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Chapter 1053 - Earth Demon Cult

Just as Zhao Feng was facing pressure that he had never felt before:

"Zhao Feng, I'm here!" Nan Gongsheng's cold voice sounded behind Zhao Feng.


Nan Gongsheng arrived next to Zhao Feng, and they stood side by side.

Nan Gongsheng had been severely injured a moment ago after using so much power, but the recovery speed of Sacred Lords was extremely fast, and the Evil G.o.d inheritance that Nan Gongsheng obtained probably had many recovery techniques.

The most important thing was that they were fighting against Nine Darkness Palace. Nan Gongsheng wasn't willing to just lie down and watch.


Zhao Feng's expression turned serious.


A large source of purple-and-blood-colored divine light spread behind Nan Gongsheng's back and filled the air as it clashed with Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss' Little World projection.

"Dammit, these two brats…!" Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss gritted his teeth. Zhao Feng's Little World of Wind Lightning was already not simple; it contained a large amount of ancient power that he had comprehended from the storm in the Ancient Dream Realm. On the other hand, Nan Gongsheng's Little World had merged with the Evil G.o.d Crystal and had the power of the Evil G.o.d. It was even more powerful and wicked.

When the Little World projection of these two powers combined, it managed to actually gain the upper hand against Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss' Little World projection.

"Hand of the Evil Sky!"

Two purple-and-blood-colored hands suddenly formed around Nan Gongsheng's arms. Red flower tattoos extended across it.


Nan Gongsheng waved his arms and destroyed countless tentacles. Zhao Feng didn't show any signs of weakness either; with the protection of his Little World, he used the Lightning Wings Flying Technique and destroyed all of the other tentacles nearby.

Boom! Boom!

The combined force of Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng managed to break through Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss' Chaotic Dance of Beasts and Demons. They then pincer-attacked Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss.

"You two are courting death!" Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss had an enraged expression as he circulated his Demonic Dao Mystic Light Sacred Power and clashed against with Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng.

Peng! Boom!

Zhao Feng's Sacred Lightning Body blocked Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss' attack. Although he was slightly injured, he quickly recovered.

On the other hand, Nan Gongsheng's situation was a bit worse. He hadn't fully recovered from before, and now he was even more injured.

"What powerful Mystic Light Sacred Power!"

Zhao Feng had a deep gaze. The difference between those at the initial stages of the Mystic Light Realm and the late stages of the Mystic Light Realm was rather big. When one's Mystic Light Sacred Power became stronger, their Sacred Bodies also became stronger. This meant that, even though Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss hadn't cultivated any body-strengthening techniques, his recovery speed was only a little bit weaker than Zhao Feng's.

"Wind Lightning Eye Flame!"

A large amount of eye-bloodline power and fire surged from Zhao Feng's left eye. Purple-and-gold light spun, and white-gold G.o.d Tribulation Lightning flashed.


A completely transparent purple-and-gold lightning-fire with the Destructive aura of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning exploded onto Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss' head.

Zhao Feng's Wind Lightning Eye Flame was a pure soul attack that was based on the G.o.d Tribulation Lightning, which he used because he knew physical attacks couldn't damage Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss.

Zhao Feng's Soul Intent had also been refined after he broke through to the Mystic Light Realm. Although his Soul Intent was only comparable to the early stages of the Mystic Light Realm, he was able to threaten Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss with his Soul eye-bloodline techniques and the G.o.d Tribulation Lightning.


Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss felt ten thousand bolts of lightning boom down on his soul. The power of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning within the soul flame continued to burn.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng used this chance to attack.

"Devil Sky Hand!" Nan Gongsheng combined the two Hands of the Evil Sky into one and smacked down with the Devil Sky Hand.


Several marks were left behind on Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss' Sacred body by Nan Gongsheng's attack. His Mystic Light Sacred Power contained the power of the Evil G.o.d, which was extremely destructive against anything and everything. It also slowed down the opponent's recovery speed.

