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The day of the auction was getting nearer and nearer. There were already many people that had entered the Barren Land. These people held various powers from different influential families in the Radiance Continent. There were also wealthy lords and hidden experts that were secretly coming. But no matter who they were, each of them expected that it would be challenging to go to the Barren Land. 

No one knew what kind of danger awaited them inside the land of the demons. Families with powerful strength had even gathered a group of elites just to join in their travel. Local rich tyrants spent a great deal of money just to hire a large number of mercenaries to escort them. As for those who were originally strong and had a contract with a powerful magical beast, they had a firm trust in their own capability and dared to go without any help. 

Such a large flow of people really made the generals stationed at the borders of the Long Xuan Empire really busy as they had to examine their day and night.

During that inspection, a lot of people who were going to the auction house had formed a temporary alliance at the border. 

The Barren Land was a well-known dangerous place, and no one was sure if they had brought enough manpower this time. Instead of fighting each other, it was far better to join forces and take care of each other while walking through the road. 

Therefore, in the borders of the Barren Land, a lot of people could be seen banding together in different ways. If they met someone they knew, they would instantly talk about forming an alliance. If they did not know anyone, then they would rely on their shameless mouths and thick skins.

Was this not the right time for them to drink a few cups of wine with each other and lament the situation they would soon encounter?

The originally independent forces began to join hands with others around the border of the Long Xuan Empire and then stepped into the Barren Land together.

Of course, the alliance between them would terminate once they arrived at The Rising Sun City. Once they were in The Rising Sun City, they would immediately be hostile with one another. 

The journey to The Rising Sun City was such a huge risk. They did not join forces for the sake of the other force; they also had their own purpose. 

The groups were wary of one another, but they did not want to carelessly throw their lives in the Barren Land, hence they had no choice but to form a temporary alliance.  

The first day... 

The place was a bit broken, but there was no danger. It seemed that it was not as terrible as people said. 

The second day...

Were they really in Barren Land? Where were the infamous demons? Even their shadows, they could not be seen.

On the third day... 

“Does Brother Li want to come to my carriage and drink with me?” 

“Oh, Brother w.a.n.g, I happen to have snacks that go well with alcohol in me, I will go there right away.” 

“Is the Liu family’s master interested in playing a game of chess with me?”

“Excellent, excellent...” 

The same group of people suddenly felt that the Barren Land was not as terrible as the rumor said. They had been in the Barren Land for three days, yet they still could not see any demons and only piles of ruins. They even began to doubt the rumors surrounding the Barren Land.

The group of  people had already loosened their alertness and nervousness as they continued their journey.

In the morning, the family masters would drink in their carriage, and then in the afternoon they would go and play chess.

Reciting poems, arms around each other’s shoulders, the long journey before them no longer seemed dangerous. 

Regardless of where they came from, today was not the time to worry about anything; instead, today was about drinking together without a care. 

Even their guards who had been responsible for their safety felt awfully depressed that this journey had been too easy. They were not as alert as they previously were. They would even occasionally slack off and talk with their brothers, completely feeling at ease. 

They felt weird, thinking that this place that was rumored to be dangerous was not even that scary. They even felt like they came to this place just to sightsee.

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