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Jun Wu Yao had both eyes closed and there wasn't the slightest reaction from him at all. It was as if Luo Qingcheng's never existed.

"Don't think that I don't know that those mutated monsters are your doing. I've really underestimated you, I didn't expect that you left such a group of things in the Lower Realm. Did you really think that just with these, you can stop me? Did you really think that this would protect that little s.l.u.t!" Luo Qingcheng clenched both her fists tightly.

Others may not know that Jun Wu Yao's secret, but Luo Qingcheng was the disciple of that person so she knew it clearly.

The blood of Jun Wu Yao has a strong catalytic effect on living beings, which not only can intensify the potential of the living beings, but also greatly change their power. In the Upper Realm, Luo Qingcheng and her Master were the only ones who knew that he possessed this special ability.

If they knew that his blood would make the person who took it would give their submission and their unconditional loyalty, I am afraid that the Master of Luo Qingcheng would have already made a fuss about it.

The more Jun Wu Yao was indifferent, the more it made her angry. She was not a fool, the moment she saw the mutated behemoths, she already knew that they must be related to Jun Wu Yao. But because the matter of Jun Wu Yao's blood was a secret, so she did not mention it to the others at all.

However, with the successive attacks over the past few days, the calmness in Luo Qingcheng's heart was close to crumbling.

What could this Jun Wu Xie be counted as? Why was Jun Wu Yao so willing to hand her all his treasures?

She's merely a little s.l.u.t from the Lower Realm! How could she be worthy!

Luo Qingcheng looked at the impeccable face that was illuminated by the faint fire from afar. Her heart seemed to be burned by the fire and she suddenly raised her hand and a Spirit Ring appeared on her hand. With a wave of her hand, the Spirit Ring immediately flew in accordance with her will and the blue flames were extinguished in an instant and the roars of the behemoths echoing in the camp gradually disappeared and were no longer seen.

Everyone in the camp widened their eyes at this moment, watching the Spirit Ring whisk by seamlessly to where all the behemoths were and slayed them at an extremely fast speed. Their eyes were filled with shock and absolute conviction.

When the Spirit Ring once again returned to the hands of Luo Qingcheng, it was already dyed red with blood. She suspended the Spirit Ring in front of the window of Jun Wu Yao while her cold and twisted gaze was fixated on Jun Wu Yao.

"Such cheap little tricks won't amount to anything. If you think that just based on such things and she would prevail over me, all I can say that it's just a pipe dream!" Luo Qingcheng said with malevolence, as she took one last look at Jun Wu Yao, she still did not see any reaction from him so she could only leave in anger.

Since Jun Wu Yao was intent on protecting that little s.l.u.t, well, she would smash all the cheap tricks she had up her sleeves, one by one. She would like to see, at that moment when she lopped off Jun Wu Xie's head, if Jun Wu Yao would still continue to ignore her existence!

After the carriage window was closed again, that pair of purple eyes slowly opened in the dark .

Over the past five days, each time the behemoths roared, they were sending a message to him.

His little Little Xie was moving for real this time, and she even issued a unified order for all the mutated behemoths.

[Beat Them to Death! ]

Jun Wu Yao could not help but reveal a smile.

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Well, these 'cheap little tricks" will be something that you five hundred thousand people would find difficult to manage in the coming days.

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