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Chapter 170th Exposed? (1)

Ling Yue led Shen Yanxiao and the others directly to the tent where the mentors are stationed. Inside the tent, besides from several unfamiliar faces, she unexpectedly saw two ‘acquaintances’.

Kang Si and Na Ken were quietly sitting on a chair inside the tent. When they saw Shen Yanxiao and the others come in, they just glanced up a little, then continued to look down on the book in their hands. Other mentors in the tent were busy with their own things, and it seemed that no one was paying attention to their arrival.

Ling Yue stared at the five people in the team. The test results of most of the students were already counted out, and many of the students were eliminated in the test. The students will be graded according to the time spent in the dark forest, and the students who had successfully grabbed the badge of course have a different result.

Some teams were only able to grab a few badges in seven days, with each member having only one or two pieces on their hands. And the stronger teams have only dozens of badges. These teams were mostly the groups who had the understanding of the antidote and had configured it in the next few days of the exam, so as to regain the strength to rob a lot of badges. However, after the recovery of the strength, discordant things appeared in a lot of teams.

Some swordsmen and magicians relied on the recovery of their strength to take a lot of badges into their own possessions, the ranks of priests and pharmacists had only one or two badges, though there were few teams who evenly divided the badges for each member. 

These teams are temporary patchworks, there is no mutual affection between the members. The swordsmen and the magicians, after these offensive professions regained the strength, the priests and pharmacists, such auxiliary occupations will naturally be subjected to strong bullying. But they really do not have the ability or courage to resist the combat profession students, and can only honestly pick up some leftovers

Even worst, there will not be a single badge left for the priests and pharmacists and instead suffer from a direct beating.

In short, in the later part of the test, the problems between the teams gradually surfaced, and the people being sent to the infirmary also gradually increased. For this situation, the mentors are secretly frowning.

The eyes of Ling Yue fell upon the five students. Their team is composed of a magician, a knight, a priest and two pharmacists. The real offensive professions are only Qi Xia and Yang Xi, and no matter how strong Yan Yu’s strength as a priest is, he cannot be the opponent of the two people. As for Tang Nazhi and Shen Yanxiao, they were only freshmen in the pharmaceutical branch, they simply don’t have any fighting ability at all.

If Qi Xia and Yang Xi were to encroach on most of the badges, then the other three people basically have no ability to resist.

Even if for the sake of giving face to the five great clans, the most will only be divided between Yan Yu and Tang Nazhi. Shen Jue is just a member of a smaller branch family of the Vermillion Bird Clan, it is impossible to get any badge for himself.

However, interestingly enough, the number of badges on the possessions of the five people can be said to be exactly the same, no one had deliberately encroach on. Ling Yue even found that the youngest, Shen Jue, seems to have a few more badges on his body than the other four people.

This is almost impossible in other teams

The weakest person in the team has the most badges?

This kind of thing is only possible because of two reasons – one, this student named Shen Jue is actually a hidden master; second is this team’s harmonious degree far everybody’s expectations.

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