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The boss of Phantom? Her? Don't be ridiculous!

"Hehe, this is not funny." Shen Yanxiao's mouth twitched as she spoke.

Unfortunately, the other people simply did not take her feeble protest as a thing.

Yan Yu nodded in agreement and said, "Ah, indeed. In accordance with our original rules, Little Xiao has qualified."

Yang Xi shrugged his shoulders, "I have no objection."

As Shen Yanxiao's number one fan, naturally, it was impossible for Tang Nazhi to object. He nodded like he was pounding a garlic while sitting on the side, not even raising his both hands and feet to express his approval.

Qi Xia swept his gaze in a circle before he smiled and said,  "Since we all agree, then it's settled, Little Xiao is now our Phantom's little boss."

Shen Yanxiao's complexion turned green.

Was this herd of animals exchanging meaningful glances at one another? Could they not tell a bit that she did not want to be a little boss?

After joining the Phantom, working side-by-side with these four animals already required great psychological endurance. If she went ahead and became their boss, then, would not that compel her to become a beast!

With the thought of her dark future, Shen Yanxiao suddenly stood up. Staring at the four animals who were full of smiles she said, "Settled my foot, I disagree! I am not interested in becoming the little boss or whatever!"

Shen Yanxiao's words of protest soon attracted the encouragement of the four animals.

"There's nothing wrong with being the little boss, you can enslave us justifiably." Qi Xia completely abandoned his face, using the principle of moving someone by using sentiments to entice her.

"There is free food." Yan Yu put forward another temptation.

"Azure Dragon Clan will prioritize supplying you weapons." Yang Xi threw out the seduction of weapons.

"..." Tang Nazhi had been robbed of the opportunity to speak first by the three people and kept holding in for a long time.

"I can do whatever you want."

"... ..." Shen Yanxiao already had no idea as to what kind of expression she should put on in front of these four animals. This was basically pus.h.i.+ng someone to do things way beyond their ability. It was an unfathomable mystery how she end up being the little boss.

But she really did not want to become a beast that would manage these several animals!

It was a pity that no matter how she resisted, the four animals had already acquiesced to this fact.

Against the four people, Shen Yanxiao felt her own weak situation!

"Unfortunately, we cannot summon our magical beast in this tournament, otherwise we won’t need to personally fight at all." Tang Nazhi leaned against the chair. Every magical beast had an irreplaceable role in battle, but what made people depressed was that as long as it was a compet.i.tion between schools, the use of magical beast was strictly prohibited. Otherwise, just their five Mythological Beasts were enough to kill enemies from thousands of miles away.

"But Little Xiao's appearance today while riding the Vermillion Bird was seriously explosive! " Yan Yu touched his chin, remembering that sensational moment in the venue.

In their whole life, just how many people had seen a legendary Mythological Beast that rarely appeared in front of people? Shen Yanxiao's first appearance was done in such a grand way, how could the audience not be shocked!

Shen Yanxiao's head was lowered as she silently nibbled at the food before her. She decided to ignore these few bullies who were no more than animals!

"When the Vermillion Bird appeared, Black Tortoise was boiling inside my body. If it were not for me forcibly suppressing him, I expect it would have rushed out of my body on the spot." Tang Nazhi said while patting his chest.

"Although the five ancient beast deities now have different masters they are serving, they had mutual friends.h.i.+p for a long time. It's normal to get excited after seeing their old friends. However, Qilin seems not content." Qi Xia replied with a smile.

Shen Yanxiao stared off into the distance. So the five ancient beast deities have that kind of relation.

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