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Chapter 1056: “Sorry, Am Not In a Good Mood (2)”

Qing Yu did not dare to make any rash moves at all as the man before him had so effortlessly contained Xiong Ba's full powered strike. His own power was inferior to Xiong Ba's and if he charged at him recklessly, he would not only be unable to save Xiong Ba, he would be putting himself in danger as well.

"Who are you really? Why have you come to our Fiery Blaze Clan Hall? What do you want from us?" Qing Yu asked, the clothes on his back drenched with sweat.. Although the man before his eyes was not giving out the slightest bit of spirit powers, the powerful aura exuding from him was already making it hard for him to breathe. What terrified him even more was, the murderous glint in the man's chilling pair of eyes!

Qing Yu had never felt murderous aura with malice reaching such an extent. It felt as if once those eyes looked upon you, one was immediately shrouded completely in death, and your strength just saps out of you.

The Thousand Beast City had no lack of powerful pugilist themselves, especially after Qu Xin Rui returned. Every single person that came here with her possessed the powers of the Purple Spirit. Even when Qing Yu faced all those people, he had never ever experienced such an intense oppression, feeling at that moment, that he couldn't no longer be considered to be a human, but just a helpless tiny bug creeping upon the ground, waiting to be crushed.

"I've said it. I am Young Master Jun's personal aide." Jun Wu Yao repeated, shrugging his shoulders slightly.

But n.o.body would ever believe those words of his.

An aide, who possessed such immense power, was just not possible!

Even after Xiong Ba's hand had been broken by Jun Wu Yao, the expression on Jun Wu Yao's face had not changed in the slightest. He was looking exactly the same as when Xiong Ba and Qing Yu had first seen him, a devilish smile upon his face, and even the curve at the corner of his lips had not reduced at all.

Qing Yu did not dare to make any reckless move. Even Xiong Ba had been taken down by this man so quickly and he really could not think of anyone within the entire Fiery Blaze Clan Hall who would be a match for this man.

With a creak, the room door behind Jun Wu Yao slowly opened.

Upon opening the door, Jun Wu Xie was immediately presented with the scene of Jun Wu Yao having a hand clasped over Xiong Ba's fist and Xiong Ba's wrist was bent at an odd angle, a joint of white bone sticking through the flesh, exposed to the air.

"Young Master Jun!" Qing Yu called out quickly upon seeing Jun Xie.

Jun Wu Xie looked at the pale faced Xiong Ba and then turned her gaze of Jun Wu Yao.

Jun Wu Yao almost instantly released his hold on Xiong Ba. Xiong Ba fell back a few steps in a flurry and Qing Yu quickly stepped forward to catch him.

"Young Master Jun! This man….." Qing Yu was just beginning to say.

Jun Wu Yao turned to look at Jun Wu Xie and said with a beaming smile: "Erm….. I was just kidding with him."

Jun Wu Xie's gaze fell upon the broken joint of bone on Xiong Ba's wrist.

[Just kidding and you broke people's hand?]

"Young Master Jun, you know him?" Qing Yu was no simpleton. When Jun Xie saw the mysterious man, Jun Xie's face had not exhibited any trace of shock or puzzlement, which told him that the two of them knew each other.

"Help him over here." Jun Wu Xie said as she gave Jun Wu Yao a cold glare, her originally subtle feelings of excitement vanished to nothing.

The wide smile on Jun Wu Yao's face slowly faded. "You give the orders, I will follow." Upon saying that, he reached out and wanted to help hold Xiong Ba.

Why would Xiong Ba dare to have the man even touch him at all? The terror in his heart made Xiong Ba retreat back subconsciously, and even Qing Yu was looking at Jun Wu Yao guardedly.

"Not for you to help." Jun Wu Xie said looking at Jun Wu Yao.

Jun Wu Yao shrugged his shoulders and retreated to stand at the side.

The overly terrified Xiong Ba was helped by Qing Yu to go into Jun Xie's room. Jun Wu Xie swept her gaze to glare at Jun Wu Yao another time before turning to go in as well.

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