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Chapter 310 - The First One to Advance a Stage (3)

Pu Lisi had also tried several times to see what that smelly brat was doing, but he failed every time he did. He was so annoyed that he wanted those mentors to cut down the banner.

It could be said that when Shen Yanxiao took over that place, she was really well hidden from the others’ sights.

The spectating students stretched their necks out and looked at the works of the other nine students. Shangguan Xiao was far superior than them in terms of speed and quality.

The students were watching him as he refined the medicinal herbs methodically and turned them into ingredients which were needed for his potion. Their eyes were filled with envy and jealousy.

Being able to sit at the top of the Pharmaceutical Branch, Shangguan Xiao’s strength was naturally strong.

He only spent eight minutes to quickly refine the thirty-five herbs in his hands.

He was also the first person who had completed this entire refining process.

There were still two minutes left when Shangguan Xiao had finished refining the herbs. He calmly wiped his hands with a handkerchief and arrogantly raised his chin slightly before looking towards Shen Yanxiao who was busy in front of him.

"Waste," Shangguan Xiao said. The corner of his lips was curled up as he coldly gazed at Shen Yanxiao’s figure.

Spending a long time just to refine a few medicinal herbs, how could he be compared to him?

Afterwards, the remaining partic.i.p.ants had finished refining their medicinal herbs one after another.

In the whole place, only Shen Yanxiao was left refining the medicinal herbs.

There were only thirty seconds left, yet she still didn’t seem to stop.

Lin Xuan and the other people couldn’t help but be secretly drenched in cold sweat in her place.

The rest of the remaining students, who had already completed the task, couldn’t help but watch the good scene of that pet.i.te figure busily refining her medicinal herbs.

"There’s not much time left, why not just admit defeat quickly. Anyway, no one expects you to win, so you don’t need to slap your face till it's swollen just to look impressive!” a student maliciously shouted at Shen Yanxiao’s back.

"Anyway, even if you lose, it isn’t like you’re the one who’s losing the money nor it’s you who’s leaving the Pharmaceutical Branch. Why are you being hard on yourself?" Everyone laughed. When Shen Yanxiao took the first spot, everyone was surprised, but now that the second stage began, everything turned back to normal.

Sure enough, this brat pa.s.sed the first stage for another reason. And now that the time had come for him to show his ability, he was simply unable to do it within the given short period of time.

Jeers and laughter rang incessantly.

Those voices were not concealed, so it gradually spread to the spectators’ area.

Among the crowd, Tang Nazhi was clenching his fist as he narrowed his eyes; his body began to move.

But the next second, a slender white hand pressed his shoulder down, awakening him and stopping him at the same time from what he was about to do.

Tang Nazhi was surprised to see Qi Xia’s cunning fox-like eyes.

"Don't be hasty, can't you see that the little fellow is ignoring this crowd of idiots?" Qi Xia said with a smile and merriment in his eyes.

"Why are you here?" Tang Nazhi watched Qi Xia speechlessly. All the branches had their compet.i.tion today. And so obviously, Qi Xia should be in the Magician Branch’s compet.i.tion.

Qi Xia raised his eyebrows before looking at the compet.i.tion area where Shen Yanxiao stood. He said in an easygoing and indifferent manner, "Such things can be settled in one second with one move, do you think I can waste so much time?"

Tang Nazhi’s mouth couldn’t help but slightly twitch. If Shangguan Xiao’s t.i.tle as the top student of the Pharmaceutical Branch was earned slowly, then it could be said that Qi Xia, this evildoer, had gained it by shattering everyone's self-confidence into smithereens.

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