wind and catching a cold.

"Grandmaster Wu En!" A young elf suddenly rushed to the side of Wu En, holding a bottle of crystal-clear potion in his hand.

"Ah? Boy, why are you here again?" Wu En looked at the young man who suddenly popped up, speechless.

The young elf wanted to cry but had no tears as he looked at Wu En and said, "Master Wu, I have been waiting for you for a few days now, just help me point out what is the problem with this Recovery Potion."

Wu En creased up his nose and responded, "Go back, I don't have time today. I will tell you another day."


Not waiting for the young elf to finish his sentence, Wu En directly took Shen Yanxiao by hand and walked inside the Moonlight Tribe residence, completely leaving behind the elf who was about to cry from anxiousness behind him.

Shen Yanxiao was dragged by Wu En all the way. Halfway, she looked back at the young elf who was weeping with tears.

She had heard that the Recovery Potion was a master potion, and among the master potions, it was considered a very high level potion, at least she could not do it when she had just become a Master Pharmacist.

That elf actually ran to ask Wu En, and Wu En didn’t seem to think that there was any difficulty in creating a Recovery Potion.

Could it be, Wu En was already at the peak of the Master Pharmacist?

Shen Yanxiao, with such a guess in her heart, turned her head forward.

However, she did not notice that the Moonlight Tribe badge hanging on her chest had already fallen into the eyes of the young elf when she turned her head just now, with her body slightly twisted.

Almost in an instant, the crying of the young elf halted!

"Have I... turned blind?" The young elf doubtfully reached out to rub his eyes.

Why did he seem to see the Moonlight Tribe badge on that little elf's body?

How was that possible?

He must have been working too hard this time, so he was seeing an illusion!

For many years, the number of elves in the Moonlight Tribe had been shrinking. He had never seen any newborns, either. That elf was still too young, so how could she be a member of Moonlight Tribe?

He must really have seen an illusion!



It was an illusion!

He had to go back and take a rest. He was so d.a.m.n tired that his eyes might have gone bad!

At the same time that the young elf was entangled with his own dimmed eyesight, Wu En had already entered the Moonlight Tribe house while pulling Shen Yanxiao, full of energy.

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