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Gu Feng felt embarra.s.sed when he noticed that Long Xueyao was ignoring him.

Long Xueyao was the only daughter of Long Fei, the City Lord of the Blizzard City. Long Fei was governing both Blizzard Mercenary Corps and Blizzard City. Hence, his position in the Divine Wind Alliance seemed to surpa.s.s that of the other four heads. Long Fei had no son, and he was deeply in love with his wife, so after she pa.s.sed away, he never took in another wife again even after however many years had pa.s.sed. 

Hence, everything Long Fei possessed right now would be all inherited by his daughter, Long Xueyao. Although Long Xueyao’s appearance was not something that could ruin a country, she was still considered a beauty and was very lovely. Furthermore, soon she would inherit a lot of great things. This was already enough to make the heads of the four mercenary corps have some thoughts. 

Gu Feng had also intended to be close to Long Xueyao. And due to the good relations.h.i.+p between their fathers, he had more advantages in getting close to her.

When Long Fei got seriously ill and dispatched Fang Qiu’s mercenary corps to get him a Joy-Sucking Gra.s.s, Long Xueyao volunteered to come along to show her filial piety; Gu Lan immediately made his son come along too. This way, the two people could have more opportunities to be closer.

But who would have known that this seemingly easy task would actually contain such danger. Gu Feng originally thought of showing how great his manners and patience were along the whole journey, but who would have thought that he would end up facing two higher demons. His performance was obviously… 

Gu Feng secretly clenched his teeth. He was just an Intermediate Archer, how could he be a  match for two higher demons?

Long Xueyao was actually too bold just now. She incredibly wanted to defeat the two higher demons; she had simply been acting reckless.

And what made Gu Feng feel like vomiting more blood was that during the crisis, a smelly brat unexpectedly rushed in and stole all the limelight.  

Watching as Long Xueyao's eyes occasionally drifted to Shen Yanxiao, Gu Feng could not help but feel annoyed at once and very much wanted to vent his anger. 

Shen Yanxiao’s attire was simple. And the appearance of the facing-changing mask she had on was too ordinary. If compared with Gu Feng, who was living like a prince, she would only look like an unpresentable, poor young boy. They could not be compared at all. 

However, who would have thought that such a poor boy that Gu Feng would not even put in his eyes would actually be admired by Long Xueyao. Gu Feng was not so stupid as to not recognize how fishy Long Xueyao’s gaze was.  

Long Xueyao was ignoring him. Gu Feng felt that this was truly unfair. The more he looked at that smelly boy who was cultivating on one side, the more he felt that he was really unpleasant to the eyes. 

He was just pretending to be wise. He was just pretending to be strong. Just because he was a bit powerful, he actually started putting on airs here? In the end, he was just an impoverished piece of trash, otherwise he would not agree to escort them back to the Blizzard City for a reward. 

Frankly speaking, he was just a poor boy who had no money! 

"Hey!" In order to regain his face, Gu Feng strode towards Shen Yanxiao. 

Shen Yanxiao was cultivating her dou qi when she suddenly heard someone’s voice. She opened her eyes and frowned slightly as she looked at Gu Feng who was standing in front of her. 

"Your name is Shen Jue?" Gu Feng who believed himself infallible, looked at Shen Yanxiao, and his tone was very rude.

Shen Yanxiao’s gaze was neither too cold nor hot as she remained quiet, not even saying a single word.

“Your strength is not bad. My father is Gu Lan, the head of the Iron Blood Mercenary Corps. If you are willing to be my personal guard, my father will give you a big reward.” Gu Feng felt quite proud of himself as he talked. He still at least recognized that Shen Yanxio had better skills, and while he was not stupid enough to directly provoke her, he could understand that for her to take on Fang Qiu’s request, that means…

This Shen Jue certainly did not have any money.  

Didn’t Long Xueyao have a very good impression of this young boy? Then he would let her see that this person was just pretending to be great when, in fact, he was just after the money. He might be strong but in the end, he was just a fart who would bow down before money.

[TL Note: It’s a bit confusing in how the author use “he” and “she”, cause sometimes in a paragraph it would say “young boy” but the author will still use “she”. I think the author did not put into attention like how whose perspective it is and such, so I just made them depending on perspective or if the author gave SYX’s real name and such.] 

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