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Chapter 294 - Registration (2)

In this world, was there such a pharmacist who would reject the invitation of a Master Pharmacist? Also, during that time, Shen Yanxiao didn't know that there was a better Ye Qing waiting!

"Good, little la.s.s, you really have the guts." Tang Nazhi silently wiped away his cold sweat. Daring to refuse Pu Lisi in his face, she was simply as good as a G.o.d, alright?

Everyone knew that Master Pu Lisi had an infamously foul temper, and he was petty and narrow minded. He would never let anyone who embarra.s.sed him off the hook so easily.

Shen Yanxiao not only did what many couldn't do, she also refused his invitation in front of his face.

So this matter made him lose his face. And they feared that behind their backs, he was very furious and was spitting up blood.

Fortunately, Shen Yanxiao was now following Ye Qing, or else, with Pu Lisi's temperament, he was afraid that he wouldn't let Shen Yanxiao continue to stay in the Pharmaceutical Branch.

Even if Pu Lisi had a big courage, he would also not dare to humiliate Ye Qing's disciple in front of him.

After Tang Nazhi had digested this news, he looked at Shangguan Xiao's face which had became incomparably complex.

Because of Pu Lisi's favor, these students wors.h.i.+pped and favored him as well. No one knew that this mentor who was admired by everyone wasn’t wanted by Shen Yanxiao!

Was there anything more amusing than this?

Shangguan Xiao didn't realize that he was being looked down upon with laughing eyes. He raised his chin and stuck out his chest. Under the envious gazes of many, he arrived at the registration place.

Because of his arrival, the original students, who had gathered there, immediately made a path for him to get through to the mentor at the registration place.

Shangguan Xiao proudly walked past everyone. The eyes full of envy from all directions satisfied him greatly.

He was at the top of the Pharmaceutical Branch and was also a Master Pharmacist’s closest disciple.

"Shangguan Xiao, you also came to register." The mentor in charge of the registration couldn't help but also be polite when he saw Shangguan Xiao by some degree.

This was Master Pu Lisi's disciple. Being a.s.sociated with Master Pu Lisi would likely carry him up, and his value would also rise. He was not someone whom they, the little mentors, could offend.

The mentors were very polite, letting other students feel that Shangguan Xiao was special.

Shangguan Xiao nodded with a pair of arrogant postures.

"Hey, let's squeeze in now, or you won't get to eat at noon." Even if Shangguan Xiao was before the registration table, seeing that the students had made way, Tang Nazhi directly pulled and dragged Shen Yanxiao along.

[Annoying Sky: This b.a.s.t.a.r.d XD]

Honestly, if they followed the line, he was afraid that their name wouldn't be registered even after lunch time. Although it didn't matter to him, Shen Yanxiao still needed to go to the Archer Branch in the afternoon.

Shen Yanxiao was pulled by Tang Nazhi into the crowd, but she had a pet.i.te figure, so as soon as she dared to enter, she was drowned in the crowd instantly.

Shangguan Xiao had just written his name on the list when the crowd around him burst into a commotion.

He knit his brows with disgust and then looked up.

The tall figure of Tang Nazhi suddenly squeezed out from the crowd.

Shangguan Xiao gazed at Tang Nazhi without saying anything.

The matter about Tang Nazhi studying pharmaceutical books a.s.siduously for two years in order to rush into the Pharmaceutical Branch was already well-known to people. But they hadn't laughed at this big young master even in private because no one dared to offend the five great clans’ young masters.

No matter how much of a waste Tang Nazhi was when it comes to pharmaceutics, the Black Tortoise Clan behind him was enough to shut everyone up.

No one dared to provoke the five great clans.


Ai Lin (Editor): Hey, kek. This is your new editor, and I would like to try out sneak peek. Do tell us what you think, and do you like it this way or what. ^^ Here we go:

It’s actually him!

Shangguan Xiao clearly remembered that day this devil hadn’t only continuously humiliated Pu Lisi, but had also mercilessly rejected Pu Lisi’s invitation. It was hard for him to forget it! This little demon had acted recklessly, but he unexpectedly snagged Ye Qing’s favor instead!

(From drama: Love Me If You Dare 他来了请闭眼)

Ai Lin: Oh, NO!! He found him, and he is going to be forced to compete, O.o Who is going to win? Shen Yanxiao, you better beat him up for Tang!!  

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