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Chapter 1008 - Soul Clone

According to Zhao Feng's understanding, the split-off soul would be one of Zhao Feng's clones.

The clones of normal Sacred Lords had at least 30% of the power of their true body, depending on how highly ranked their clone technique was. Zhao Feng didn't know what kind of battle-power his clone would have if he successfully split his soul, but it shouldn't be too low.

Zhao Feng started to circulate the Soul Splitting Technique and entered the world of his soul after making all the preparations. This was a very dangerous soul technique, and Zhao Feng had to calm down and get into the feeling.

Three days later, Zhao Feng felt a sharp pain in his soul. His Lightning Soul Body expanded a little bit, and the size of his soul exceeded the limits of his body. Occasional arcs of lightning flickered across it.

Another few days pa.s.sed, and Zhao Feng's soul kept on expanding until it completely covered his body. A condensed, dark purple version of Zhao Feng appeared within the Misty Spatial World, and it was surrounded by countless symbols of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning. This was Zhao Feng's soul, and it covered Zhao Feng's physical body.

If others saw Zhao Feng's soul at this moment, they would jump up in fright. Zhao Feng's soul had mutated, and it was even more condensed than the souls of someone at the late stages of the Mystic Light Realm. It seemed to be alive, and it was full of the power of lightning.

Everyone knew that, after someone became an Emperor, their soul had to be completely destroyed in order to kill them. At this moment, even early-stage Mystic Light Realms wouldn't be able to completely destroy Zhao Feng's soul. At the most, they would be able to imprison his soul and slowly weaken it until it completely died.

Time pa.s.sed by slowly. Zhao Feng's progress in the first level of the Soul Splitting Technique was very slow. He was scared that, if he did everything in a rush, the G.o.d's Spiritual Eye would mutate or something, which would be horrible.

Zhao Feng's consciousness was watching his soul, keeping an eye on all the changes to it. As long as there were any signs of danger that exceeded his expectations, Zhao Feng would stop the Soul Splitting Technique.

At this instant, Zhao Feng's soul had expanded and changed shape. No one could see his original appearance, as if he was an evil ghost.


The symbols of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning flickered in his soul. From this, one could see that Zhao Feng's soul power was quickly rotating.

Searing pain washed over Zhao Feng's consciousness.

"This is the most important step."

Zhao Feng was very tense and didn't dare to relax.


A faint purple line appeared in the center of Zhao Feng's dark purple soul. The symbols of lightning that swarmed over there were clearer, as if they were newly born.

An excruciating pain appeared in Zhao Feng's soul, and his face started to twist as if he had become a devil.

At this moment in time, Zhao Feng's soul started to split right on the faint purple line.

The soul was the foundation of everything. One could imagine how painful it would be to split the soul.

Zhao Feng immediately circulated the Soul Recovery Divine Technique and the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique to reduce the pain in his soul and heal himself. Zhao Feng realized that, when he used the two skills together, the healing effect was extremely stunning.


The faint purple line in the center of Zhao Feng's soul was pulled in two directions, and countless symbols of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning almost erupted from his soul.

Like this, Zhao Feng would use the Soul Splitting Technique once every while and pull his soul to two sides, then he would use the Soul Recovery Divine Technique and Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique to quickly recover.

This cycle repeated for an entire month, and Zhao Feng's soul was still in the process of splitting.

He was now used to the pain in his soul, and his G.o.d's Spiritual Eye was very obedient; it didn't show any unexpected signs.

If someone entered the Misty Spatial World, they would see that Zhao Feng's soul had almost split in two.

There were many soul particles and symbols of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning connected in the center of the two souls, and the dark purple line near the edge of where the soul was splitting moved around slowly. This was the effect of circulating the Soul Recovery Divine Technique.

The two souls had one half of Zhao Feng's face and looked identical to one another. The only point that distinguished the two apart was the eye; the soul on the right didn't have the G.o.d's Spiritual Eye.

"The most dangerous part has pa.s.sed."

Zhao Feng finally let out a breath, and the two souls made the same expression.

His soul had roughly split in half, and both souls had his consciousness. He had succeeded in cultivating most of the first level of the Soul Splitting Technique.

"The soul that split off also seems to have the Lightning Soul Body."

Zhao Feng was slightly excited.

There was no doubt about the benefits that the Lightning Soul Body brought. The simplest point was that Zhao Feng could absorb the power of lightning to heal his soul, which was something that normal souls couldn't do.

"Now I just need to completely separate the two souls."

Zhao Feng's progress was slow since he wanted to make sure it was safe. At the same time, he could inspect every detail and understand the characteristics of his soul and the split-off soul so he could prepare for the second level of the Soul Splitting Technique.

The second level of the Soul Splitting Technique was only half-complete. Everything after that would depend on Zhao Feng.

Ten days later, Zhao Feng's souls completely split apart.

Each soul had half of Zhao Feng's appearance - half a face, half a body, one arm, and one leg each. A soul like this was too ugly.

