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Shen Jiawei was very clear that if he wanted to continue on living, he must start being honest. All of his little thoughts had long since disappeared after seeing the achievements of Shen Yanxiao; all of his unwillingness and ambiguity had turned into sincere admiration and grat.i.tude.

He knew that he had always been unkind to Shen Yanxiao, and his father had also done something unforgivable.

That Shen Yanxiao could give them shelter once more had already surpa.s.sed Shen Jiawei's expectations. Although he was not a good man, he was not completely without a conscience.

He had grown up knowing what was right and wrong.

If Shen Jiayi continued to be like this, he could foresee that her future would be extremely miserable. Not only that, he was afraid that what she was doing would destroy everything, whether himself or their Vermillion Bird Clan.

He was no longer willing to harm the Vermillion Bird Clan.

Therefore, he told everything to Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao looked at Shen Jiawei and did not speak. She was estimating the credibility of Shen Jiawei.

Judging from Shen Jiawei's performance during this period of time, he appeared to have really changed into a new person. Today, if the old Shen Jiawei were involved, he would not have told her everything; even if he wanted to win her trust, such news was just too big.

"Shen Jiawei, you are very smart and know very well what will happen next." Shen Yanxiao smiled.

She was afraid that Shen Jiayi could no longer stay. Fortunately, there was still Shen Jiawei,  who could at least not leave Shen Feng without offspring.

Shen Jiawei eyebrows drooped.

"You ... will kill my sister?"

Shen Yanxiao answered, "What do you think?" She gave Shen Jiayi many opportunities. It was her who gave up her own life.

Shen Jiawei bit his lip and his eyes reddened.

"I only have her as a sister, can you give her a way out?"

"If I let her off, not only might there be trouble in the future, even you and grandpa will be implicated." With Shen Jiayi's att.i.tude towards Shen Jiawei these days, Shen Yanxiao knew very well that she no longer treated Shen Jiawei as her younger brother. Perhaps, since the day Shen Jiawei made the decision to go to The Rising Sun City, Shen Jiayi had already seen Shen Jiawei as an enemy.

And Shen Feng... Shen Yanxiao only feared that Shen Jiayi had never ever been filial.

Shen Jiayi had been staying in The Rising Sun City for quite a long while now. Yet she had never visited Shen Feng except for that first time meeting with him in the city. 

Shen Jiawei’s complexion was a bit unsightly. He understood Shen Yanxiao’s meaning, but he still couldn’t bear the thought of it.

He was Shen Jiayi’s twin. Ever since their childhood, he had been accustomed being Shen Jiayi's little servant. He was used to Shen Jiayi bossing him around all the time. Even if she would get angry at him sometimes... she was still his sister in the end.

However, as Shen Yanxiao said, if she continued to keep Shen Jiayi around, one day if Shen Jiayi gained power, he feared that she would not even worry about her sibling’s sentiments and would even kill him with her own hands. 

"I...I know I'm not qualified to say it, but I still want to ask this. If you can, please let her live, even if she is locked up forever." Shen Jiawei said with deep pain.

Shen Yanxiao did not respond to his request.

Silence represented rejection.

She would not allow a person with hidden danger to appear in her sight; she would never leave any trouble for herself.

Since it had been impossible to resolve the hatred between them, then simply let this hatred disappear with Shen Jiayi's death.

She could be kind once, but she would never be an idiot who suffered from raising tigers.

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