Zhao Feng circulated the power of ancient lightning within his Sacred Lightning Body and unleashed several scarlet-golden mountains of lightning that crushed toward Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss.

On the other side, Sacred Lord Evil Caster and Sacred Lord Wicked Truth were defeated. Although they were both at the early stages of the Mystic Light Realm and were very strong, they weren't a match for so many Sacred Lords.

"Zhao Feng, we're here!"

Sacred Lord Star Demon, Duke Nanfeng, Old Monster Xu, Supreme Emperor Dark Night, and company immediately arrived after defeating Sacred Lord Evil Caster and Sacred Lord Wicked Truth.

Peng! Boom! Bam!

A wave of Mystic Light Sacred Power attacks landed on Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss.

"Dammit! Zhao Feng! Nan Gongsheng!" Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss' face was pale-white. No matter how strong he was, he wouldn't be a match against so many Sacred Lords. Furthermore, after taking Nan Gongsheng's attack, the wisp of the Evil G.o.d's power had damaged him, making his injuries even harder to recover from.

Boom! Hu~~

The tentacles around Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss stopped the attacks and pushed his body away.


Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss turned into a ball of black light and sped off. The tentacles behind him released a surge of black Mystic Light Sacred Power that increased Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss' speed dramatically.

Zhao Feng focused his eyes, and a faint undulation of mental energy flashed by as Zhao Feng left a Mark of the G.o.d Eye on Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss. Why would he let Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss escape? If it wasn't for the fact that Nan Gongsheng was present and Zhao Feng's left eye had suddenly evolved, the Hall of G.o.ds and Zhao Feng might have been destroyed by Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss today.

"Sky Locking Bow!"

A dark silver bow suddenly appeared in Zhao Feng's hand, and a scarlet-golden arrow formed from Sacred Light condensed and shot through the air. The next instant, the arrow of light pierced through s.p.a.ce and went directly through Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss' chest.

Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss' figure stopped as he circulated his Mystic Light Sacred Power to destroy the arrow before continuing to fly.

"Bi Qingyue, Supreme Emperor Dark Night, the two of you are responsible for cleaning up. Lock those two Nine Darkness Palace Sacred Lords and all the members of Dark Sky Gate and the Black Radiant Clan away!" Zhao Feng said in a rush.

Weng~~ Whoos.h.!.+

A pair of golden-red wings that could summon the power of Wind Lightning from Heaven and Earth formed behind Zhao Feng's back. Zhao Feng's figure flashed as he began chasing after Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss.

"Zhao Feng's actually chasing after Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss!?"

Sacred Lord Star Demon was stunned. From his perspective, it was already enough that they managed to defeat Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss and send him running. If Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss wanted to run, none of the Sacred Lords here would be able to catch up. This meant that Zhao Feng would be the only person chasing after him, and that was too dangerous.

"Zhao Feng, be careful!" Duke Nanfeng also disagreed with Zhao Feng chasing after Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss. Although Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss had been injured to a certain degree from their attacks, he was still a Sacred Lord of the Demonic Dao at the late stages of the Mystic Light Realm. He was extremely strong and cunning.

"Lock them all up!" Bi Qingyue ordered, and many experts flew out from the Hall of G.o.ds and used secret techniques to capture all the comrades and subordinates of Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss.

"Duke, please report this to the imperials!" Bi Qingyue arrived before Duke Nanfeng and said respectively.

"Sure!" Duke Nanfeng replied. Zhao Feng chasing after Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss and capturing all these members of Nine Darkness Palace, Dark Sky Gate, and the Black Radiant Clan would definitely enrage Nine Darkness Palace. Only by reporting this to the imperials and letting the Grand Imperial Hall speak would Nine Darkness Palace be forced to stop.

After all, the lord dynasty was currently at war, and the situation was bad. Being a peak three-star power of the lord dynasty, Nine Darkness Palace attacking another three-star power was the same as weakening the lord dynasty's strength. The Grand Imperial hall would definitely stop this.

