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After the mist formed a shape behind the translucent screen, Shen Yanxiao who was on the edge of the tub, looked at the familiar figure. 

“Xiu.” Shen Yanxiao blinked her eyes and looked at the certain great master separated from her by a screen. 

"Hm?" Xiu hummed a sound. He was standing with his back facing the screen. 

“Why did you come out?” Shen Yanxiao‘s two little feet swayed in the water. The mask on her face had been thrown aside by her, and the white mist steamed her little face red. It looked especially pinkish and tender. 

Xiu did not immediately answer Shen Yanxiao's question. He remained silent for a moment before saying, “You have made rapid progress these days.” 

“Really?” Xiu rarely praised her, so Shen Yanxiao was instantly full of spirit. 

"En. According to your current speed, after the next layer of your seal is unlocked, you should be able to reach the Second Stage Profession." Xiu’s voice still sounded cold and cheerless, but when Shen Yanxiao listened to it, she felt that it was particularly pleasing to the ears. 

Reaching the Second Stage Profession meant that Xiu would train an army for her! 

Although she still did not know the ident.i.ty of Xiu, he had never failed to do anything. Since he dared to promise her, he must have full confidence. 

She had no idea how brutal the army trained by such a great master would be! 

Shen Yanxiao had already made plans beforehand. If she handed over ordinary humans for him to train, they would end up pitiful; after all, with Xiu’s strength, who knew how horrible the content of his training would be. The human body was fragile; she feared that the result of the training would be half of them dead and wounded, and this could be a bit tragic. 

But the demons were different; a demon’s physique was inherently stronger than a human’s, and her demons were also growing more and more numerous. Sending the demons to be trained, that was the kingly way of doing things!

Shen Yanxiao's plan sounded really nice, and her face could not help but reveal a smile.

"How long will it take before the next layer of the seal can be unlocked?" Shen Yanxiao was a little excited. She wished that she could already see how tough the army trained by Xiu was. 

"If you want to, we can unlock it now." 

“Now?” Shen Yanxiao gawked. They left The Rising Sun City for just less than a month, but he said they could already unlock the sixth layer of the seal now? 

“Before, it took a long time to unlock the layers of your seal because of the lack of dark elements, and also because of some problems in your own cultivation. Since you entered the Barren Land, you would often rest from your cultivation, so I wasn’t anxious to help you unlock the seal. Now that your cultivation has already caught up with the speed at which the seal could be unlocked, it doesn't matter anymore." Xiu said in a lukewarm tone. He did not pay attention to his words, but it let Shen Yanxiao cough up blood. 

It turned out that the seal on her body could have been unlocked long ago, but this great master thought that she was being lazy and had abandoned her cultivation so he postponed the unlocking of her seal! 

Shen Yanxiao finally had a profound understanding of what it meant for something to be self-inflicted...

The Rising Sun City was flouris.h.i.+ng, but she did not know just how many times this great master had despised her in this period of time. 

"Uh, let’s forget about it for now. After all, I'm still in Blizzard City. I'm afraid that if I unlock the seal now, I'll fall unconscious again. Otherwise, maybe we can do it in the evening?" Although Shen Yanxiao had concerns, she could not bear the thought in her mind. 

Second Stage Profession! 

How many people could never reach this realm in their life! 

If she could improve her strength to the Second Stage Profession during her stay in Blizzard City, then her chances of successfully stealing the Thunder Artillery would be higher.

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