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Chapter 2640: An Unexpected Incident(3)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Tremendous strength, lofty status and the weird rhinoceros horn fragrance; all made for a fairly sinister scheme which Jun Wu Xie felt that the Upper Realm had indeed spent much time and effort on.

However, what exactly did they want?

Jun Gu was Jun Wu Xie's father, and for her, he was naturally irreplaceable and his significance was extraordinary. But to the Upper Realm, why would they spend so much effort on a soul from the Lower Realm? And why did they push him into such a high position?

Jun Wu Xie couldn't comprehend nor guess the significance of it.

She had very little information of the ruler of the Upper Realms, and what little was provided by Jun Wu Yao.


That time when Jun Wu Yao was in the Upper Realm, Jun Wu Yao didn't like that person much and hence did not come into contact with that person often. The only thing he knew about that person was that he was extremely strong and he had a peculiar character.

The news that the Spirit Tree provided had been clearly known to Jun Wu Xie.

Even though there were many doubts, there was only one point which was good news for Jun Wu Xie.

That is, Jun Gu was still alive. Regardless he was now controlled by the Upper Realm, at least he still existed in the Three Realms. She didn't have to worry about facing the despair of Jun Xi and Jun Qing. Even if it would be difficult, Jun Wu Xie needed to take Jun Gu back!

Qin Song and the rest were very fast, and the rune totems have been built in just a few days. During the last few days, the Spirit Tree, with its powers slightly restored, helped Jun Wu Xie stabalize her soul.

Jun Wu Xie's soul was not just a simple otherworldly soul. She had one body containing two souls. Jun Wu Xie's soul was already inseparable from the soul of Little Black. However, this kind of double soul was made from the pain of the previous life and forcibly merged; parts of Jun Wu Xie's soul was more or less missing. This point, the Spirit Tree had no other way to help. Only when the little Spirit Tree within Jun Wu Xie had grown, only then would Jun Wu Xie's soul be fully repaired.

Regarding this matter, Jun Wu Xie didn't really care. She has lived like this for two lives and cannot be separated from Little Black any longer.

After Soul World has stabilized, Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao had to leave. And once they leave, Soul World would be completely sealed off until… Jun Wu Xie had destroyed the Blood Sacrifice of the Three Realms plan of the Upper Realm.

At the last moment of leaving Soul World, Jun Wu Xie turned to look at the peaceful Soul World.

Qin Song and Long Jiu stood not far away, sending her and Jun Wu Yao off.

The farewell this time, she didn't know when they would meet again. The closure of the Soul World would signify a great change in the Three Realms. If Jun Wu Xie and the rest were unable to destroy the Upper Realm's scheme, the Soul World will never open again!

“Everything will pa.s.s.” Jun Wu Yao raised his hand and brought Jun Wu Xie into his embrace.

Jun Wu Xie nodded slightly.

The two left Soul World without taking extra trouble.

In Sea Soul City, s.h.i.+ps coming and going were docked. It was different from the past. When the s.h.i.+ps returned from the sea, there was no longer the stench of blood, and no more piles of Sea Spirit Beasts that were transported into Sea Spirit City.

Once a city filled with the scent of blood, now it was covered with the smell from the moisture of the sea water.

The tall, calm-looking men walked down from the newly docked boats, and the once noisy scenes on the pier no longer existed. Standing on two sides of the docks were men with cool temperament and sharp gazed, which made it obvious that they were no idle coolies.

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