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Chapter 93- The Exam Depends On Luck Too Part 2

These two herbs seemed to be exactly the same, but they possessed an immense difference.

The main herb that had been used in manufacturing the clear-headed medicine was the Cedar River Gra.s.s, which wasn’t rare at all. Therefore, when they’d been watching Lou De manufacture the medicine, much more of their attention had been focused on Lou De’s manufacturing process, thus no one had taken note of the Cedar RIver Gra.s.s, this sort of herb that they already knew of.

However, concerning what they knew, there was still another kind of herb that had an exceedingly close resemblance with the Cedar River Gra.s.s, and that was precisely the Cold Black Jade Gra.s.s.

The Cold Black Jade Gra.s.s had an extremely similar appearance with the Cedar River Gra.s.s, but their purposes were as different as heaven and earth. Moreover, the Cold Black Jade Gra.s.s wasn’t as common as the Cedar River Gra.s.s. Therefore, a great majority of people had only seen a drawing of the Cold Black Jade from an herbal book.

Furthermore, they’d also believed that Lou De had been testing their standards in manufacturing medicine and memorization ability this time. Therefore, they simply hadn’t thought that the herbs, which had been prepared long ago, would be the thing to have a problem arise. What’s more was that the Cold Black Jade Gra.s.s originally looked the same as the Cedar River Gra.s.s, thus they’d just carelessly used the herbs.

All of the new students’ complexion momentarily became extremely unsightly. As they looked at the medicine that was within their own hands, they became so ashamed that they couldn’t even lift their heads up.

Lou De looked satisfiedly at the unprepossessing new student, for he was very satisfied in regards to his act of observing the subtlety.

“Not bad. As a pharmacist, being careful is precisely the basic thing for the medicine that you all are to manufacture in the future, which is to be taken by other people. If one isn’t careful, it’s very probable that it’d bring about an immense harm to the one that takes the medicine. The test this time was precisely for the purpose of seeing whether or not you all were able to calmly observe the difference between the two herbs, but the outcome was very obvious. All of you simply didn’t discover that the herbs placed on your tables really weren’t Cedar River Gra.s.s.”

Lou De’s words had everyone’s hearts keyed up. A few of the new students whom were unresigned immediately struggled as they said, “Teacher, I had actually also discovered that this thing was the Cold Black Jade Gra.s.s, it’s just that you said that you wanted us to refine the clear-headed medicine. Therefore, I just wanted to study your technique for a while on how to make it.”

The way to exculpate themselves was already opened, and a great majority of the new students began to give themselves this kind of an excuse.

In any case, they previously hadn’t said that the herb within their hands was Cedar River Gra.s.s, and the tutor also didn’t know that they simply hadn’t discovered the differences between the two herbs, so they could bluff their way out.

Lou De sneered, and the appearance that was originally already very dignified appeared to radiate an even more stern aura.

“What a joke! As a pharmacist, under the circ.u.mstances where you clearly know that the herbs were incorrect, you still continued refining something that was impossible to be completed, this is simply an even bigger mistake for not researching the root of the mistake. Instead, after you noticed it, you still continued working on the error! This is even more inexcusable compared to not being careful!”

A pharmacist was a profession that was related to other people’s life and death, so it was intolerable to have even a tiny bit of error. Lou De simply didn’t dare to believe that these youngsters unexpectedly still dared to find such an excuse. This simply made people find it harder to excuse compared to them not finding the differences between the Cold Black Jade Gra.s.s and the Cedar River Gra.s.s!

The group of new students whom had attempted to redeem their situation were fiercely scolded by Lou De that their want to make a stand and fight against anything again was already to no avail. Of the twenty plus exam candidates, the only one that remained was Shen Yanxiao, the one who hadn’t moved her hands from the start to finish, while the others were judged to have not pa.s.sed the test. Dejectedly, they left the entrance exam hall.

Shen Yanxiao stood at her original spot as she saw off the other exam candidates who were currently leaving the hall with unwillingness in their hearts.

Lou De stood at Shen Yanxiao’s side, and his face that had been taut all along became somewhat softer by a bit.

“You’ve done very well, for after you discovered the differences between the two, you didn’t rashly proceed with the operation. This is one of the doctrines as a pharmacist. Congratulations, for you have become a member of the Holy Roland School’s pharmaceutical branch “ Towards the one that had high perception, Lou De would be more benevolent.

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