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I Did Nothing Wrong

Jane was wearing her lab coat when she got out of the car. One would a.s.sume that she had come straight from her laboratory.
She looked towards Lin Ruoxi who was seated on the couch before greeting Guo Xuehua and w.a.n.g Ma with a friendly smile.
Lin Ruoxi stood up and greeted her after rubbing her eyes.
"Why have you come?" Yang Chen asked.
Jane took out a vial from her pocket and shook it. It was filled with a weird purple liquid.
"It's the antidote. I was afraid that I would be too late so I decided to personally deliver it to you. Just have him drink it," Jane said as she tossed the vial over.
Yang Chen took it and stuffed it into his pocket. "How did you manage to finish it so quickly?"
Jane let out a breath and brushed her bangs. "This is a genetic weapon called Tribute to Maria which had just undergone its testing phase in Nicene laboratory. I have a student who works there and they had asked me several questions not too long ago regarding the synthesis process. I looked through and told them not to experiment with it since it was extremely lethal but it seems like they still went ahead with it."
The others couldn't understand what they were saying, so they all kept quiet.
Yang Chen frowned. "Nicene laboratory? What's that?"
Jane explained, "It originated from the Nicene Creed, a Christian belief from the Eastern Orthodox churches. But this laboratory was founded by the believers in Russian Eastern Orthodox churches. Their aim was to cleanse people of their sins using unorthodox methods. It's safe to a.s.sume that they are insane for their cause.

"The Eastern Orthodox Church reveres St. Maria with high regard so this weapon was called Tribute to Maria. It spreads through the air or through human fluid and blood. Those infected would be overcome with bloodthirst and rage. But in the end, their organs would slowly fail and they would die."
Yang Chen asked in a low voice, "How did this sickening stuff come to China?"
"That's what I want to know too." Jane pursed her lips. "If I hadn't known about the synthesis process, I wouldn't have been able to find the antidote within the next month. Having me take a look at it was a stroke of luck."
Yang Chen contemplated for a while and asked, "Jane, the Nicene laboratory is in Russia right? Who's the one funding them?"
Jane shook her head. "I believe that information is cla.s.sified. You should ask your friend Makedon. But I estimate it would require roughly three billion pounds to synthesize this weapon so you can a.s.sume that their sponsor is not an ordinary one. Oh yeah, the Russian government would never take part in it. The moral despicableness of this goes beyond anything the Russian government has done. It's inhuman."
"Alright, I'll have Makedon look into it." Yang Chen had an inkling that this event was linked to the Russian woman and Maksim from the Klyuchevsky family. But everything was up in the air as he had no conclusive proof.
Yang Chen couldn't help but laugh. "Jane, why did your students join them? Shouldn't you intervene as their mentor?"
Jane beamed and said, "Isn't there a saying that goes, 'education should be given freely and equally'? I'm a teacher not a judge. I teach whoever wishes to learn and is respectful to me. So whatever my students do have nothing to do with me."
"Aren't you afraid that one of them would harm you?"
Jane blinked. "You know what Yang Chen, I actually find Yan Buwen's achievements impressive. If there was anyone that could pique my interest in research, it's him. Everyone else including my students aren't capable of intellectually challenging me."
Yang Chen thought she looked the least adorable whenever she talked about her scientific achievements.
Lin Ruoxi couldn't understand a word that they said. She felt like an awkward third wheel. She couldn't help but feel bitter and threatened.
Jane walked over to Lin Ruoxi suddenly and lowered her head down in embarra.s.sment. "Miss Lin, I'm so sorry…"
Lin Ruoxi was startled, not understanding why Jane said this.
Jane looked up and spoke with a hollow voice. "I saw the Mercedes-Benz outside. I recognized it. He came looking for me yesterday. If he came and left his car here, I could already guess that Yang Chen chased him away because of the promise he made to me, right?"
Jane didn't have to think twice to come up with this conclusion.
Lin Ruoxi didn't expect her to figure it out without witnessing the incident.
Lin Ruoxi would've held a grudge against Jane had she not brought up the topic, but when she saw the pain in those blue eyes, Lin Ruoxi couldn't help but feel bad for her…
She felt bad when she realized that Jane was being forced to marry into a monster's family by her own family.
Jane let out a forced smile. "I know that whatever Yang Chen had done must have caused a lot of misunderstandings. But please don't be worried. I have no intention to infringe on your relations.h.i.+p. Yang Chen saved my mom and my life when I was young. He's just my… savior. If you can't stand having me here, just tell me and I wouldn't be offended. I can complete the research project elsewhere. I hope that you and Yang Chen will be happy and not divorce because of the trouble that I've caused—"

Yang Chen cut her off and said in a stern voice. "Jane, there's nothing wrong with us. If you knew about this, that means that you knew about the Klyuchevsky family's heritage. d.a.m.n it… I wouldn't be so upset if it was the vampires. But the wolverines? Are they planning to have you marry Maksim and give birth to a monster?! Has Catherine gone crazy? How could she agree to this?!"
Jane shook her head. "Don't blame her… This marriage was brought up by the Rothschild clan. The Klyuchevsky family had supplied plenty of oilfield and bulk amount of armory at a low price to us. Plus, I never had a lover so they couldn't wait any longer. My mother didn't have a say in it as our royal status is dependent on the Rothschild clan."
"Nonsense! They never planned to inform me about your marriage! They were planning to settle it behind my back! Did they really think they could fool me?" Yang Chen's face darkened.
Jane smiled. "It's no big deal. Nothing has been set in stone as of late. Plus even if I do marry Maksim, it would just be for show. I have no obligations to him."
Yang Chen frowned at her words. "What do you mean, are you saying that you plan to marry him?!"
Lin Ruoxi understood what she was implying and she looked at Jane in shock.
Jane bit her lip and said, "He had already come to Zhonghai for me. This means that the situation would not be resolved lightly. The least I could do is date him for a start."
Her words p.r.i.c.ked his heart!
Yang Chen was about to say something but Lin Ruoxi caught his hands!
Lin Ruoxi gripped onto his hand strongly, causing Yang Chen to look back.
"What's wrong, Ruoxi?" Yang Chen asked in confusion.
Lin Ruoxi told Jane with a smile on her face. "That sounds nice. Mr Maksim is quite the gentleman. He might be different from us but who's to say he is not sincere right?"
Yang Chen froze. He put two and two together and realized that she wanted Jane to leave Zhonghai for good!
Jane obviously understood the underlying meaning of her words as she nodded her head awkwardly. "Yeah, if there isn't anything else I'll leave first. Goodbye."
Jane ran out of the villa and they could hear her drive off.
Guo Xuehua and w.a.n.g Ma shook their heads in confusion, having witnessed the whole scenario. They thought it would be best to let the young ones handle things themselves and so they went back into the kitchen.
Lin Ruoxi let go of Yang Chen's hands and let out a breath.
Yang Chen snapped back to his senses and walked towards the stairs without uttering a single word.
Lin Ruoxi felt bitter as she watched him from behind but her gaze was firm. Her voice shook as she yelled, "I did nothing wrong! There's nothing wrong with wanting the best for my family!"

Yang Chen paused and nodded slightly before continuing his way up.

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