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Chapter 175

Chapter 175th G.o.d of Magicians (3)

Ling Yue glanced at the data and didn’t realize what was wrong. He could not understand why the faces of the mentors were so bitter.

“Grade them according to the time of their elimination.“

The mentors exchanged a look between each others, depressed, they said: “We would like ah. But there are at least several groups of people who have been eliminated at the same time. And the number adds up to hundreds of people. How do we differentiate their results?”

Can a total of hundreds of people play the same score?

If so, they were afraid that the last few of each branch will be stuffed full.

“How did that happened?” Ling Yue was also a little dumbfounded. There is nothing wrong in being eliminated half-way through the test, but hundreds of people eliminated at the same time, that is a bit strange.

“You have perhaps forgotten. Haven’t we often gone into the dark forest to bring students out these past few days?” One mentor remarked bitterly.

“I remember.” Ling Yue clearly remembers that these past days, a large number of students who have been frozen into ice were moved to the encampment by their mentors with the use of magic.

“This is entirely the work of your good student, Qi Xia. These groups of students were unaware of their whereabouts. They had incredibly lured them to the same area. Until their number is almost up, he dumped an ice and snow magic, turning all the students into ice lumps in just a few minutes.”

Those students were almost eliminated at the same time and they could not distinguish their grades at all.

Ling Yue opened his mouth. He has been busy investigating the warlock these past few days and had not really paid attention to the movements of other students in the test.

But …

Ice and snow magic?

Don’t make a joke. That’s a high-level magic that only a senior magician can use, how old is he? How did he become a senior magician?

“Are you sure you’re not wrong?” Ling Yue didn’t believe. Even though Qi Xia had broken through the level of intermediate magician at the age of 14, but spending two years from intermediate magician to the senior magician, that’s just too aberrant!

Ling Yue himself had spent seven or eight years of time only to be promoted from intermediate magician to senior magician, this speed was already praised by his mentor.

If this time is shortened to two years?

Looking at the entire Long Xuan Empire, he’s afraid that only Ouyang Huanyu, this super genius can accomplish such a feat.

“We are very sure. Also, according to the students, Qi Xia was not chanting when he’s using the ice and snow magic.”

“Not chanting?” Ling Yue’s eyes widened that they almost pop out from their socket.

The only possible way to perform magic without chanting is that the magician’s level has surpa.s.sed the level of magic. The ice and snow is a senior-level magician’s magic. To go beyond a senior-level magic, then it can only be…

Advanced magician!?

Ling Yue drew a deep breath, he nearly fainted.

“Heavens.. What a joke, a 16 years old advanced magician … … G.o.d, if this thing is true, the achievement of Qi Xia will certainly surpa.s.s that of our Dean!” Ling Yue clutched his chest, he was having difficulty digesting the news.

It’s not that he didn’t believe, but the content of the news is too absurd. Two years from the intermediate magician jumping to the senior magician is already way too inconceivable, if he directly jumped to the advanced magician…

Oh heavens! Qi Xia can even contend with the G.o.d of Magicians!

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