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Chapter 285 - Ye Qing's Invitation (2)

Not even mentioning Shen Yanxiao, who was just a regular pharmacist student, even the pharmacist teachers were trying to become Ye Qing's disciple.

However, no matter how many people wanted to hug Ye Qing's superior thigh, the result was Ye Qing declining them all. Ye Qing from the start had no intentions of a.s.sociating himself with the matter of looking for a.s.sistants. However right now, Ye Qing had personally extended an invitation to Shen Yanxiao!!!

Pu Lisi almost spit out a mouthful of blood from his throat. Even he, himself, wanted to become Ye Qing's disciple.

Although they were currently in the same level, Master Pharmacist, Ye Qing was only one step away from being an Honorable Master Pharmacist. The gap between Pu Lisi and Ye Qing were like a chasm that was hard to cross.

Usually, getting one or two pointers from Ye Qing had already satisfied him. But now, Ye Qing really wanted to accept this kid as his disciple!

There was no justice.

s.h.a.gguan Xiao had been watching the whole drama, and his mood was more complex than Pu Lisi at this moment. It was such a great thing that he was able to become Pu Lisi's disciple through the Master Pharmacists’ exams, but he also knew how big the gap was between Pu Lisi and Ye Qing.

He was so proud when he had been accepted by Pu Lisi, but now...

That ugly little devil had really managed to get the attention of the number one Pharmacist in the Long Xuan Empire, and this made him wanted to kill him!

Shen Yanxiao was also somewhat surprised. Just a moment ago, she was ready to leave here after she had rejected Pu Lisi, but she didn't believe that Ye Qing would unexpectedly extend such an invitation to her.

Looking at Ye Qing’s gentle face, Shen Yanxiao found it very hard to reject this kind old man’s invitation, not to mention how great Ye Qing's attainments in pharmaceutical field were.

[Annoying Sky: OMG, you mean you’ll accept it because you can’t reject it? *facepalm*]

Also, Ye Qing's temperament was very mild, befitting of the t.i.tle of the Master Pharmacist.

Shen Yanxiao looked at Pu Lisi who was beside him, his mouth twitching. She impressively smiled and said to Ye Qing: "It's my greatest honor to receive Master Ye Qing’s attention."

Shen Yanxiao gladly accepted Ye Qing's invitation.

Pu Lisi spat out blood!

Ye Qing chuckled and his mood seemed good.

"Lou De, this little guy will follow me for the moment and will not go to the Pharmaceutical Branch, tell this to his mentor." Although Ye Qing's status was honorable, but his conduct was worthy of praise. He was very comprehensive in everything.

"That's naturally so!" Lou De's heart was beating very fast unceasingly. He never dreamed that Shen Yanxiao would be so fortunate to unexpectedly become Ye Qing's disciple!

That was really beyond his expectations.

He then paid his respect to Ye Qing by bowing. With Shen Yanxiao's apt.i.tude, at the very least, she could also shock those pharmacists in the Advanced level. If she was fortunate to become a Master Pharmacist, then Lou De's future would be bright as well.

After all, Shen Yanxiao was the gifted guy that he had unearthed.

Ye Qing smiled and looked down at Shen Yanxiao's pet.i.te figure before he said: "In the future, you will follow me, are you ready to endure hards.h.i.+p? My requirements are very strict."

Shen Yanxiao slightly smiled and replied: "I'll do my best to not disappoint Master Ye Qing's expectations."

To be able to stay in the library to study the Blood Feast Potion was naturally the best. After all, these masters had been studying Blood Feast Potions’ results for many years, much more detailed than her own closed doors practices. Coupled with Ye Qing's temperament and her apt.i.tude, Shen Yanxiao could say that this arrangement was very satisfying to her.

Ye Qing made a little pointer, and actually, the more he looked at Shen Yanxiao, the more he found her pleasing to the eyes.

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