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Chapter 329 - Demon Spirit (1)

Shen Yanxiao slightly frowned. How come after she heard all of that, she couldn’t help but think this was a very dangerous plant? But why was this plant would be mixed in this pile of herbs? She looked at the drawer again which contained White Marsh Herbs. Those White Marsh Herbs seemed to be no different from the usual White Marsh Herbs.

"Is this thing very dangerous?" Ouyang Huanyu had been helping Yun Qi with the Blood Feast Potion which required a White Marsh Herb. If Ye Qing and other people didn’t notice the difference between the Demon Spirit plant and White Marsh Herb, and put it in the Blood Feast Potion, could that harm Yun Qi then?

Shen Yanxiao was pondering whether to destroy this thing right away. Otherwise, if what Xiu said was real, then whether it was Ye Qing or Yun Qi, it was possible that the Demon Spirit plant could harmed them both.

Yun Qi was her benefactor and master, and she was also grateful to Ye Qing. She wasn’t willing to see any of them be hurt.

Shen Yanxiao might be a heartless person, but she had a lot of respect for the elders who really cared for her.

This was also the case when she was learning the art of stealing. Back then, she was just an unknown little guy in the organization, and she could become a victim of the organization at any time. If the previous G.o.dly thief in the organization had not fancied her and taught her stealing skills, she was afraid she couldn’t be a world-famous G.o.dly thief.

Shen Yanxiao had a great respect for her master who had taught her the art of stealing.

Her master once told her that as an unscrupulous person living in the dark, everything could be abandoned, except for the loyalty to her master.

Shen Yanxiao remembered his words very clearly.

For her, even if a master had only thought her for one day, she already considered them as her father for a lifetime. This was the principle that she had always adhered to.

Xiu said, 'If it is use to make medicine and potions, it will be the most terrible poison. With the accomplishments of human medicine, there will absolutely be no remedy. But, this will be the perfect plant in the whole world to captive demons. '

Shen Yanxiao was pondering over Xiu’s words. She always felt that Xiu’s words were always hinting something.

"This thing can really produce dark elements? If I remember correctly, you have once said before that if you want to restore your strength, you have to absorb the dark elements in the crystallic nucleus, and the demons themselves can also produce dark elements. Are you able to extract it directly from them?”

The number of crystallic nucleus that Xiu needed now was too much. Even if she was to collect all of Long Xuan Empire‘s crystallic nucleus, she was  afraid it would still be difficult to meet his needs.

If the Demon Spirit plant was so powerful, wouldn't it be best if she could use it for her own benefits?

Xiu thought for a moment before he said,  'Having said that, solely relying on a Demon Spirit plant, I'm afraid with my current strength, it is difficult to utilize it. If you can find the Skeleton Flower and Inflammation Gra.s.s, and plant all three of them together, they can indeed replace the crystallic nucleus. Then, I could take up only one month to make use of the dark elements created by the three plants and help you unlock the fourth seal.'

Only needed a month? Shen Yanxiao’s eyes immediately lit up.

Based on her current speed of collecting crystallic nucleus, it would at least take up more than a year before she could unlock the fourth seal, and this was still the case of having a sufficient number of nucleus. But because of her large acquisition, the number of crystallic nucleus in the Long Xuan Empire now had been constantly shrinking.

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