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Chapter 2896: Fraudulence (4)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Jun Wu Xie looked at the back of Elder Luo and a chilling glint flashed by her eyes.

Elder Luo still had some doubts in her heart. She didn't know who would come to the Holy Land at this time. Highness Ying would only arrive tomorrow. Could it be that Duan Qi had something to report about?

With confusion and doubt, Elder Luo opened the door of the Holy Land. The person caught her attention and made Elder Luo slightly stunned.

Standing outside the door was a handsome young man.

“Who are you? Why are you here? Isn't anyone telling you that this is a Holy Land that others shouldn't set their foot on?” Elder Luo's face sank instantly, with great dissatisfaction in her heart.

The Sacred Maiden Tribe had no male at all. Even if he was a guest in the tribe, he should be accompanied by an attendant. The youth in front of her looked deserted and his clothes were not expensive. Elder Luo could tell immediately that he was just a lowly follower and her att.i.tude became proud.

The young man outside the door didn't say anything. His eyes directly pa.s.sed Elder Luo, and he looked behind her.

As the youth swept his vision across, a slightly indifferent voice came from behind Elder Luo.

“I asked him to come.”

Elder Luo slightly hesitated and turned around immediately. She did not know when Jun Wu Xie had come behind her.

“Lord Yan?” Elder Luo frowned slightly, although there was dissatisfaction in her heart. But for the strength of Jun Wu Xie, she smiled and said, “Lord Yan, you are our Sacred Maiden Tribe's n.o.ble guest. But the tribe's rules had to be obeyed. Elder Yun had also told you that in this Holy Land, only you can set foot on. As for other cats and dogs, they are not allowed to enter. ”

Jun Wu Xie looked at Elder Luo coldly, and suddenly said, “Elder Luo.”


“I wonder if the fragrance on your body was refined from the orchid flower?”

“What!” Elder Luo's face suddenly paled.

“Orchid flowers are good stuff, but if Elder Luo wants to use this to deal with me, I'm afraid it would be a mistake.” Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed slightly.

Elder Luo still wanted to say something, but the back of her neck suddenly felt hurt. Suddenly, she was enveloped in darkness.

Standing outside the gate of the Holy Land, Hua Yao watched Elder Luo fall to the ground unconsciously. The bones on his face moved slowly, his clean face was replaced by a handsome face.

“This is Elder Luo that you mentioned before?” Hua Yao raised an eyebrow.

Jun Wu Xie nodded.

Hua Yao bent over and lifted Elder Luo. When he stood up, his face turned into Elder Luo's face who was resting on his shoulders. His male figure had immediately become like a pet.i.te woman. .

“Now, where are you going to place her?” Hua Yao looked at Jun Wu Xie. Last night, Jun Wu Xie suddenly looked for him, and asked him to go to the Holy Land today to replace Elder Luo.

For such matters, Hua Yao had long been familiar with it.

In terms of the characteristics of the Bone s.h.i.+fters Tribe, no one was more suitable for this kind of replacement and disguise.

“Put her in the igloo over there, wait until night, and then take her out of the Holy Land.”

Hua Yao nodded, carried her and walked away.

Elder Luo must exist in the Holy Land. At the same time, Jun Wu Xie must take her away for questioning, so she could only ask Hua Yao to help in this and make a disguise.

After Hua Yao threw Elder Luo into the igloo, they went to Elder Luo's room.

In the room, when Ling'er saw Jun Wu Xie and “Elder Luo” enter, her eyes lit up and was filled with hope.

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