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Chapter 2572: The Hidden Conspiracy (4)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Long Jiu spoke with Qin Song for quite a while before leaving with Jun Wu Yao and the others.

Before Jun Wu Xie left, she instructed Qin Song on some things; she wanted him to pay attention to what the Spirit Envoys, who were taken away, had in common with each other, and also to listen to the dialogue between the guards to find out more clues.

Qin Song listened quietly, his heart filled with bitterness, that inexplicable bitterness made him cold. He also knew that at this moment, he should not be so depressed. There were still many things that he needed to do. He could only cheer up and fight hard.

After leaving the Soul Prison, Long Jiu's eyes were slightly red after witnessing his brothers-in-arms were forced to stay in that narrow bamboo house, watching so many of his companions subjected to the control of the traitors, he felt extremely terrible.

“Are you crying?” Jun Wu Xie turned to look at the red eyed Long Jiu as she walked through the forest.

Long Jiu blew his nose, pretending to be strong, and said in a m.u.f.fled voice, “No, some dust flew into my eyes.”

“Everything will get better.” Jun Wu Xie rarely consoled people, and although her words were simple, it made Long Jiu feel much better.

Looking at Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao, he tried his best to be strong. It was not the end yet, they still had a chance!

“Lord Ye Jue, what do you need me to do?” Long Jiu asked seriously.

Jun Wu Yao said, “Don't fret.” Finished, he turned to Jun Wu Xie his eye reflected in an indulgent light, “What good ideas does Little Xie have?”

This little girl's brain is quick, she must have thought of some schemes.

Jun Wu Xie wasn't in a hurry to speak as she stared at the gra.s.s in deep thought.

Jun Wu Yao was not in a hurry as well, he just stood quietly beside her.

“We need to first find Meng Qiu.” Jun Wu Xie suddenly spoke.

“Head to the Spirit Tree?” Jun Wu Yao asked.

“No.” Jun Wu Xie shook her head, “Let him come find us on his own volition.”

“Hmm? How do we get him to do that?” Jun Wu Yao's interest was perked.

Jun Wu Xie's gaze fell upon Long Jiu.

Long Jiu grew nervous under her stare as he started to check himself from head to toe, but didn't discover anything wrong with his person. But for reasons unknown, Jun Wu Xie's gaze made him feel a little creeped out.

“Don't… Don't look at me like this…” He felt a little weak.

Jun Wu Xie crooked her finger and beckoned to Long Jiu, Long Jiu s.h.i.+vered because he felt a bad premonition coming. But, under Jun Wu Yao's scrutiny, he could only brace himself and strode forward.

“Meng Qiu is your Master?” Jun Wu Xie asked.

“He used to be! Now, he cannot be considered my master! I don't have such a malevolent master.” Long Jiu spat disdainfully.

Jun Wu Xie did not bother with his outburst.

“You being captured, does Meng Qiu know?”

Long Jiu shook his head, “I was caught halfway. After they caught me, they brought me along their journey. They most likely did not report it to Meng Qiu.”

“Does Meng Qiu know that you came back together with Qin Song?” Jun Wu Xie asked again.

“I guess…. He knows… Old Five and I always travel together. When we initially were dispatched, Meng Qiu knew.” Long Jiu was more and more confused about what exactly Jun Wu Xie was planning.

“You go.” Jun Wu Xie said.

“Go? Where do I go?” Long Jiu was a little stumped.

Jun Wu Yao's eyes narrowed slightly.

“To see Meng Qiu.”

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