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Published at 3rd of June 2019 06:25:04 PM Chapter 2316: 2316

In the Upper Realm, except for that person, the highest talented person was Luo Qing Cheng, but Luo Qing Cheng has spent almost a hundred years from the realm of a Gold Spirit to finally being able to condense out a Spirit Ring . It must be known that to condense out a Spirit Ring, it was not something that could be completed overnight . Each of the inscription that make up the Spirit Ring needs a lot of spirit power to support it . In the Upper Realm, it can be said that there was no such precedence before .

In the end . . .

In the Middle Realm, there was actually someone who had smashed the record of condensing out a Spirit Ring of Luo Qing Cheng? It was simply unbelievable .

If Nangong Lie did not attain the same answer from the mouths of many disciples of the Nine Temples, he really would have thought that Su Jing Yan was deceiving him .

"Is she really so powerful? I don't believe it . Who knows what kind of s.h.i.+t is this Jun Wu Xie? Is it some kind of sinister magic or trick? Well, I don't believe that someone who was at the peak of a Silver Spirit can actually condense out a Spirit Ring in just five years! If this isn't nonsense then what is?!" That tall man from the Upper Realm spoke with undisguised disdain . He did not believe Su Jing Yan's words at all . He only thought of Su Jing Yan as an alarmist . If such a terrifying person had emerged from the Middle Realm , weren't they going to be the joke amongst the Three Realms?

When had the Spirit Ring became so worthless!

Su Jing Yan turned white and glanced at that man but he did not dare to say anything . Although they were elders of the Nine Temples, but in front of the Upper Realm, they did not even dare to let out a fart .

Da Han did not look at Su Jing Yan, but looked at Nangong Lie instead . He said: "Master Nangong, that Jun Wu Xie is just but a little girl in her early twenties . How powerful can she be? Does she really think that she is the second Luo Qing Cheng? She must have used some sort of special methods that blinded those ignorant fools of the Nine Temples . Now that the Nine Temples have strengthened their defenses, I want to see if she really is so amazing? Would she be able to do what she said, to wash the Nine Temples with blood!"

Nangong Lie didn't say anything and was in deep contemplation .

If what Su Jing Yan said was true, then she really was not someone that was easy to deal with .

"It's really a bunch of useless waste, I just knew it! These idiots don't even have any use . " When Da Han saw that Nangong Lie didn't say anything further, he thought that Nangong Lie had agreed with him and immediately started to diss the elders of the Nine Temples .

"Just wait and see, now that defense of the Nine Temples have been handed over to the Upper Realm, I would like to see how these mice can go against us, the Upper Realm!"

Before Da Han's voice had trailed off, and a hurrying figure rushed into the hall . That man was from the Upper Realm and was extremely proud usually but today, his face was ashen .

"Reporting Master Nangong! The Heavenly Wolf Temple has fallen!" That man knelt on the ground as he sullenly said .

"What!" That arrogant man looked at the man incredulously with a pair of widened eyes .

Nangong Lie immediately stood up and looked at that man knelt before him with shock .

"The Heavenly Wolf Temple had fallen? What do you mean by this! Tell me clearly!" Da Han stepped forward and shouted at that man directly .

That man shuddered and cried out : "The news from the Heavenly Wolf Temple just came over, the Night Regime suddenly broke into the Heavenly Wolf Temple, and . . . our people are all dead!"

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