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Published at 2nd of July 2019 06:27:55 PM Chapter 2336
Chapter 2336: Meeting once again(2)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Yue Ye was gasping for breath as she ran to the front of Qu Ling Yue . The delicate little face was covered with a red flush . The pretty little girl had now become a stunning girl, and with her figure fluttering by, she had attracted the sights of countless soldiers .

However, no one dared to take a step forward .

Although Yue Ye was young, but she was still not considered too young . Moreover, she was the only disciple of Jun Wu Xie . Let’s not mention anything else, just based on this fact alone, as long as she used her Master’s name, no one in the Lower Realm dared to provoke her .

Six years ago, Yue Ye was brought to the Lower Realm . In the following years, she remained in the Lin Palace . She was taught personally by Mu Chen and studied medicine under him . Her talent in medicine was good, and her favorite pastime was to refine medicine . Two years ago, Mu Chen discovered that this little girl’s talent in medical skills had transcended himself . He had taught her all he knew and could only let Yue Ye study the rest by herself . Today’s Yue Ye, only her true Master Jun Wu Xie could teach her .

“Yue Ye? Why did you come over?” Qu Ling Yue looked at Yue Ye with a puzzled expression .

Yue Ye gasped for breath as she waved her hands . She tried to speak but she was too anxious and because she had ran the entire journey, she was too exhausted and could not speak coherently .

Lei Chen gently took the water bag with care and handed it over to Yue Ye . She did not hold back and immediately grabbed it and drank in huge gulps . After her throat had been moistened, she quickly said: “Master’s Wife! Martial Uncle told me to inform you that Master may be coming back today . He asked if you would like to go over?”

Jun Wu Xie was coming back?

There was an unprecedented shock reflected on Qu Ling Yue’s cold face . She widened her eyes as her face turned stiff and she was lost in a daze . Only after a long time did she recover her voice . She asked softly: “Who…who did you say was coming back?”

“Master! My Master is coming back!” Yue Ye was beaming with happiness . Ever since Jun Wu Xie vanished without a trace, over this period of five years, this little girl had kicked up a ruckus countless of times, insisting on heading back to the Middle Realm to find Jun Wu Xie until Jun Qing had no other choice but to force her to stay in the house . Time and time again, he would try to make her understand and explain it to her until she had finally listened . Now that she heard the news of Jun Wu Xie’s return, this girl was elated!

Qu Ling Yue immediately sucked in a huge mouthful of cold air and her figure trembled slightly as she stepped back . Fortunately, Lei Chen’s reaction was very fast and he immediately reached out to support her .

“Master’s Wife… Are you alright?” Yue Ye looked nervously at Qu Ling Yue, and subconsciously took out a bottle of Clear Heart Pill from her pocket .

Qu Ling Yue waved her hand and sighed .

“I’m fine, I will head over immediately . ”

“That… then I will inform Master Wen Yi Han first . ” Yue Yue carefully watched Qu Ling Yue, the news that Jun Wu Xie was about to return was of great significance to the Lower Realm . She still had many people to inform and it was necessary to do so before Jun Wu Xie returned .

“Let’s go, Lei Chen prepare a fast horse for her, let someone stay with her . Don’t let her get hurt . ” Qu Ling Yue recovered a little, not forgetting to take care of Yue Ye .

“Yes . ” Lei Chen nodded and immediately arranged for someone to accompany Yue Ye as she continued to deliver the message .

After sending away Yue Ye, Lei Chen couldn’t help but look at Qu Ling Yue . This was the first time he saw Qu Ling Yue lose her composure . Five years ago, even if Jun Wu Xie went missing, she had never revealed such a look .

“Immediately prepare a fast horse, I am going to the Lin Palace . ” Qu Ling Yue took a deep breath and tried to suppress the excitement in her chest that felt as if it was about to explode any moment .

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