"My soul should be able to slowly recover its original appearance," Zhao Feng concluded as he circulated the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique and the Soul Recovery Divine Technique.

Within the Misty Spatial World, two half-souls floated in the air and looked at one another.

The sides of the two souls started to slowly move and expand. The outline of a body appeared on each one, then the outline of a head, arm, and leg.

Another ten days pa.s.sed, and the outlines finally started to solidify. The souls weren't just halves anymore - they had complete human forms.


The two dark purple soul bodies descended downward.

The left eye of one of the souls was a faint gold color, and that one returned to Zhao Feng's body.

"I'll create a temporary body for you with the Spiritual Flesh Snow Jade Lotus," Zhao Feng murmured to himself.

His current state was extremely profound. Although the two souls were separate, both of them had his consciousness. Zhao Feng felt as if he had two lives; even if the soul with his G.o.d's Eye was destroyed, he wouldn't die. He would simply exist as the other soul.

Of course, Zhao Feng still thought of the soul with his G.o.d's Spiritual Eye as his true self.

A body made from a Spiritual Flesh Snow Jade Lotus was soon formed, and the split-off soul entered this body.

"This clone seems to be much more useful than the cloning techniques of Sacred Lords."

Zhao Feng was excited.

Sacred Lords used their Sacred Bodies to create a clone and then imprinted their Soul Intent into it. While this clone listened to the commands of the true body, it had its own individual thoughts. If the clone became too strong and an accident happened to the main body, the clone might even be able to escape the main body's control.

Something like this had happened in the past. The clone of a Sacred Lord returned a thousand years later and killed the main body.

However, the clone that Zhao Feng made had his soul and consciousness. He was still himself. Zhao Feng couldn't describe the specifics, but he was sure that the soul created from the Soul Splitting Technique would never betray him.

"From now on, you will be called Zhao w.a.n.g."

Zhao Feng gave his clone a new name. From today onward, Zhao w.a.n.g would merge the Eye of Death into his body.

Zhao Feng and Zhao w.a.n.g shared the same sight. Zhao Feng would see whatever Zhao w.a.n.g could see. Furthermore, Zhao Feng and Zhao w.a.n.g didn't even need to send information to each other; Zhao Feng's thoughts were Zhao w.a.n.g's thoughts.

Zhao Feng suddenly realized that the clone created by the Soul Splitting Technique had exceeded his expectations.

"But there's one point that not as good as Sacred Lord clone techniques."

Zhao Feng looked at everything calmly.

After splitting his soul, Zhao Feng's Soul Intent that was about to break through to the early stages of the Sacred Lord level almost fell to the Quasi-Sacred Lord level, and Zhao w.a.n.g's Soul Intent was only at the initial stages of the Great Origin Core Realm. The lifeforce of the body created from the Spiritual Flesh Snow Jade Lotus was at the peak Small Origin Core Realm.

This meant that Zhao Feng's strength had decreased, and his clone Zhao w.a.n.g was too weak to do anything in the short term. While Sacred Lords would also be affected if they created a clone, their Soul Intent wouldn't weaken, and their clones would have the same battle-power, allowing them to be used straight away.

"One can't obtain the palms of a bear and a fish at the same time."

Zhao Feng wasn't disappointed.

The clones formed by Sacred Lords had limited potential. Unless the clone left the control of the main body or the main body had an accident, the clone would never be able to surpa.s.s the main body, but Zhao Feng's clone had the experience of two lifetimes, many treasures, and secret techniques. Its battle-power could surpa.s.s the main body, and it would never betray Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng didn't inspect his clone Zhao w.a.n.g anymore. Both bodies started to cultivate.

Although his soul had successfully split, the injuries to both souls hadn't recovered yet. One had to pay extra attention to injuries of the soul.

"Hmm? What happened!?" Zhao Feng exclaimed as he opened his eyes.

"Could it be…?" Zhao Feng looked at Zhao w.a.n.g in fright and finally understood.

Because they both shared the same consciousness, whatever Zhao w.a.n.g comprehended would also enter Zhao Feng's mind.

Of course, this was just the experience and comprehension. Their actual power couldn't be shared, or else Zhao Feng could have just immediately increased Zhao w.a.n.g's strength to the level of an Emperor.

"This characteristic is similar to when I circulate the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique."

Zhao Feng could multi-task after he learned the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique, but now, his rate of efficiency would be even faster if he focused on the same thing with two minds.

"I'll merge the Eye of Death into the clone after a while," Zhao Feng planned.

The smaller the difference between the Eye of Death and the clone's soul strength, the easier it would be to refine, but since Zhao w.a.n.g's soul was the same as Zhao Feng's, he didn't need to refine it since Zhao Feng already refined it. This meant that, no matter how big the difference in cultivation between the two, the clone could merge with the Eye of Death. Zhao w.a.n.g, who was only at the peak Small Origin Core Realm, wouldn't meet any life-threatening danger after fusing with the Eye of Death, which was at the level of a Quasi-Sacred Lord.

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