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She actually broke through the Second Stage!

This was really like a bombsh.e.l.l to Long Fei.

If he told others that there was a young girl who had broken through the second stage at the age of fourteen, he was afraid that only few people would believe it.

"Then, I’ll be troubling you." Long Fei calmed down the shock in his heart as he said politely.

Shen Yanxiao supported her chin and smiled at Long Fei.

"You're welcome. But Lord Long, I'm not going to help you for free. I will try to lift the curse on you; if it's successful, you have to give me the medicinal herbs from your northern region in exchange." She was not a G.o.ddess helping people in distress. Helping without asking for something in return was not her way of handling things.


"Medicinal herbs? Please tell me more about it.” Long Fei responded.

Shen Yanxiao replied, “The medicinal herbs in the north are very abundant, but there are agreements among the four forces in the Barren Land, they cannot be invaded by each other. I need herbs from the north. I hope Lord Long will be willing to sell some to me, or allow a team from The Rising Sun City to harvest them in the north, either will do."

There were many minerals in the eastern region, but her main occupation was not an architect. Medicinal herbs were more precious to her.

"This..." Long Fei's face showed a hint of hesitation.

Blizzard City was not like The Rising Sun City which was solely controlled by Shen Yanxiao.

Although Long Fei was the City Lord of Blizzard City and was in charge in governing the city, he could not completely allocate the resources obtained from the Barren Land. Most of the resources obtained from the Barren Land would be transported back to their country and the five heads would discuss how to distribute these resources.

"To tell the truth, I can't make a decision on this matter. The resources in the north are owned by the Divine Wind Alliance. I can’t make a decision alone just because I’m the City Lord." Long Fei was ashamed.

Here he was asking for Shen Yanxiao’s help, but he could not meet even her little demands.

Shen Yanxiao smilingly said, "This is not an urgent matter. I will first lift the curse for you. If it fails, you can just forget my request. If it succeeds, Lord Long can discuss this matter with the several other Corps Heads." Shen Yanxiao was aware of the situation in Blizzard City and would not deliberately make things difficult for Long Fei.

Moreover, she believed that with Long Fei’s character, he would certainly set his heart on this more.

"You have my grat.i.tude." Sure enough, Long Fei was filled with appreciation after hearing Shen Yanxiao's words.

Shen Yanxiao would help him to lift the curse and was willing to temporarily postpone the conditions. This kind of mind and bearing was really admirable.

It was hard to imagine that she was only a 14-year-old girl. She was not even as old as his own daughter, but she already had such amazing strength, extraordinary maturity and wisdom.

Shen Yanxiao and Long Fei exchanged a few more words, and tentatively scheduled to check the curse in Long Fei’s body in the afternoon.

The afternoon came soon. When Shen Yanxiao examined the situation for Long Fei, she discovered that Long Fei had indeed been cursed. Based on the strength of the curse, the strength of the person who had cast the curse on him must have already exceeded the primary level of Summoner.

However, Shen Yanxiao also noticed that this curse seemed to have been suppressed by a special force. Only in this way was Long Fei able to live for more than ten years. Otherwise, in the two or three years after the curse was cast on him, she feared that he would have already died.

After the curse on Long Fei was deliberately suppressed, it had weakened to a certain degree. It didn’t take much effort for Shen Yanxiao to deal with the curse. However, Long Fei’s body was greatly overwhelmed by the curse’s destruction. Therefore, Shen Yanxiao had to slow down her treatment so that Long Fei's body could gradually adapt.

But this slowed down treatment took seven days.

Shen Yanxiao spent a full seven days to completely remove the curse in Long Fei’s body.

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