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In fact, the four animals had little interest in becoming the champion. As for the ridiculous barren land territorial rights...

For these four pampered young masters to go in the middle of nowhere where even birds don't p.o.o.p to develop a city, this was simply a joke.

"We'll see when the time comes." Qi Xia said noncommittally.

The other three did not say anything more either.

In the blink of an eye, one day had pa.s.sed. The sun shone on the ground and the day of the finals of the Long Xuan Empire school tournament finally arrived.

On this day, both inside and outside the venue were packed. The people were looking forward to the most wonderful battle of all and also to the rumored Warlock.

Almost all the people in Snow Blowing City came to watch. The venue that could hold about tens of thousands of people was stuffed with nearly 30,000 people. People in the entire venue were next to each other that it was very difficult to move one step.

In this way, there was a large number of people outside the venue who were unable to squeeze themselves inside and could only cry in the corner.

Warlock ah! That was a rarely seen profession in hundreds of years!

People were afraid of Warlock, but at the same time curious. So they were looking forward to the Warlock's appearance.

Over the years of the decline of the Warlocks, people no longer remembered the Warlocks' skills, and they could no longer recall the way how the Warlocks fight. Everything about the Warlocks was unfamiliar to them.

A large number of people were curious. But there was also a part of them that could not help but question.

It was not a wrong thing to question the acceptance of the Warlock's registration in this school tournament. The mistakes made by the Warlocks were deeply imprinted in the hearts of those who questioned. Even though they did not really witness the disaster themselves, the problems left behind by that disaster was still fresh in their memories.

They despised such a profession that always hid in the dark from the bottom of their hearts. They were like sewer rats that could only hide in disgusting places, they could not compare with other professions at all.

The remaining six players arrived early at the venue. Looking at the sea of people, these few teenagers were still fairly calm.

Only the student who represented the Pharmacist profession in the finals was saddened. Although he had great Pharmaceutical skills, Pharmacists were just far too vulnerable compared to other professions.

Every season of the school tournament, the semi-finals was the finals for the Pharmacists. The real finals were not a battle they could play.

"Do you really think that Little Xiao will come?" Tang Nazhi was still a bit uneasy. He looked left and right trying to find that familiar figure in the crowd, but the dense crowd had already made him unable to tell apart the faces of people.

Qi Xia swept Tang Nazhi a glance and said in a languid voice, "This is the one hundred and thirteenth times you have asked that."

"..." Tang Nazhi cleared his throat and no longer spoke.

Ouyang Huanyu stood among the crowd. His powerful aura let the crowd create a s.p.a.ce just for him. In such a crowded place, he obtained a relaxing area.

He, too, was waiting for the appearance of that little guy.

A minute's time had pa.s.sed, the finals were about to start, but there were still only six figures in the center of the venue.

People began to wonder and started talking.

They began to speculate whether the news of the Warlock's partic.i.p.ation was real.

The old man who hosted the finals walked up to the center of the venue. He looked at the six players and looked up at the sky. He asked the people on the side some questions, which seemed to be related to the Warlock who was about to be late.

After getting some answers, the old man nodded.

The audience was already feeling impatient.

"Could it be that Warlock was terrified and did not dare to appear?"

Suddenly, the blue sky was dyed with crimson, a huge shadow towered over the venue, then the surrounding temperature gradually rose. People finally perceived a trace of strangeness and looked up puzzledly.


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