In the clouds, one black and one red beam of Sacred Power were speeding across Heaven and Earth.


Zhao Feng occasionally pulled back his bowstring and released arrows of Sacred Light that contained the power of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning.


The next instant, another arrow of light pierced through Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss' chest.

"This junior has managed to control so much G.o.d Tribulation Lightning!?" Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss cried bitterly in his heart. He was extremely excited to see Zhao Feng chase after him and prepared to secretly recover his injuries, then kill Zhao Feng at the critical moment. However, Zhao Feng kept on using the Sky Locking Bow and releasing arrows that contained the power of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning, leaving him with injuries that took a long time to recover from.

At the beginning, Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss might have had the advantage if he tried to kill Zhao Feng directly, but now his situation was only becoming worse and worse.

Hu~~ Shu~~~~

Zhao Feng kept testing out how to use Mystic Light Sacred Power as he chased after Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss, which meant that the power of his arrows was becoming stronger and stronger.

"Mystic Light Sacred Power contains its own laws and Intents, and it can quickly gather the laws of Heaven and Earth…."

The scarlet-golden wings behind Zhao Feng's back suddenly created a storm of lightning and boosted his speed.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

When Zhao Feng got close enough to Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss, he used a soul attack, and the power of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning once again descended on Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss' soul.

Zhao Feng was extremely wary against Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss and would use the G.o.d Tribulation Lightning whenever he had the chance.

"Zhao Feng, you will regret this!" Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss roared as he burned his Mystic Light Sacred Power and sped off into the distance.

"Hehehe, I don't know whether I will regret this or not in the future, but I'll make you regret it right now!"

The scarlet wings of lightning behind Zhao Feng's back released a wave of bright Sacred Power that summoned the laws of Heaven and Earth.

"Lightning Wings Spatial Flas.h.!.+"

Zhao Feng turned into a streak of red light that sped across Heaven and Earth. The light then merged into s.p.a.ce and immediately flew several dozen thousand miles.

Zhao Feng's eyes suddenly turned toward a certain direction as he was about to catch up to Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss.

"Hahaha! Zhao Feng, you're definitely dead now!" Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss slowed down and looked at Zhao Feng.


The sky became dark, and a figure in dark brown arrived next to Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss.

The instant this figure in dark brown appeared, the world became dark. Absolute laws seemed to control Heaven and Earth and instantly suppressed Zhao Feng.

At this instant, Zhao Feng felt that his Mystic Light Sacred Power was unable to connect to any law of Heaven and Earth. It was as if Heaven and Earth was being controlled by this person in dark brown.

Zhao Feng had felt this sensation once before when the Crown Prince trial ended. Zhao Feng was in the Imperial Palace when Sacred King Feather Spirit caught an This was the type of absolute power he had displayed.

"I didn't expect to cross an entire province chasing Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss. This place seems to be the territory of the Earth Demon Cult!" Zhao Feng thought for a while and concluded.

When chasing after Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss, Zhao Feng had been immersed in testing out his Mystic Light Sacred Power. Furthermore, after he became a Sacred Lord, his flying speed had increased dramatically, and he had unknowingly travelled so far.

"Demonic Abyss, I didn't expect a junior at the initial stages of the Mystic Light Realm would be the one to chase you to here!"

The figure in dark brown scanned their eyes faintly over Zhao Feng.

"I was attacked by multiple Sacred Lords before and was heavily injured. Sacred King Earth Ghost, quickly kill him!" Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss gave an awkward laugh before looking coldly at Zhao Feng.

The direction that he decided to run was where the Earth Demon Cult was located. When Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss had reached a certain distance from the Earth Demon Cult, he sent some information out.

The Earth Demon Cult and Nine Darkness Palace had a close relations.h.i.+p. One could call them as allies. This was why the Earth Demon Cult decided to help Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss. However, none of them expected Sacred King Earth Ghost, the Grand Elder of the Earth Demon Cult, to appear.

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